How to Find the Best Apartment in Bellevue, WA 

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What comes to mind when you first think of Bellevue, WA? Bellevue is not just a part of Seattle’s metropolitan area. It’s a beautiful city in its own right and a favorite place for many people from all walks of life. Whether you’re planning to move to a new home or just want to explore a new area, why not consider this place? Here are 5 amazing things you need to know about Bellevue, WA.

1. Bellevue has a moderate climate. 

Bellevue is loved by many because of its moderate weather. January and December are the coldest months, while August and July are the warmest. Moreover, the city only experiences around 5 inches of snow. This means that there’s very little snow during winter and that extreme climate is non-existent. 

2. Bellevue is a world-class shopping destination.

Yes, you read that right. Bellevue is the ultimate shopping destination, boasting hundreds of ethnic food restaurants, specialty shops, and high-end fashion stores. If you have some money to spend (or maybe just want to window shop!), there’s always a place to go to and discover something new.  I lived in the Bellevue area for years when I was attending the University of Washington and I loved the shopping.  

3. Bellevue has a booming economy!

Bellevue has become the new center for tech businesses. Nintendo, Microsoft, and other companies have a presence in this city. More are expected to come in the following years, and even non-tech businesses are beginning to take notice. The result? More companies = more jobs. Young professionals, keep an eye on this place’s booming economy!

4. One of the best places to live in. 

Bellevue has been consistently named as one of the best cities to live in. Just last 2018, it earned the 10th spot in a long list of best cities. Visitors and residents alike enjoy being here for many wonderful reasons. Lots of possible outdoor recreational activities. Quality schools. Festivals. Museums. Art and music venues. Bellevue literally has something good for everyone.  Having had both a corporate career and being an Entrepreneur I can say that I would live in Bellevue either way because it has something to offer everyone. 

5. Bellevue’s real estate market is on fire. 

All the economic growth means that living and renting a home here can be quite pricey. Apartments and houses here are at a premium. However, this doesn’t mean that moving here is not highly recommended. It just means that you need to research a bit more before you move, so you can find the best place you can afford.

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