3 Huge Reasons Why You Should Pick More Time over More Money

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Often in our career or business, we suddenly get considerable opportunities to expand, get promoted, branch out, or get big paying clients. We get so excited about these opportunities that we take them the moment we see them. There’s nothing wrong with taking these opportunities — they might even be the key to bringing us to the next level or higher. However, there are times when these responsibilities cost us something we can’t get back.

I’m talking about time.

When it comes to time, we overlook many things because we take it for granted. We look at ourselves and our success in how much money we earn or how many clients we closed this month.

Today, I’ll talk about a few reasons why having more time is better than having more income.

You can’t buy back the time you already spent

How many hours did you spend working today? How about the whole week? It might seem like a routine task to us by now because working has always been in our system. But we don’t know that we’ve already spent so much time at our jobs or our businesses.

Here’s a small fact — if you slept eight hours a day every day (which is supposed to be the recommended amount of sleep you should be taking), you’ve been asleep, literally, for a third of your whole lifetime.

Now let’s take our work. It doesn’t matter whether we’re employed or have a business, self-employed or a freelancer. More or less, we also spend about eight hours a day working, right?

That’s two thirds now. And the time left is the only time you get to do everything else like enjoy your hobbies, doing what you love, or spending time with the people you care about.

At a glance, it might seem small, but over time, it’s sad, and it’s happening to many people right now.

We think of our careers first because we believe that getting more money or having a high paying position in the company will bring us the things we want most.

Yes, money can buy things that can make things convenient for us. However, if you’ve been working for fifty years and retire, will you be able to enjoy what you have? Will you still be able to take that vacation with your family? Are you still able to travel to different places? Think about it.

You get to spend more time with the people you love

When was the last time you’ve spent time with your family? Or spent time with the people you love most? We work every day, and when we get home, we’re tired and most of the time, go straight to bed or do our thing.

There’s nothing wrong with that — of course, you need the rest after a tiring, stressful day at work. The problem here is that you’re neglecting the people around you because you are busy working for money. Having a job doesn’t mean you don’t get to spend time with the people you love, in any case. The problem is when you start overworking or adding more hours to your schedule to earn a little bit more.

We could always say that it’s for the people we love or it’s for our family but did you ever stop and ask them what they want? You might spend more money buying them gifts but is that what they’re longing for?

How about you? If you had someone you loved or a close friend who spent all their hours working, how would you feel if you couldn’t reach them anymore?

You can still reach your goals without trading your time for it.

The point here is that, while earning more money is a great goal to have, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the limited time you have to get more money.

There are many ways to reach your income goals without having to overwork yourself or add more hours for your hustle. Of course, it might be that way at the start, but don’t let that become a cycle — make sure that the extra hours are temporary just until you start scaling or earning more profits. The best way to earn more without having to spend more time working is through passive income. You create an income stream where you don’t have to manage it anymore while still earning money from the business or company you started.

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