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I use printables to track several aspects of my life, from to-do lists, sales, and day-to-day activities to monthly and yearly goals. Apps are amazing, but for me, using pen, paper and exercising creativity are still the best for productivity and growth. It’s a big help not just in planning upcoming events but also in taking note of those areas I wish to improve on. That is, my hydration and fitness routine! If you’re heading towards the same direction, grab my free fitness and water tracker printable now. Make your fitness goals happen!


So, you want to focus on your health and fitness this year? It’s never too late to use a free fitness and water tracker printable! 

Training your body to stick to a regular workout routine takes hard work and dedication. Apart from that, you need to make enough hydration part of that habit. Monitor your progress using a free fitness and water tracker printable. I created a minimalist yet remarkable tracker for everyone! This is one of the best tools you can utilize as you go along that journey. 

A free fitness and water tracker may appear simple–like a typical calendar or checklist–but it can offer you great motivational and inspirational support. Remember, to meet that fitness and health-related milestones and goals, you need to make use of an inspiring system to track your adjustments and improvements over time. If you fail to plan everything, you may just shorten your exercises or skip it completely. 

Do fitness trackers work during cycling? Yes, of course! Good news – Free Fitness and Water Tracker Printables are not just for athletes. 

Want to do around 100 push ups? Are you training for a triathlon? Looking for a much efficient way to monitor your strength and flexibility, and water intake? No matter what your health and fitness goals are, this is an amazing tool to use. It’s not just for athletes! It’s for everyone who’s trying to lose weight, stay fit, get fit–basically any person who wants to prioritize fitness. 

Should I get a smartwatch or a fitness tracker?! For me, It’s a lot more effective to use a printable to remember and plan appointments. 

Before, I use different apps and platforms to organize my daily routine. I love them, makes my life easier! I thought a paper and pen planning style offers an inferior planning experience. With technology, all I need to do is type in notes and mark important dates. My printables obviously can’t ping me when my next appointment is an hour away. 

But, you know what, after paper planning for a few weeks, I realized that there’s really no need for notifications. The physical act of writing and flipping the pages appears to have a positive impact on my memory. That positive effect I also want to apply when it comes to my health routine–the very reason why I started my own fitness and water tracker. 

Use a free fitness and water tracker now! Click on the image below to get your free fitness and water tracker.


1. So, what do you want to achieve? 

Even if you have the prettiest water and fitness printable, you won’t experience positive health results if you don’t know where you’re headed. Know what you are aiming at so you can track your progress.

Think about what you’d ultimately like your statistics to be. Body goals!

It’s okay to be a bit ambitious but see to it that they are realistic. Then, hold yourself accountable to these objectives. Refer to them once in a while to remind yourself. 

2. Use a planner and follow a strict diet routine.

Magic happens both in the gym and in the kitchen. How can you achieve your body goals if you’ll continue eating unhealthy food?

You do 100 sit-ups each day but eating fatty burgers every lunchtime won’t give you that long-awaited abs. I say eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink tons of water! I drink 126 ozs of water per day.

3. Get lots of water… and sleep! 

When you get more sleep and water, you help your body recharge in between workouts. Allow yourself to rest and regenerate between every fitness routine.

You won’t be able to achieve your goals by just working out! 

4. Document your emotions.

How did you feel before and after working out?

What about before and after drinking water?

Did a specific meal make you feel sluggish?

Taking note of these things will help you reach your overall goals.  

Download your free Fitness and Water Tracker Printable.


5. Plan workout days and rest days.

If you’re like me who always forgets the number of my workout days, then clearly you need a fitness and water printable planner.

Remember that you should plan not just your fitness routine but the number of rest days your body needs.

By recording your training and hydration patterns, you can better understand your body signals, and give it the rest it deserves.

Knowing these crucial details will also help you prevent and manage injuries, just in case. 

What activity tracker should I purchase?! I suggest you just get a free fitness and water tracker printable. It will surely work for you! 

Not yet convinced that a free fitness and water tracker can change your approach to hydration and fitness for the better?

Monitoring your health routine is crucial.

Why? You won’t understand the benefits you’re getting from all these activities if you fail to write down your achievements.

Use a printable, and you will see how far you’ve come since you started that healthy lifestyle. This tool can help you progress, just in case, something gets in the way. 

This free fitness and water printable is your best friend.

Your path to good health starts with motivation and good progress. I know that you’re so busy and you think that a digital planner is a lot better.

However, tons of researches have already proved that writing things down allows people to think and remember better.

The result? There’s a bigger chance of you fulfilling all of your plans on time! What are you waiting for?! 

Download your free Fitness and Water Tracker Printable.


Free Fitness And Water Tracker Printable
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