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Do you want to be a successful blogger? Perhaps you really want to show off your fashion ideas, maybe start a photography blog or even an antiques blog. If you want to know how to start a blog, you need to understand how the most awesome bloggers around got where they are now. For sure, they are good in blog writing, brand strategy, and search engine marketing, among other important things. Learn from your favorite bloggers and the best blogs! Read on for some of the best guidelines and tips to help you get started.


Who is your favorite blogger?

Once in a while, top bloggers share hundreds of tips about how they made their blogs successful. Every tip from a specific blogger is different. Brian Clark’s digital strategy may be different from that of Leo Babauta and Darren Rowse, but all details are noteworthy. Study them. Use them. Live them! Maybe even cite their blog. If you want to know how too learn how to cite a website.

Why do you want to start a blog?

Managing a blog can start as a simple, fun hobby and blossom as a full-fledged business. How to start a blog? If you are thinking of making a profitable virtual space, then, it’s important to define your blog’s purpose first. Are you an expert in something? Are you passionate about a specific subject? Do you enjoy being involved in a community?

Why do you want to blog? Perhaps it is because you need money now! Would you want to maintain a simple, personal blog, or a money making one? Remember, a consistent focus is really important, especially when you’re just starting out. It’s not anymore about sitting in front of the computer, typing. It’s about shaping your career path and making a difference.

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Once you have figured out your purpose, your content will become stronger, and your goals more defined. People will know what your blog’s all about–you can develop a huge tribe of readers!

Blogging can satisfy someone’s desire to be heard, and the urge to expand knowledge. Of course, you can talk about your passion, while connecting with readers all around the globe. Blogging, accompanied with a good brand marketing and digital marketing strategy, can change different perspectives and work ethic.

How to start a blog? The more blog ideas, the better!

Have you ever experienced opening a professional-looking blog page with good content and many followers, and somehow wished that it’s yours? Surely, with a blogger template and blog marketing strategy like that, you can easily market yourself online and earn a profit!

There are so many new blogs being created every day, yet only some of them would actually see a large readership and be profitable. Fact: not all bloggers become successful.

So, as a newbie blogger, you may ask: how to start a blog? Well, you need to work hard and get as much blog ideas as possible, to ensure that your blog design, brand positioning and overall blog strategy will take you to places. If great bloggers can put together an amazing idea and strategy, you can do it, too!

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15 Things Successful Bloggers Do Uniquely and Differently

Now that you’ve gathered your thoughts and figured out your blog’s purpose, it’s time to have a glimpse on the styles of other successful bloggers.

1. They have a unique voice.

Every successful blogger has a unique voice! It is the very foundation of their brand marketing strategy. How would you define your blog writing style? Your personal writing tone and style define who you are as a blogger. Once your readers have read the post, they’ll know it’s you.

Believe it or not, your readers can tell whether the post was written by you, an intern, or a guest blogger. Of course, they would love to read something that is completely and uniquely yours!

If you want to learn how to start a blog, this is one of the first things that you should remember. Make a mark through blog writing. Always write with confidence, personality and conviction!

2. They have a good branding strategy.

Branding is one thing that will make you stand out from the rest and make people remember who you are, what you write about and what you sell.

How to start a blog? Contemplate on your branding, and prepare a good brand marketing and digital strategy plan. If you need to spend hours brainstorming on appropriate blog designs and templates, do it!

The most popular bloggers are immediately recognized by their signature font and logo, right? You should have that, too. Streamline your color scheme, fonts, graphics and headlines to build a strong brand that will breed loyalty in your readership.


3. They build credibility through guest posting.

No blogger is an island, so you need to communicate and work with other bloggers to strengthen your brand credibility. Several “how to start a blog” guides online would suggest guest blogging as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Guest posting for other reputable blogs means getting your name out there to their readership.

