A Cute Daily Planner PDF You Must Use for a Productive, Creative and Inspiring Life

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Having an organized life means having more time, being less stressed, and saving money. If there is something that can help make things easier along the way, it’s definitely printable! They are so versatile and can be used to organize and plan every aspect of your life, as well as your family, and best of all, they’re free! If you are looking for a cute daily planner pdf that can help you with your daily tasks, well, you are lucky since you can get it right here. 

It’s never too late to start with good time management and productivity!

Right now, you are probably in the middle of evaluating your monthly goals, as well as those you are planning to do for the rest of 2020. Well, it’s never too late to plan everything! The most important thing here is that no matter how simple or complex those goals are, you need to work smart to achieve them.

For many people, especially entrepreneurs and working moms, it can take plenty of sacrifices! Fulfilling your 2020 goals may be challenging, but being an extremely productive person isn’t for the faint-hearted! 

Work your way against distractions. 

Don’t expect yourself to be a productive person overnight. It took our work habits, band and good, several years to cultivate, so don’t expect those to change immediately. Take it one step at a time. Be patient, and figure out the best productivity tips that will work for you. 

Long-term productivity takes discipline and lots of time. In some situations, reading productivity and time management articles online doesn’t help. Commit to it. Little adjustments, once in a while, may lead to lasting positive changes. Work your way against distractions.

For some people, using a daily planner or daily organizer helps them to focus on, and reflect on their routines. Others stick to bullet journaling. Do you think that may work for you? It worked for me! 

These productivity tips can take you to places!

1. Set a small goal for each task.

To achieve those huge, ambitious goals by the end of the year, you need to accomplish little goals on a daily basis. Consider them as stepping stones. Dealing with a goal that is too broad can be confusing. Break down big goals into smaller, more deliverable ones. You need to do this even before finalizing timelines. At the end of the day, you will realize that a huge task won’t take tons of time at all. 

2. Declutter. Throw away old, useless things.

Your physical environment can impact your outputs and routine. The thing is, if you work for a certain company, this is totally out of their control. This part depends highly on the nature of your job. If possible, control your work environment. Productivity comes naturally when you don’t need to peck and hunt for whatever those missing materials are. 

3. Stick to a regular fitness routine.

Find time to walk once a day. During lunch or break time, you can walk around the park or just down the street while grabbing some snacks. If possible, you can do more than just walk! Allotting even just an hour every day for exercise is crucial not just for productivity, but also for your overall health. It can improve your alertness, and make you feel less anxious and stressed. 

4. Reflect on your current situation and productivity level. 

Don’t bombard yourself with too much work. You need to take a step back from time to time and check on what is working and what is not.

Which tasks do you need to prioritize?

What are the things that you need to change?

At some point, you may think that taking the time to review the tasks is wasting time, but it’s not! It can optimize your work as you go along. 

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. 

Every day, I deal with tons of blogging duties to make sure that my readers get the quality, relatable content that they deserve. I refused to ask for help on those things that I feel like I can do all by myself. Most of the time, I feel like I’m a superhero blogger who can juggle work and my life as a mom and wife!

But, the truth is, in order to balance everything, I need help. So I got help! We all need it. We need to remind ourselves that we are also human who needs enough rest. Smart people like you and I should ask for help if need be. 

7. Make a to-do list. 

Making a to-do list is part of my day-to-day routine since it helps me achieve both my big and small goals. (After I meditate) Again, no matter how much I try to be a superhero blogger, mom and wife, I still need help to organize my thoughts and plans.

Aside from hiring someone, or asking friends to help you with some things, you can help yourself by simply using a pen and paper to make to-do lists. Schedule your workouts, family time, conferences, hanging out with friends, blogging work and other real-life obligations wisely. That is one of the first steps towards a successful time management strategy. 

Click here to learn how to make a to-do list. 

Time management is the key to joy and productivity!

In every profession and industry, effective and powerful time management skills will always come in handy. If you are not managing your time properly, there is no way you can work efficiently and reach your goals. 

No matter how much of a newbie you are, there is ALWAYS room for proper time management. When I was just starting as a blogger and online entrepreneur, I had a difficult time avoiding distractions. Soon, I realized that all the bad habits and time wasters must all fall by the wayside.

What I did is that I researched on various time management strategies, and figured out which ones will work for me. I researched o different daily calendar templates. I also checked out different time management tricks by successful people. These people may be successful millionaires, but we all have the same 24 hours. If you want to spend your time wisely, learn from them. 


The Importance of Proper Time Management

1. Proper time management helps you accomplish more tasks in shorter periods of time. 

Accomplishing more tasks in a shorter period of time can result in fulfillment, productivity, and happiness. There is a feeling of huge success each time you accomplish even the smallest tasks.

Eventually, this can also improve your self-confidence.

2. Proper time management helps you feel calmer and less stressed. 

Use your daily planner in scheduling errands, meeting deadlines and organizing day-to-day tasks.

My favorite daily planner is a free one by Everyday Woman. 

Their 2020 Daily Planner is out of this world.

