4 Winning Strategies to Grow Your Pinterest Market Quickly

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Did you know that there are over 330 million active users on Pinterest every day? A considerable percentage of that comes from the US, and the rest of the users worldwide. The best thing about this is that the number is increasing every day. If you were looking for a new market to increase your audience or find a new stream of clients, you might want to try Pinterest out. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest acts as a search engine for images.

You can upload and categorize “Pins” with beautiful graphics to attract new clients and customers or release infographics that show them a glimpse of what you’re all about. It’s a unique way of marketing that, when mastered, can get you lots of traffic and in turn, more profits. Today, I’ll talk about four winning strategies to quickly grow your Pinterest following and some tips on how you can use this to your advantage.

Consistency is (Always) the key.

To create an active community and make sure that they’re engaging with you, you have to be continually putting your presence out there. Consistently putting out Pins or even scheduling them is an effective tactic to make sure that the people who are following you, see that you are always there.

Imagine the news on TV or your favorite weekly series. It’s because it has a consistent schedule that people are always checking it out. Since they know you’ll be posting on a certain schedule, they’re subconsciously waiting for it to pop into their feed and that’s the goal here.

When giving content to your followers, having a regular posting or frequently being online at the same time every day shows your dedication to your audience and they reciprocate by sharing your posts and recommending your business to their friends.

It’s part of the foundation of social media marketing, but I’ll save that for another time for now.

Spend time sprucing up your Pins.

Ensuring that the content you put out has excellent quality is another thing to make sure you’re doing, especially in Pinterest. Spend time to make your Pins look excellent and professional to attract more people to click it.

On average, people only have around twelve seconds. It’s even smaller when they’re scrolling through their feed. Imagine that you only have a split second to impress their eyes with your Pin—you see why you need to go all out when showing off on Pinterest?

With other social media and business platforms, many entrepreneurs might tell you NOT to spend too much time making things look good because a profitable business is a good business, but here on Pinterest, it’s another thing entirely.

Nobody clicks on unattractive pins or pins with text only. You have to appeal to your audience’s eyes and to people who might be interested in your business.

Make sure you’re giving value.

It’s not all graphics and designing though. You have to make sure that when the person clicks on your pin, you get to give them the value they’re looking for as well!

Having a great looking pin is only half the battle. If you’re looking for followers who can grow your business organically, giving them value is the way to go. This can come in the form of relevant information that your audience can use to improve their daily life.

Remember that giving value first will always get you more followers. It doesn’t mean that you should provide everything for free. It just means that you are giving something relevant for free and it makes your target audience wonder how good the premium stuff is. Right?

Stick to a theme and build it around your business.

A lot of Pinterest marketers do wrong to cater to everybody they can think of. On paper, it sounds great—you’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible, meaning you have a bigger market, but it doesn’t work that way.

Having too many different pins on one account makes things look messy and unorganized. People won’t know what your business is about, which might result in you getting the audience you weren’t looking for.

Niching down is a great way to keep things organized and pleasing to your audience. It shows a precise topic for the people following you, and they can easily recommend your page when they think about a specific subject or niche you’re in.

Overall, you can explore many more strategies, but these four will take your business higher.

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To your success!


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