The Best Free Birthday List Printable

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I love celebrating birthdays. For me, aside from Christmas, birthdays are the most special times of the year. These days remind us that we’re indeed growing older, and makes us realize how far we’ve changed. Celebrating birthdays is amazing!  When we celebrate birthdays with our loved ones, we show how much we appreciate them. I think what’s really challenging here is remembering all of the birth dates of the people around us. Well, thankfully, I have the solution for that. A birthday list printable!



Birthdays = a grand celebration of life. Yes, you‘re alive, after going through many months of countless adventures.

Your birthday deserves to be celebrated, and you should celebrate your loved ones’ special days, too!

Do you feel like you never remember people’s birthdays? Then, use a birthday list printable! 

Download this free gorgeous birthday list printable.


Do you only remember birthdays of your friends when a Facebook notification pops up?! But what if you’re busy and failed to open the app for the day?!

How can you take note of the amazing milestones of the people you care about?

Keep in mind that connecting with people, whether it’s their birthday or not, works wonders.

Why is connecting with others important? 

1. What are some of the best ways to give birthday wishes online?

Share our happiness with a loved one even through a video call. Happiness is contagious! Give them something to smile about.

Share your happiness and positive feelings with a neighbor. Give them something to smile about.

If it’s your grandmother’s birthday and she’s not around, why not give her a call?

Tell her how awesome she is and wish her a very happy birthday. End the video call with a long virtual hug that she can remember until you see her again in person.

2. What kinds of birthday gifts do you like receiving?

What about lessons and stories? It’s not about material things, after all.

Connecting with other people allows you to learn lots of lessons and entertaining stories. I’m sure you get this a lot from your relatives. Even I, myself, love hearing stories during birthday celebrations.

3. Connecting with people = strengthening your support network

We are social creatures. Clearly, we can’t survive alone and apart from the people we value the most.

We can feel anxious and broken when our support network is threatened.

Let’s face the truth. We all go through struggles once in a while, and we need to lean on others for assistance and love.

Thus, when we reach out to people and re-establish our relationship, we strengthen our support system. Why don’t you take advantage of birthdays to reconnect with special people?!

This doesn’t mean partying until dawn. A simple conversation over coffee or even online is meaningful enough.

Download this free gorgeous birthday list printable.


4. Use birthdays to establish new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

Let me share with you a personal experience. Last year, a friend messaged me and said that I should meet a friend of hers because we have a lot in common, even professionally.

I was so excited! In my line of work, these are golden opportunities. Connections and friendships are everything.

We eventually met in a birthday gathering, and remain friends up to this day. See?

You’ll never know who else you might meet by celebrating birthdays and reconnecting with friends.

Use a birthday list printable, remember birthdays, and celebrate them even from a distance. 

1. What is the best birthday gift to surprise my brother? Write him a song or a poem! 

Of course, this will only work if you’re musically inclined or a passionate writer.

Write your brother (or sister!) a song or a poem and then present it via video chat. Even if the output is not professionally done, that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts anyway.

2. Netflix and stream!

If you’re not artsy, you can still celebrate with family and friends by having a movie night.

Decide what you guys want to watch ahead of time. Is it a new TV show or movie?! Prepare some snacks and enjoy!

3. Virtual potluck

Birthday celebrations are nothing without good food. If you love cooking, choose a cuisine or theme and then ask everyone to cook a dish and eat it to your virtual potluck date. Eat together and describe what you guys made!

4. Put up cute decorations.

A festive Zoom background is no match for real decorations. Put up banners, prepare balloons, and use fancy streamers.

Anything cheerful and bright can lift the moods of the birthday party attendants.

5. Have a special guest.

Who’s the birthday celebrant?! Do you know someone else close to him or her?

Why not let that someone join in the fun as a surprise guest? Consider surprising your friend with a shoutout from a special person in her life, or if possible, her favorite celebrity.

How to Remember the Birthdays of the Special People in Your Life! 

Admit it. Remembering birthdays is difficult. This is why social media networks like Facebook make it a bit easier with notifications. But, is this really the best avenue to remind us of these special dates? Why not use a birthday list printable….and, you can also do the following.

1. Add the birthdays manually to your phone’s calendar.

Doesn’t matter whether you have an expensive smartphone or not. Take advantage of its calendar feature. By doing this, you can even set reminders many days leading up to the birthday of your special someone. You can buy a gift ahead of time!

2. Create a birthday board.

Making a birthday board may sound impossible for super busy individuals, but it’s totally worth the time. Not only will you remember birthdays, you can also exercise your creativity.

3. Create a birthday list printable. 

A paper planner or a printable is the traditional way of remembering special days. I remember back then, before apps and social networks came to life, I sat down at the start of every year and then wrote all the important days on my planner. Easy but takes too much time. Now, it’s more convenient, and the dates are pretty much recorded with the help of technology.

But, you know what, I have to confess, I really miss copying all those dates from an old calendar to a new one! I’m telling you, the traditional way is still the best system to track important dates. It just requires a little bit of patience and creativity–that’s it.

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Use a birthday list printable now! 

It’s true that it takes many months (or years?!) to establish a habit. If you want to start using a birthday list printable, but still having a hard time sticking to the routine, that’s okay. Don’t ever give up on this promising project!

Download this free gorgeous birthday list printable.



The Best Free Birthday List Printable
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