Free 2021 Calendar Printable Bundle: Monthly And Year At A Glance

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Hello, fellow printable lover! We’re already heading towards the holiday season. Know what that means? Life is getting busier than ever, and you need to track your progress more effectively. I know that like me, you’re already thinking of buying gifts and planning simple gatherings. Here’s a suggestion – why don’t you start scheduling end-of-year and 2021 plans? It’s time to download a new, minimalist 2021 calendar printable!


Download this gorgeous 2021 calendar printable.

We all know that consistent proper calendar management can be challenging. It’s true, even for us who have been using paper planners for a long time now. It’s not as simple as filling in blanks and ensuring that there are no overlaps. Using a calendar printable requires constant maintenance and care. 

As we take on the last few remaining months of 2020 and start the new year, we want to see to it that everything’s in order. Let me help you prepare and schedule your plans for the coming days. Are you looking for a new calendar?

Start the year right by with the help of this neat, minimalist 2021 calendar printable! Click on the calendar printable to download it now. 

I love my 2021 calendar printable, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. By using this paper template consistently, you can have complete control of your time. Here are some helpful tips that will help you make the most out of your template. 🙂

1. Assess your calendar printable every morning.

Make it a habit to check your calendar every morning. That way, you can know what your day looks like. Are there gaps in your schedule? Is there a need to make adjustments? This is the best time to analyze the calendar and make all the necessary changes. 

2. Schedule one event-free day in a week.

There should be at least one meeting-free day per week. As much as possible, don’t schedule meetings every single day. I know how quickly you want to get things done, but allow yourself to breathe once in a while. You can use this meeting-free day to write, code, or analyze other works. 

3. Always start on time.

Your calendar is there to see to it that you’re on track, and starting work at the right times. You can also respect other people’s valuable time. 

Start the year right by with the help of this neat, minimalist 2021 calendar printable! Click on the calendar printable to download it now.

4. It’s best not to set deadlines on Mondays.

For some people, Mondays aren’t really productive. After all, it’s the day after a fun weekend and is often reserved for easing our way back to work. 

5. Incorporate family and self-care time into your 2021 calendar printable! 

Whether you’re an online business owner, stay-at-home mom, or any other professional, you need the 2021 calendar bundle to fulfill your self-care goals in the coming months. Self-care should be a priority for everyone. Remember, you’re the main driving source behind your success. Thus, you need to maintain your health to achieve your goals. Don’t forget to spend quality time with loved ones, enjoy healthy meals, and get enough sleep. 

Do you need help with organizing your pantry? There’s also a printable for that! Click here to download it. 

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