Whenever I visit a website and see that they’ve collaborated with influential brands by writing articles for solid publications and online reviews, I automatically trust the blogger to be a good writer and reliable source of information.

Are you ready to get started with guest blogging? Read this comprehensive guide!

4. They use Pinterest actively.

So, you’ve spent a lot of hours researching and writing an awesome blog post. You’ve published it on your website. Why aren’t you getting lots of readers? Maybe you’re not promoting it well on Pinterest!

If you’re going to ask successful bloggers how to start a blog, they would probably lecture on the importance of Pinterest to your blog strategy.

Pinterest is increasingly becoming a website where readers go to read articles of their choice. It’s no longer about classy and colorful images—it’s already of the best platforms you can use as a blogger. Grab every opportunity to get your content out there and market yourself online. Make sure to explore Pinterest.

5. They send out regular e-mail newsletters.

Do you really want to know how to start a blog? Well, it’s not just about posting, gaining followers and earning money. Social media followers aren’t everything—you need more readers and subscribers. Having e-mail subscribers ensures that your readers are actually provided with your content on a regular basis.

E-mail marketing is one of the things that you should focus on in the early stages of your website. Consider sending out e-mail newsletters with the latest content from your blog. This is professional, strategic, and helpful for your subscribers who are constantly in need of information.

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6. They reply to direct messages, comments and e-mails.

Successful bloggers never forget to interact with their audience. They respond to both positive and negative comments, and encourages their readers to reach out in case they have questions. I’m sure that you are also a loyal reader to those blogs who listens and interacts with you.

Want to know how to start a blog and be one of those with an incomprehensible number of followers? Just strive hard and pay attention to whatever your followers are saying.

7. They schedule content ahead of time.

You can’t keep a blog if you don’t think ahead. I’m sure you have a lot of blog ideas in mind that you’d want to publish immediately. There are so many interviews with reputable successful bloggers, and according to them, scheduling content ahead of time is a must do, if you’re aiming for long-term success.

If you want to learn how to start a blog and be an organized blogger, list down all of your ideas in one notebook and make a content calendar. Should you post once or twice a week? Once all of your content is fixed on a calendar, you can focus on other things such as brand positioning and search engine marketing.

How to create a social media calendar? Here are the most basic steps!

8. They write online courses for their readers.

If you want to step up on your blog marketing and earn a profit, always offer something new to your audience. Why not write e-books and online courses for them? One of the most effective ways to make money through blogging is to sell your expertise through your blog’s specialty.

What kind of online courses do you think would click with your audience? Make sure to write something that would be helpful for new and experienced bloggers alike.

9. They learn everything they can about search engine marketing.

How to start a blog? Well, do you think you have enough knowledge on search engine marketing? Search engine marketing (SEM) is basically the key to getting your content on the top of the page when someone googles your blog topic.

But how will you bring a lot of traffic to your blog? Surely, you would want to make sure that it is easy to find. Well, search engines love websites that are updated frequently. When you have a blog that’s updated regularly with high-quality and relevant blog posts, then, it will improve your site’s ranking.


10. They engage in affiliate marketing.

If you want to have a really profitable blog, read more about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is how successful bloggers make big bucks!

Affiliate ads pay a commission per action, which means that your readers need to sign up, register for something, click on the ad, or make a purchase before you get paid. The more relevant that particular ad is to your content, the higher the chance that your visitors will click on it and perform the desired action.

Every “how to start a blog” guide would recommend affiliate marketing to every newbie blogger! So, what type of affiliate program do you think would work well for you? Think about the products and services your audience might be interested in.

Need a list of affiliate programs to get you started? Click here.

11. They’re not afraid to pitch themselves.

How to start a blog and the key to being a successful blogger? Never be afraid to share your thoughts and pitch yourself. Self-promotion might sound a little bit weird, but it’s important for your readers to know who you are and that you have a unique skill set.

Aside from having a good digital marketing strategy and branding strategy, you need to be confident and pitch yourself to drive your blogging business forward.

