How to Get More Visible in 2022 

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Boosting visibility for long-term marketing success has never been more important. One of the best things about a growing online presence is that it’s easier to execute and affordable, allowing you to reach out to more people worldwide in just one click! Traditional marketing still works for some businesses, but the more you can place your brand in front of your target clients, the better. It’s time to get more visible and land new coaching clients. 

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How to Skyrocket Your Visibility: 5 Ingredients to Success

By now, you probably know that to increase brand awareness online, you need to choose the right platforms to focus on, create valuable content, and constantly communicate with your audiences. We say these things all the time. Still, it’s so hard to figure things out! So how do you make it easier for potential clients to discover you? It all starts with a piece of content and how that content is promoted across all channels. 

1. High-Quality Content

Content production doesn’t end with recording podcast episodes, writing blogs, and uploading them online. Your content should be in the right place at the right time, in front of the right audience. Showcase topics in a way no one else can. Incorporate crucial elements and execute strategies to help your target clients discover you through every upload. 

Focus on quality rather than quantity. Two new episodes or articles a week sounds great, but it can be overwhelming if you’re starting with a small team and limited resources. Exploring paid advertising moving forward is a good investment. Though, reaching audiences organically with the help of compelling content is more rewarding and fulfilling. 

2. SEO Strategy

Potential clients who want to know more about you and your industry experience will most likely head to your website. Include meta titles and descriptions, so readers know exactly what your page is all about. This is so important especially for those who blog regularly. 

If you’re not yet blogging, you may want to start writing articles regularly to target longer keywords. It’s a great SEO tactic that can help you attract visitors with a specific search intent and be more visible in search engines.

3. Social Media

Reach people via multiple channels. Use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms to drive traffic to relevant websites. Again, this depends on your goal. Do you want to drive traffic to your blog? Should you direct them to your website’s services page? 

Consider each social media post as an invitation to attract new clients and strengthen your relationships with existing ones. However, before sharing posts, optimize your social profile first. The more informative and distinct your bio is, the more you can catch the attention of your target market.

4. An Engaged Audience

A considerable number of followers or video views don’t equate to increased visibility. Having a growing number of followers is a great start, yes! The next thing you need to do is get them interested in what you have to offer. Initiate conversation in every post with a consistent, authentic voice.

Maintaining a brand voice on multiple platforms, from social media to emails and websites. Inject a bit of your personality in every caption and article. Set a specific tone and style so they know that it’s you they’re conversing with all the time. Soon, you’ll be able to generate more comments, likes, and user-generated content.

5. Email List

Email is still one of the most effective digital marketing tools, helping entrepreneurs and content creators send personalized messages and exclusive offers to their audience. Social media and blogging can never provide the level of personalization email marketing offers! 

Sending well-written personalized messages can make you more visible and provide you with greater chances of conversion. Email marketing has a steeper learning curve than social media, though. From the very beginning, you need to work on your copywriting skills (or hire a copywriter), segment audiences, and track everything. 

Make Your Brand More Visible: Start a TV Show and Write a Book

Through long-form blog content, you can provide your readers with elaborate, informative content and downloadable resources as future references. On the other hand, social media posts generate more user-generated content and allow you to interact more with your audience. 

So is there anything else you can do? By starting a TV show and writing your own book, you can reach out to your target market in the most creative, inspiring way possible. In every TV show episode, you can talk to your viewers exactly how you would speak to a friend, encouraging them to achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life. Books, meanwhile, can change how people see themselves and the world around them. Writing a book will help you explain your ideas in great detail and share moving stories that can win hearts from all over.  

Sounds impossible? We can help you become a TV show host and author, and level up your business. 

Be More Visible By Joining a Supportive Community

In the world of business, community is the key to more visibility and long-term success. Visibility is not all views, comments, likes, emails, and analytics. Being part of an incredible, supportive community should be part of your strategy. Find like-minded people who share the same passion – those who can provide you with sound business insights and encourage you to do better. 

You’re already working for hours and hours at home, taking care of client support, networking, and the like. You have family members and friends who support you in everything you do. Yet, in the end, your routine gets overwhelming. Running your business rests on your shoulders alone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of help and motivation from successful professionals. 

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