How to set actionable business goals 

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For many people, starting a business is a lifelong dream. There’s nothing like doing what you love, helping people, and generating income that is more than enough for you and the family. Who wouldn’t want to be an entrepreneur?! For most, however, this remains a long-cherished ambition. They never get to realize it because it’s a massive undertaking. It’s the ultimate mindset challenge!

It’s so easy to think about the possible income, schedule flexibility, and perks of being an entrepreneur. But alongside that, you need to make sacrifices and go through tons of challenges to make progress. If you’re not serious about making things work, you won’t get there. Simple.

So how do you motivate yourself to turn that brilliant business into reality?! You can start at this very moment! Grab a pen and a paper, and set the foundations of your venture by writing down your goals. The most successful entrepreneurs started their businesses with this little activity! Your business goals will encourage you to work harder and provide you with your much-needed direction. 

What are Business Goals?

Business goals are clearly defined targets that you plan to meet in a specific period. They are based on various metrics like reputation, growth, and client satisfaction. Each one emphasizes the purpose of your business, helping you work your way towards success. 

Goal setting is critical when you’re just starting, but it needs to be done multiple times a year, so you can improve your strategies and ensure that everything’s still perfectly aligned with your vision. 

Reasons to Set Actionable Business Goals

Many of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with before initially had difficulty creating short-term and long-term business goals. Some had a challenging time revisiting theirs after a few months. Making adjustments was so hard for them and their team. They already know what they want. So how can they struggle with goal setting?! 

Breaking down the specifics and measuring everything as you go along can be stressful. Aside from researching your business industry, various types of business goals, and goal-setting frameworks, learn from the people around you. Work with a coach to assess your strengths and deal with the factors affecting goal attainment. You can also reach out to family members and friends running their own businesses and ask for goal-setting advice. 

Need a bit of encouragement? You can never escape from the bad days. It’s all part of one’s entrepreneurial journey. On days that you’re feeling down, constantly remind yourself that goals play a key role in developing a coherent business strategy. Business goals are essential for many reasons. 

1. Business goals improves your business decision making process

When you’re working towards well-defined business goals, making decisions becomes more manageable. Goals give you direction, giving you more time to focus on more important things. Since you already know the path you want to take, there’s no need for you to contemplate other courses of action that, in the end, wouldn’t help you reach your targets.

For example, if one of your goals is to reduce energy costs, you may want to shift to a remote setup. The best choice is pretty clear between renting an office space and working from anywhere you want and just paying for one to two tools—no need for you to spend on utilities each month. 

2. Business goals nurture teamwork

Actionable business goals, alongside teamwork, are your tickets to success. And you can never achieve your targets alone. Constantly communicate with your team members about what you’re trying to achieve. They need to clearly understand what your business is striving to accomplish. 

Each day at work contributes to your company’s goals, so try your best to connect day-to-day work routines to your short-term and long-term targets. Working confidently on the tasks will give everyone a sense of pride and fulfillment, knowing that what they do positively impacts your brand and contributes to its success. 

3. Business goals lets you track your progress

Goals offer the easiest ways to monitor your progress. Is there a need to make adjustments? Should your business turn in the opposite direction? Do you think it’s time to hire more people and invest in more tools for a more efficient workflow? Goals are all about making advancements and improvements. 

For small business owners, dealing with challenges can be stressful. At some point, things won’t go down as expected. That’s part of growing a business! Embrace your mistakes. Prepare to face troubling instances. It’s OK to fail and not meet some of the goals you have set. Business goals must be checked from time to time to ensure that you’re moving towards your desired results. If not, then it’s time to make some strategy modifications.

4. Business goals remind us to slow down

Yes, we want to gain a steady stream of clients and generate more income, but you wouldn’t want to get overwhelmed with work, even on weekends. Goals can help you set limitations and, at the same time, get outstanding results. It’s like reminding yourself that work is not all there is. You have to make time for family and friends, too. 

See progress by slowing down! Whether it’s business or personal, goals assist us in maintaining a well-balanced life. Go on wellness vacations. Take a break from client meetings. Let go of your stressful routine for a while, so you can do more efficient work for your clients. This, in turn, can increase client satisfaction and lead to more clients in the long run. 

5. Business goals align and guide your focus

Business owners are no strangers to distractions. When things get stressful, you can get sidetracked, failing to stick to your usual routine. Unfortunately, the busiest days also divert us from the right path. As a result, we tend to forget what needs to be done, including the short-term goals to meet within the month. 

In a way, goals force us to accomplish even the smallest tasks, helping us improve ourselves and our businesses. Consider goals as guidelines that demand action and focus. They are mental cues that encourage and motivate you to perform to a greater degree and be in a better position in the days to come. 

How to Set Actionable Goals for Your Business: 5 Tips

1. Use a goal setting framework

Business goals come in various forms. Of course, we can develop plans by freely writing down our thoughts, but having a structured approach can boost the likelihood of success. Sounds complicated?! Not really! Goal setting frameworks actually simplify the process, making it easier and faster for new business owners. 

You can follow several goal-setting frameworks, from SMART goals to OKRs. First, involve your team in setting goals and finding out what framework works best for your company. From there, guide them to success by addressing blockers and making constant adjustments. 

2. Monitor and analyze

Develop a tracking system for measurable goals and use it to regularly evaluate your progress. For instance, if your business plan calls for a certain number of clients every quarter, monitor your performance each month. Not hitting the expected numbers? It’s fine! 

These things happen for many unexpected reasons. What’s important is that a system can help you tweak the numbers. Track everything frequently. All of the elements in your business plan, goals included, change quickly. You wouldn’t want to miss anything! You must always remain aware of whatever issue surrounds your operations. 

3. Have a good support system

It’s totally impossible to run our businesses alone. And I’m not just talking about hiring more people. In addition to the support and contribution of your fantastic team members, depend on the encouragement of your family, friends, and community. We all love working remotely, but that doesn’t mean operating in isolation all the time. Connect with your employees and partners. 

Share with them how you’re planning to approach the company’s goals and in what way your individual work contributes to the bigger picture. Everyone needs to operate based on the exact blueprint! Then, after work, feel free to spend time with your family. Relax, watch a movie and enjoy the inspiration they bring. Their encouragement is instrumental in achieving your goals, both professional and personal!

4. Develop good business habits

The real formula to success involves more than just attainable business goals. If you don’t know how to start, take a look at some of the habits of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. You’ll find out that commitment to the right habits is very important in securing a fulfilling, successful future. 

Eat healthier meals, get enough sleep and practice effective time management techniques. Moreover, put a list of your key business goals on your home office wall. Let this be a reminder that you’re heading to a challenging yet fruitful path ahead. It’s important to adhere to self-practices to optimize your processes and achieve your goals.

5. Celebrate milestones 

The real formula to success involves more than just attainable business goals. If you don’t know how to start, take a look at some of the habits of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. You’ll find that commitment to the proper practices is fundamental in securing a fulfilling, prosperous future. 

Eat healthier meals, get enough sleep and practice effective time management techniques. Moreover, put a list of your critical business goals on your home office wall. Let this remind you that you’re heading to a challenging yet fruitful path ahead. It’s essential to adhere to self-care practices to optimize your processes and achieve your goals.

Set new business goals today

As a small business owner, you’re probably very careful about setting goals and managing your resources. Don’t want to be too ambitious? Are you scared to fail? Growing a business and encouraging yourself to achieve specific goals can be a frustrating experience. It’s not without challenges. Let your business goals lead you to the right path in the most trying times. Don’t ever give up! Instead, enjoy the ride and treat missteps as stepping stones to success. 

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