How to decide on a goal and hit it 100%

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We can all make goals, dreams, and our desires all we want but the number one factor to consider whether we get it or not is us. Yes. Us! We’re the ones who decide whether we want to hit our goal or not, we’re the ones who decide whether we want to stop. It’s not the economy; it’s not the market you’re in; and it’s not your competition. We must accept that in order to start moving in the right direction.

Like the title suggests, we’re here to set our goals. But not just that — we’re here to conquer and reach all the goals we’re about to set from here on out.

Here’s a question for you — why do you think we can’t reach our goals?

I mentioned above that it isn’t external and it’s more of an internal struggle… and that’s actually what’s happening. Whether we lose motivation, we get lazy, or it seems impossible to do so we just stop, we don’t reach our goals simply because of ourselves and our attitude towards them.

We can change that with a simple life hack that I’m about to tell you! I’ve come across this amazing technique to not only get you completely focused on your goal, but to be able to reach more without doing too much work on your part.

It’s a simple trick actually. The idea is to take your big goal, whether that’s reaching one million dollars this year or finally purchasing that dream car of yours, and cut it up into a more bite size goal or milestone. Of course, with the car, you don’t have to buy it in parts. Joking aside, let’s say your goal is to get $1,000,000 in a year. For others, that’s a simple task however, for startups or people who are new to their business, it might seem like a daunting task.

The problem with setting a goal like this is, we tend to lose a reason to rush it. We’re complacent because the goal is set for the whole year and we see that as a long time before we have to act.

“Well, there’s a whole year ahead of me so I can relax for the first few months.” “It’s already mid month. Maybe I should start working on my goal now”

“There’s three months left and I’m nowhere near my $1 million goal, I guess it wasn’t possible from the start.”

Does this seem familiar? Trust me, I’ve had this conversation with myself so many times now. Don’t let that be you.

Like I said, the trick is to cut the goal up and give yourself a month (or even one quarter) to reach it. This way, there’s a sense of urgency because a month isn’t long at all especially in business. If you’d like, you can go even further and do weekly goals instead.

From $1 million to $250K in 3 months. Or if you’re going the monthly route, let’s just say for convenience sake, you must get $100K per month.

Break it down into how many deals you have to do in a day. Let’s say to get $100K this month, you’ll have to close twenty $5K clients. Reasonable right? Now think — how many people do I have to talk to to get twenty clients? If your closing rate is 50%, that means you need to talk to forty people.

So to sum it up, to get your $100K month, you need to talk to 40 people. That’s 10 people a week or around 2 people a day. You can talk about your business to two people a day right?

This way, you can cut up the huge, almost impossible looking goal in front of you and make it easier to reach.

If you haven’t noticed, that 2 people a day will lead to getting you $1.2 million for the year. The secret here is consistency and your drive to reach your goal (which is made easier since the goals are smaller now!)

You see, while we do need to see the bigger picture when doing business, there are times when the small things matter and make it easier to understand the big picture.

I’ve been using this trick lately and it’s worked wonders for me and my business. What about you? Are you ready to try it out?

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  • Lisa Sicard

    Hi Angela, I love this neat trick! I do it a lot in other areas of my business. I take the day’s tasks and break them into little chunks. It really helps me to get a lot done. I like your thinking about your goals. I’ve got to work on this one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • angelagiles

    I am so glad it was helpful! Let’s stay in touch. So grateful

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