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Now more than ever, solidifying your place on the internet is crucial if you want a shot at success this year. Because of the pandemic, there are so many new avenues in business that just opened up. They were already there in the past though, like eCommerce, Blogging, Podcasting, and all that however, it wasn’t being taken advantage of until this year.

There’s been a huge spike in businesses going the online route and if you wait too long, you might lose your chance. Today, we’ll talk specifically about three good topics you can use to create your online course and start building a passive income stream that will last forever without you having to manage it a lot.  

Talk about managing time

Your time is a non-refundable resource. You can NEVER buy back all the hours you’ve spent in the past; yes, we might have used these hours to do something we love so anyone can always argue that it wasn’t a waste. But the fact is, you can never get back that time and another fact is, we never know when we run out of it.

There are tons of time management techniques and ways to maximize the way we spend our time everyday. Whether that’s your cup of tea or not, there are a lot of people craving for the answer to the question — How do I manage my time effectively?

This is also one of the more trendy topics going on right now because there seems to be a surplus of it (time) right now especially because there are so many people stuck at home in quarantine without anything to do… or so they think.

A course about proper time management, positioning the course well, and giving it a good hook can lead you to a consistent passive income stream that not only gives you some extra cash to pay for your rent maybe, but also helps others figure out what they really want to do.

Write topics about staying physically AND mentally healthy

Here at Simple Profit, we talk a lot about building your passive income stream easily and make it work without a hitch. We explore different ways on how to create some easy courses in order for you to start earning as a side-hustle or create a small business even when you have a little free time on your hands.

But this is an extremely important aspect in our lives and it’s also something worth creating for others. This topic might get sensitive if you delve into it deeply but there are some aspects of it that you can keep light and make it available for everyone.

Staying healthy, both physically and mentally is important for each one of us especially because of what’s happening to us right now. Nothing like this has ever happened in our generation and there are some people who are having a difficult time accepting what’s happening.

So why not create a course topic about managing our feelings about this year?

It’s already in the trend right now, it’s a timeless topic that can be revisited anytime someone needs to manage their physical and mental wellness, and the best part is, it can help you indirectly if you decide to learn more about it too.

Having a business that’s earning you five or six or even seven figures is nice but if you’re not physically fit or your mental state is all over the place, you won’t be able to enjoy it or be happy with what you are earning. This goes for everyone else too.

Create a course about proper communication

As time goes by, generation after generation is starting to lose the ability of creating great communication with others. It gradually started when the information age started growing. This is our age now. We’re all “connected” with each other but we’re more disconnected than ever.

We’re all connected in a sense that the internet is readily available for more than half of the people in the world. You could literally be talking to someone on the other side of the equator right now without having to visit them physically.

And at the same time, we’re more disconnected than ever because many of us now would rather stay at home, stay online, and stay “connected” virtually instead of creating relationships that we can really value.

This is another interesting topic you can create a course with because the decline of being physically social with others has dropped and even before, there are a lot of people who find it difficult to open up and talk to other people.

If you are already a leader in your industry or at least, you know how to keep a conversation going, it could be a worthwhile topic to create a course with because it helps with one of the most important aspects of being human. Being able to talk to others.

But these are just a few topics that you can offer your audience. There are tons of things you can create courses with. Unlimited professional skills you can share with them, and also, there’s your own skills that others wish they could learn.

That’s another great place to start.

Another great place to start is on this link >> CLICK HERE to access the Simple Profit workshop

In this workshop, you get all the basics of creating your online passive income stream that’s both unlimited and scalable.

We talk, not only about the basics though, but all the nuances that you’ll encounter and how we can manage, mitigate, and ultimately, solve these problems.

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