How Do You Know if Someone Needs Your Course

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Trends change. Everyday in fact. Something that’s news today could lose it’s fire the next day and that’s just the way things work. It isn’t any different online however, there’s a way to know whether your course or your topic is something that will last generation after generation. That’s when your course is needed by people over and over again. Today, we’ll talk about that.

Creating a trend is difficult. That’s usually why some entrepreneurs prefer riding trends or simply hiring researchers to find out what works and what doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with that though — it’s the usual way and a sure fire way to know whether your topic is gonna make it or not.

Our goal here is not to create something new exactly but to know if somebody is looking for the course you’re offering them. Because the more your audience needs your course, the more sales you get and the more people you get to inform or help.

Here are some things to look at when deciding what course topic you want to tackle and how you would know if people need it or not.

It solves a problem many people can’t find a definite answer to

Opinionated solutions are something entrepreneurs can take advantage of easily. Don’t take it the wrong way though — nobody (including me personally) tolerates “fake” answers or answers without any basis at all.

Yes, problems that don’t have a definite answer can be answered in a course using your own opinion however, it has to have been something you personally did, personally solved using the way you presented, or is a solution based on facts and research.

If you propose a solution to a problem, make sure that when people try and cross reference, it matches up. And even if they don’t see the need to cross reference your solution if they happen to find it online, it’s good to know that their problem will be solved using the solution you proposed.

Another great thing about this is that the more people see that your solutions are working, the better for you because your word has value now which means your courses will easily be recommended more and more.

It’s trending on Google Trends

Another more straightforward way to know if something is needed by people is to go to Google Trends. If you have a Google email (gmail), then you already have access to “Trends”. Simply log into the site and search for the terms you’re looking to create a course for.

You’ll see some demographics and graphics but to put it simply, it shows you what’s trending and what’s not. It shows you what people in your area (or your target audience) is searching for. This narrows down the guesswork and helps you work within a set of rules. It saves time too since there’s no more research needed regarding whether the topic is something people are searching about or not.

It’s important to note though that having something trendy doesn’t always mean it converts well. Conversions are another story though so let’s save that for later.

The solution is something anybody can manage (User Friendly Solution)

One surefire way to know if the topic (or in this case, the course) has a chance to work or not is to create courses that are easy for people to follow along. Just like proper communication, creating courses that are relatively easy for the listeners and viewers makes it more appealing.

People want quick solutions to their problems. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing for some, the point is, that’s what works right now.

Have you ever tried looking at the instructions on how to assemble your household appliance? For some reason, you just can’t pick up the manual and read it to figure things out. Instead, you ask questions to somebody who knows about it or look for a video online.

Why? Because it’s easier that way. Why would someone read through a ten-page document when instead, they could watch it in action and learn how to fix the problem in around five minutes?

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