5 Quick Fixes You need to Get More Profits in 2020

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This year has been riddled with tons of challenges, a lot of problems for many businesses, and a huge shift in the economy – especially in the online space. If your business isn’t online yet, I strongly suggest you do so right now because you’re missing out! That’s just one simple tip I can give you to start building more business profits in 2020 and even into 20201. It may seem tough but it’s not that difficult to implement. The best part is, I have five fixes that you can implement in your business today in order to start getting in more profits even though we have some crazy stuff going o in our world today.. Also, read until the end because I’m going to be giving you a bonus strategy that will change the course of your business FOREVER!


#1 — Build more business profits, but FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE, NOT ON THE MONEY

Many businesses today are afraid. They’re in fear because of what’s happening in the world today — and that’s a normal response to what’s going on. The problem is, because of this, many business owners are focusing more on making a quick buck or earning more profits for their business to “future-proof” their company or expand some more in hopes that they won’t need to close down.


Although that’s a solid plan on paper, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. More so today because we’re closer to each other than we were decades ago. We’re all connected through the internet and social media has become one of the key aspects in building a strong company. So, if you’re only focusing more on making business profits and focusing less on the people and the customers that build your business — you’re going to take a huge blow in the market today.

A few simple ways to get this in order is to keep your social media profiles in check. Read what your customers want, respond to feedback or at least get someone to do that, and listen to what YOUR market wants. All businesses are different however, the people who make your business always know what they want. Listen!

#2 — Engage with your Audience Regularly

It may seem like it can take too much time to do this but engaging with your audience regularly shows that they matter to you. This builds a strong relationship with your market and will always lead to more opportunities to do business with them in various aspects whether it’s them purchasing your products and services to growing your company organically through word of mouth. With an engaged audience comes huge business profits. 

How do you think the big names today grew their businesses before with limited advertising and budgets? Remember — Facebook started out with people simply talking about it.

#3 — Involve Your Audience with Your Milestones

There’s always been this unspoken rule that You never let anyone know what you’re up to especially when it comes to your business… also, there’s always that saying – Mind your own business. Well, these days, it’s not true anymore. At least if you want to scale your business massively!

I’m not saying you share every aspect of it including your income goals, what you ate for breakfast, or who’s in the I.T. department — simply involve the people who “run” the business a little more.

Release a newsletter via email that says the company has reached the quarterly milestone or maybe announce that because of everyone’s involvement, you’re able to expand. You may think this doesn’t make a difference, but it makes a huge impact. You, as a CEO or as the spokesperson of the company is open to share what’s happening and you’re crediting your audience.

This is what companies like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo do — crowdfunding. If the audience believes in the company, they support it and let other people know.

#4 — Consider Building a Reward System for your Company

People are motivated by one thing. That is – what’s in it for them. The best part about building a rewards system is that it not only motivates more sales, you’re giving back to the people who are pretty much the foundation of your business.

It can be through simple programs such as raffles, discount coupons, promo sales, or even free content for your customers. Anything of value that they can use. The important thing when building your freebie or rewards system, though, is to be genuine about it.

The thing is, if you make free content or a reward system that’s half-thought of, your target audience will simply see through it and they’ll think you’re just in it to make another sale.

#5 — Invest In Your Time

No matter how much business profits you make, you’ll never be able to buy back a single minute of your life. That’s a universal rule that will never change. So instead of investing more of your time to make more money, shift your mindset — invest more money to make time!

You can do this by getting some people who can automate your processes in your business. Entrepreneurs and businessmen might think they can save money by doing everything themselves but that’s further from the truth!

If you can duplicate yourself… or even better – if you can find someone who can do most of your business for you, you can start doing more of what you’re good at and focus on what makes more money in your company without sacrificing your time.

How to achieve high business profits?! WORK LESS AND MAKE MORE!

Now that you’re equipped with these five quick fixes for your business, implement them right away and you’re sure to get results!

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