12. They take risks in who they contact and reach out to.

Have you ever wondered how that blogger you admire so much got to collaborate with a big name brand? Well, they probably asked and reached out to them. Yes, it is possible! You can do it—if only you take risks and ask for things.

Like I said earlier, no blogger is an island, so you should continuously reach out to the people in the industry for opportunities. Consult your “how to start a blog” guides regarding this one! Start by asking yourself, what can you offer prospective companies and other influencers? Make a list of all your dream collaborations.

Do you want to interview someone? Take a risk and ask them to collaborate or work with you even for just one campaign. Who knows? They might say yes immediately. Don’t be too scared to think big!

13. They always add links of their old blog posts.

Adding links of your old blog posts to your newly posted ones is one of the most basic, easiest things you can do to improve your website. Why is it helpful and important? It’s convenient, and makes it easy for the reader to spend more time in your blog!

Moreover, if you really want to understand how to start a blog, you should acknowledge the importance of internal linking. It can contribute greatly to your search engine marketing strategy! The more blog posts you have with links directing to other pages within your website, the better your odds are for search engines to find you more traffic.


14. They get other people to write for them.

Successful bloggers give huge importance on guest posts, interviews and features. Some of them even get interns and freelance writers to help them accomplish quality content.

Writing your own blog content is definitely important, but getting other people to write about their expertise is also considered a good blogging practice. Your readers love you and your personally written posts, however, it’s also refreshing to read someone else’s voice once in a while.

15. They don’t do everything.

Successful bloggers are dedicated and multi-faceted, but they’re only human. They don’t have unlimited talent, time and energy. This is why they choose to focus on certain important things. As a blogger who’s just starting out, you should choose your niche and expertise, and stick with it until the end.

Also, focus on your favorite tasks and routine. What happens to the other jobs, then? Why not hire some guest writers and interns to help you with your day-to-day operations? By dividing the workload, you’ll have more time to look at the bigger picture and launch new things in the coming months!

How to Start a Blog? Gather your blog ideas now! Don’t worry, it’s simple and easy!

The internet and technology are already big parts of our daily lives. Almost every person you meet has social media profiles, and blogs about his or her personal thoughts!

Blogging also becomes easier now, right? You don’t need to have a computer science degree or web design experience to be able to start one. You can even set up a blog in 15 minutes through Simple and easy. No need to pay for anything. If you’re still unsure about your blog design and template, you can use a free blogging platform for a few months before transitioning to a self-hosted solution!

List down those wonderful blog ideas now, and work on that blog marketing strategy to promote your brand online!

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Be a Persistent Blogger! Hard Work Pays Off!

Creating, maintaining and growing a blog from nothing to an endless stream of success require careful planning and strategic moves. I’m telling you, it takes a lot of time, commitment and persistence!

If at first you don’t succeed, then send more and more e-mails. Make more pitches! If you are really determined to learn how to start a blog, you would never give up. In blogging, you reap what you sow. Trust me, it’s a long journey but it’s totally worth it. You just need lots of patience in order to make a profit! Be ready to see all the results after tons of hard work.

Always draw inspiration from other successful bloggers!

If you think you need more guidance, just google “how to start a blog” guidelines, and take note of all the things successful bloggers do differently and uniquely. You’ll never be alone in this journey, for your favorite bloggers and digital professionals have written comprehensive tips and tricks to guide you along the way!

Here is a list of blogs that can inspire your blogging journey!

Formulate actions and strategies based on these. Want to build a profitable blog quickly? Need to come up with a new blog design and digital marketing strategy? You can do it!

Whether your passion is personal finance, business, politics, cooking, photography or marketing, there are opportunities for you. Draw inspiration from other awesome successful bloggers, and who knows, someday, you’ll be able to connect and collaborate with them, too! Voice out your thoughts, ideas and feelings. Happy blogging!

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