7 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competition

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One of the things you could always do to beat your competition is to have more money to spend on ads, on social media, hire a team, and start seeing results! But that costs a lot, and that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, right? Good, because I have seven excellent ways to make your business stand out without breaking your bank.

A website with complete social media profiles included

The first step to standing out from the crowd is to tell them you’re different. Choose a name for your business that only you have. Some people might be against this, but it will work wonders for you down the road if you brand yourself correctly from the start.

Don’t choose a website name that might seem ordinary. Yes, it works well for SEO and all that internet jargon, but did you know that you get more sales through your target audience rather than random people searching for a service online? Now that over 60% of everyone in the world is on the internet, SEO is becoming more and more tricky, and getting to the first page of Google isn’t practical anymore. You can spend thousands of dollars a month and still not get your name there, so why waste the money?

Build your brand and advertise that to a specific audience on social media. That’s also the other thing that can make you stand out. Having a complete array of social media profiles that match your brand is already great marketing in itself. You give your target audience access to you wherever they are. Because not everyone loves to use Facebook, and not everybody is on Instagram.

Build a blog for your audience

One way you can connect well with your audience is to create a blog (or even a vlog if you aren’t camera shy). 

This sets you apart from the rest because people know who you are through your blog. People can get personal with you, and that’s okay. Nice personal touch with your audience can go a long way, and this builds two critical things — trust and sociability.

If people trust your brand, they tell their friends about you. And if people see that they can easily connect with you, you get more clients. As simple as that.

Do a podcast

Similar to blogging, creating a podcast for your business not only involves your audience more, but it also gives them an insight at whom they’re investing their time and money.

While it is tricky to fit a podcast in certain businesses, building one will guarantee you that you are already ahead of the pack. Studies show that 75% of all Americans know what a podcast is (or at least heard of the term) and 55% of all Americans listen to podcasts.

That’s a huge market you don’t want to miss out on. Plus, having your podcast can add a little personalization to your business as well.

Create a media style that defines you

Most of us, especially those who aren’t precisely hands-on with their businesses, resort to stock photos, videos, or even stock music for some ads. Even the videos we use might be from somewhere else.That’s a big no if you are looking to be unique.

Spend some on your media. You might think you’re saving money by using these stock photos and stock videos, but it makes you look generic and unoriginal in reality.

Because of the rise in actively online people in the past few months, there are tons of new businesses sprouting, and chances are, they’re also using stock media, which means your potential audience might have seen the video you already posted the photo you used as a cover. Some people are okay with it, but some might not.

Make the people matter

Customers want one thing — a great experience. It isn’t exactly the service or the product you provide. Yes, it does matter to them, but the overall experience with your business exceeds that. So the best thing you can do for them is to make them matter. Hear what they have to say. Listen to your audience and adjust your business to what the majority is asking for. It might seem not very easy, but if you’re looking to improve your customer relations’ quality, this is one thing you don’t want to brush off.

Create specific content for specific people

Many businesses fall for the trap of creating content for everyone or merely following what’s trending. The problem with that strategy is, if you follow what’s trending, you’re following what everyone else is doing. That makes you stand out even less now. We don’t want that.

If your business is catering to a specific audience already, or have some people in mind that you want to do business with, focus on them 100%. It’s better to get 100% of something than 10% of the whole pool. Do you get what I’m saying? This is where niching and cross-niching come into play, but let’s save that for another day.

The key lesson here is to conquer the audience you have now completely. If you can do that, more people will follow organically instead of fitting yourself in a crowd where everyone’s shouting.

Stop comparing yourself with your competition

This is pretty self-explanatory by now. Is your goal to stand out, right? So it won’t make sense to compare yourself to what your competition is doing.

Your business and their business is different, and that’s okay. Even if you’re in the same industry, you don’t have the same audience, you don’t have the same services and packages, and you don’t have the same energy.

That’s also important because if you’re confident and aligned perfectly with your brand, your target audience will see that and feel that and resonate with that, and they will be inclined to choose you over the others.

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