How Paid Media and SEO Work Together

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Paid media and SEO are two of the most important channels for marketing. Both have their own benefits and pitfalls, but when used together, they can create a powerful marketing campaign.

The purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to a website. This is done by creating content that is highly relevant to the target audience and optimizing it with keywords. That’s SEO at a very, very, high level. The goal of paid media is to increase visibility on search engines so that people can find your website and click on your ads, which in turn allow you to make more money from advertising.

When paid media and SEO work together, they help each other achieve their goals in different ways.

Let’s look at how. 

Data Sharing

Paid media and SEO are two of the most important marketing channels that are used by many businesses. It is important to share data between these two channels to ensure that they work in synergy. Oftentimes, paid media and SEO can be seen as two different entities. However, they share a lot of data and can actually benefit each other.

Data sharing between paid media and SEO can be beneficial for both parties. Paid media can provide more accurate ad targeting, while the SEO team can use that data from paid media to improve their own keyword targeting for organic search rankings. Likewise, the SEO team can provide the paid media team with organic data to see if there are any additional keywords they should add to their keyword targeting within Google Ads. 

Landing Page Creation

The SEO team can help a paid media team optimize a landing page by assessing the content and the overall design. They can also help with keyword research, SEO best practices, and other content-related tasks.

SEO is an important part of paid media teams’ arsenal. They can use SEO to improve the organic rankings of said landing page and increase the number of visitors on their website in addition to what they are getting from targeted ads.

SEO teams are already tasked with creating compelling content that will convert visitors into customers. The goal is to make sure that they have an optimized landing page so they can get as many clicks as possible organically and double down with having a successful landing page for paid ads efforts.


Paid media is not a replacement for SEO. It’s just another tool in the toolbox. The two should work together to create a strategy that will help their client’s businesses grow.

Paid media and SEO teams should work together to make sure they are both doing their job well and that they are complementing each other’s efforts. These teams should also be thinking about what type of content can be best delivered through paid media channels, which will make it easier for them to find the right audience for their content.

The best way for these two teams to work together is by having one person from each team working on overall strategy, making sure that they are on the same page about what needs to be done.

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