4 Reasons Why You Can Make Money By Making Courses Online

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Despite the massive market for online learning and course making, many people still doubt that you can make money creating courses online. Some people say the market is too saturated for it to work, while others say it takes too long to profit. Today, I’ll give you four crucial reasons why you can make money by making courses online, and I’ll even throw in some tips on how I built my empire around it.

Why it still works.

First, let’s address why the method is still proven to work and why you can still make huge profits doing this.


As many of you might know, this generation has the most people online at over 59 percent of the whole world. That’s a little over 4.57 billion people, and if you think about it, that’s your potential market.

People are going online every day to learn something they need for work or a career they aspire to work in. Another fact is that over half of these people are already working online since the pandemic started, and many more people want to transition. But a lot of them don’t know how to go about it and look at guides and courses to learn what they have to create a sustainable lifestyle even though they’re staying at home.

That’s where you come in.

There are millions of people learning through online courses.

As I mentioned earlier, millions of people want to start transitioning to a more remote way of living, mostly because that’s what’s happening to everybody right now. Online courses are on-demand, and the more prominent companies are simply reusing ideas and recycling different courses that are honestly outdated.

Creating an up to date course — or even making a dynamic or interactive way of teaching is one way you could profit from creating online courses. It’s new, you get to give better value to your students, and it works well for building trust and gaining even more clients.

What I did was I didn’t just think of creating regular courses online where my students get the content and learn it at their own pace. That’s not motivating, and it doesn’t stimulate real learning.

Let me ask you something — how do you learn?

Most of the time, we learn by experience. Not reading about something or learning from someone. Yes, we learn certain things through media or books or classes, but I’m talking about lessons in life or your personal growth.

There are many things that we can’t learn appropriately if the media doesn’t engage us well. My goal was to teach in a new way, and that’s how I created Simple Profit but let’s talk about that later.

It’s a lot more affordable than enrolling at a university.

Universities and Colleges can cost you upwards of $30K. Some students even spend over $100K on some universities to find out that they couldn’t get a job in the real world. Unfortunate, but it happens. Yes, they do give you a great learning experience, and you do learn what you have to; however, you could quickly learn that from an online course offering you the same skills and the same learnings at a fraction of the price.

Now, I won’t talk about which one’s better or not or if it’s the right thing to do — we’ll talk about that another time.

But now, let’s talk about affordability.

It doesn’t mean that you spend less on education, that it isn’t giving you the same quality. Online courses can charge less because there are no facilities needed, you can get all the materials online, and you don’t have to hire extra people or staff to teach.

Many Universities are now offering online courses now and trying to ride the trend of learning online at a more affordable cost. The best part is, the whole world is your market. And whether they’re rich or not, your target audience can learn from you if they want to learn.

Depending on the style, online courses can easily be more interactive than regular classes.

Traditional schooling can get boring. I bet a lot of you can attest to that. Even me! It’s a day in/day out “job” that we had to do. Some people liked the experience, but there were definitely others who didn’t.

That’s what I wanted to change—the experience of the student. Depending on your style, you could get many students engaged simply by the way you set-up your course, the way you interact with them, and the way to inform them.

It doesn’t have to be “do this” or “do that” to teach. There are various ways you can try, like storytelling, visual media, and even podcasting.

You can make things exciting and catch your student’s attention faster because there are tons of creative ways to present a subject.

You have unlimited scalability with your courses.

Because you don’t have to teach the whole lesson over and over again, you can quickly scale your business without the extra work. Let’s say you have an interactive course with your first batch of students that can be your foundation. After that, you have to adjust a few things and release them.

People who are interested in learning can easily log into your website or purchase the course and learn without you having to be there. This gives you more time for another side hustle or even creating a brand new course to further scale your operations.

If you want to learn more about creating simple courses and scaling them an unlimited amount of time, I want you to join me at my workshop.

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