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Why I Threw Away My To Do List And Do This Instead…

I use to be the queen of lists. Lists for family, business, grocery shopping, housecleaning, laundry and all these endless checklists. As a woman entrepreneur, mother, wife and queen of all trades I am driven to maximize my potential to meet my huge goals and I did this with lists. And as time went on, my list of lists grew and I began dreading my lists. In fact, I almost hated waking up in the morning because my lists RULED my life. I felt suffocated and I couldn’t breathe……

to do list meditation

It was so bad, one morning I woke up and went into my closet. Why? Because my closet is the most disorganized messiest place in my whole house. It felt good to be away from order and lists! On that day, I sat in my closest, closed by eyes, and sat in complete silence for five minutes. It was simply magical. And that is how it all started.

I began going into my closed each morning for about 5 minutes before I would look at my 1st list. What I found is that I began to draw inspiration from that 5 minutes of letting my mind just sit still. In fact, the inspiration began to flow so much that I couldn’t keep up! I felt inspired to grab a pen and start writing down all my thoughts.

One morning as an afterthought, I picked up my inspiration notebook and noticed that the thoughts on it were entirely different from what was on my list. In fact, the things I had written down as inspiration to do were 180 degrees different than what was on my multiple to do lists. So I tried an experiment one day. I threw away my 7 lists that I was working from that particular day and used my thoughts from my inspiration notebook to began my day. It changed everything for me!

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Facebook Group Hacks: From Zero Clients to Filling Your Programs in 20 Mins A Day

Being a women entrepreneur and social media goddess is not an easy job—you have to do all the thinking and writing, and posting, and working hard to be “heard” over all that clutter. But is it worth it? Totally! (Trust me; I’ve been in this business long enough to know).

For all those goddesses out there who are stuck in the bog of overwhelm about:

  1. Having a writer’s block about what to post over Facebook to improve their brand visibility,
  2. Worrying about the low interaction on your posts, or
  3. Worrying about the amount of time you are “wasting” in Facebook groups

…don’t worry, I got your back.

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11 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Blog 4

When I was starting, I had the same issues too, and was absolutely exhausted to keep up with all of it, and I tried and tested various different methods to get what I had intended to all along. All these experimentations led me to discovering some really great ways to create engagement on Facebook posts, and that, too, by only spending 20 minutes each day! Not only have I cracked the code to understand exactly what kind of content to post, I have a proper schedule now that helps me be proactive at what I do!

It’s time to get organized.  De-clutter your virtual desk, create a list of tasks, prepare a cup of your favorite beverage (mint is Starbucks herbal Passion tea) , and get down to business.  And let me share with you a few actionable hacks on how to go from zero clients to filling your programs by just spending 20 minutes a day posting content in Facebook groups.

So, ladies, do you want in on my pack of secrets? Read on!

(and shhhh….!)

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How To Use Facebook Video To Work Less & Earn More

How To Use Facebook Video To Work Less And Earn More

(Hint Facebook video views are as low as 2 cents a view right now)


Divine Goddesses know how important it is to live a rich, fulfilling life. Otherwise, what is the point? Imagine working less yes enjoying every minute of it when you are! All while earning 6+ figures. What would it mean to you to be able to build your legacy, breathe life into your soul and impact the world – all while growing your bank account?

It is your time. It is time to stop playing small and grow that beautiful Goddess life of yours! If you utilize Facebook Videos correctly, you can work less and earn more. It is as simple as that. I personally know a woman who makes 7-figures a year just off Facebook Video. She created a 23-minute video and has sold 19 people into her high-end mastermind program just using that video. That is all she does. Simply brilliant! She is a divine goddess serving at her highest level and living a life she loves.

Here’s a look at how to correctly utilize Facebook Video in order for you to live a Goddess life, work less and earn more.

Video is Queen

Queen in red dress with movie clapboard

In terms of Facebook, nowadays it is all about the video. Facebook adores video, and, if you follow the steps below, you can get yourself video clicks for as little as 2 cents per view. Then turn them into paying customers!

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