Tracking everything can help you prevent any mishaps from happening. A simple daily planner, daily schedule template or to-do list can change the life of a busy bee for the better. It allows you to sort out your priorities, and manage your time in a way that you can spend time with your family, and at the same time work on different projects. 

3. Proper time management helps you feel more energized.

When you manage your time well, you can feel more energized, and experience more leisure time. Now, you feel like you are the busiest person ever, with no time–not even a few minutes–to dedicate on some hobbies.

But, once you get to implement an effective time management strategy that suits your needs, you can enjoy more free time. 

I implemented the Everyday Woman Daily Planner – I got my life back! I love all the planner pages!

This free time can be spent with loved ones, for a new hobby, or for travel. More productive and happier activities, more energy and fulfillment! 

4. Proper time management helps you distance yourself from nonessential tasks. 

With proper time management, you can prioritize more valuable things. For me, one of the most important things is family time. If I don’t stick to a schedule and manage my time properly, I might not be able to spend quality time with them.

Don’t hesitate to say no to those things that don’t really matter. Life is short, and time is limited. Focus on the people you love, and the things you love doing. 

4. Proper time management opens new doors for career growth and more financially rewarding opportunities.

Time management is essential for both personal and professional pursuits. Whether you are an entrepreneur, work in a corporate setting or have a side hustle or a combo of both –  punctuality can work wonders in improving your effectiveness!

Managing your time well can give you more opportunities to explore other streams of income. For example, you might not know the first think about stocks and shares but you’ve heard that they could be a good way to make an extra income. If you manage your time correctly then you will have enough spare time to look into the best stocks and shares isa that you can invest in and begin to invest. Of course, there are tons of passive income ideas and blogging opportunities that you can explore during your free time. 

4. Proper time management provides better work quality.

If you think you can accomplish high-quality work by procrastinating or multi-tasking, well you are wrong. Trust me, I’ve been there. Like I said earlier, I’m always swamped with blogging and personal tasks, so, sometimes, I can’t help but multi-task or procrastinate.

Each time I stray in that wrong direction, I just look at my daily planner and remind myself to manage time effectively in order to produce high-quality content for my readers. Instead of accomplishing a lot of things all at the same time, you need to focus on just one.

You think you are finishing a lot of work, but in fact, you are just wasting time. Finish one task first, before jumping to another one. If you are having a hard time, use a weekly schedule template. 

Just in case you haven’t noticed, all of these benefits will lead you to that one essential task: making to-do lists, and maintaining a daily planner. These are crucial methods that can help you prioritize things,  and move away from distractions. Fewer distractions, lesser room for mistakes!

This cute daily planner pdf is a the best life planner!

Time management is pretty much life management, right? So, it’s just right for us to consider a daily planner a “life planner.” You might think that you don’t need one, but I’m sure you do, just like everyone else. 

At this day and age where it seems like 24 hours is never enough, you need a cute daily planner pdf to remind you that you are an awesome person who can make time for all the most important things in your life.

Let me tell you this. If you feel like there is no time for everything, most probably, you are not managing your time well. This happens a lot to people who go from one task to the next without contemplating on everything as a whole. You just operate without a strategy. I know this very well because I’ve been there before.

The Everyday Woman 2020 Daily Planner is the best planner for you.

I’m happy to share with you the daily planner template that I’ve been using for quite some time now. It’s called Everyday Woman 2020 Daily Planner and is loved by other fellow moms and lady entrepreneurs.

Take note that this cute daily planner pdf is not your ordinary life tracker! It can improve personal empowerment, and motivate you every single day!

In this free printable daily planner, you can write down your favorite motivational quotes, your dreams, creative ideas, things you are grateful for in life, plans and other random thoughts. 

Consider this as a positive object in your life. Using the Everyday Woman 2020 Daily Planner would…

  • Allow you to have a great place for inspiration
  • Incorporate self-care in your day-to-day life
  • Help you make more intentional choices
  • Improve your productivity levels
  • Allow you to spend less time in front of a screen (spend time away from technology!)

Use this cute daily planner pdf every day. Maintaining a daily planner is a solid commitment. If it’s your first time using one, then you will definitely have a hard time committing to one. But, don’t worry. With patience and commitment, you will be able to develop a new habit of using this new planner every single day.

You will fall in LOVE with this planner. It is a productive and inspiring tool that advocates positive feelings and motivational actions!

Tell a friend about how awesome the Everyday Woman 2020 Daily Planner is!

Some ladies are most likely to commit to new habits when the people around them are aware of their resolutions. Allow them to support you on this new productivity project. You can start by telling your best friend, sibling or co-worker about this new cute daily planner pdf printable you are using. Maybe this companion of yours or BFF will also want to start using it.  Oh and did I mention the best part of all is that it is complimentary AKA free!! 

Everyday Woman Daily Planner

A Cute Daily Planner PDF You Must Use for a Productive, Creative and Inspiring Life
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    Hi Lesly that is why women love this planner – it has calendars, checklists, you name it and you print it off 😉

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    I love planners! I have been teased because I love them so much, I am working through a few personal growth planners and I can honestly say that I have felt the difference in my life, the organization and control I now feel are out of this world. Thank you so much for sharing!

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