How to Write a Blog Post: Key Elements to Focus On

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For most newbie bloggers, writing the perfect blog post is, for now, nothing but a dream. Well, not anymore! I’m here to share with you some blog writing tips I’ve learned so far. When it comes to quality content creation, there are quite a lot of things to learn about. We need to see to it that our readers get the most brilliant resources. Knowing how to write a blog post is all about quality, quality, quality. The more compelling and engaging your posts are, the more they will trust you. Now, what are the most important elements you must focus on?!

Writing blog posts is a huge challenge.

Writing blog posts can sometimes be daunting, even for experienced, successful bloggers. I love blog writing, but sometimes, words just don’t come. In situations like this one, coming up with a simple blog structure would surely come a long way. No matter how simple the subject of your blog post is, it needs to have some sort of structure or system. 

How to write a blog? Choose topics and words that resonate well with your potential and existing audiences. Feel free to look into the styles, tones and structures of other bloggers. Depending on your blog’s personality and focus, the approach can be a bit different. However, the most successful blog posts have all of these crucial elements. 

How to Write a Blog? Here are the key elements of a successful blog post.

1. A captivating, attention-grabbing title

It all starts with a title, of course. If you write an attention-grabbing title, your readers would want to read and click more. When it comes to titles, it’s crucial to avoid clickbait words. For instance, if you put “How to make $3,000 a month through affiliate marketing,” you should really teach them how to accomplish it. Don’t make false promises. You should always deliver. 

2. Quality, engaging images 

Include quality photos on your blog posts, whenever you can. Don’t forget this rule, especially if you have lengthy content. Do you enjoy taking photos? You may think that this is the easiest part of the blogging job, but it’s really not. It can be difficult, depending on the subject you are writing about. 

Learning how to write a blog post means understanding the importance of adding photos, and choosing the most appropriate ones! It doesn’t end with just inserting images in between the text. You need to optimize them to rank higher in searches.

3. Super magnetic headlines

Writing a captivating headline is a top priority for successful bloggers. If you can’t amaze a reader with an engaging headline, the chances of them reading the entire blog post are slim. Since you are just starting out, focus on this to establish a strong brand in the online world. What is that one line that you can write that will make a person read more of your article? What will keep their full attention throughout the content? Ask yourself these questions when writing your headlines. 

Click here to learn more about writing catchy headlines.  

4. Share Icons 

How to write a blog post? Think about coming up with content that can be easily shared to other platforms. Now, how do you do that? Simple. Just include share icons on your posts. If a person loves an article, most likely, she will share it to her friends and family members. Make it easier for them to do this by choosing a theme that has built in share icons. If you are self hosted, you can easily install a reliable plugin that will include share icons on your blog posts. Try Social Warfare. This plugin will make it easier for your readers to share your blog posts to their social media profiles. 

5. A Comment Section

Connect well with your readers by including a comment section on your blog posts. Aside from writing for my own blog, I also love reading and interacting with other bloggers. It’s just so frustrating when I can’t leave sweet comments on the posts I love because their comment sections are disabled. 

6. Call-to-Action Statement

Encourage your readers to connect with you more through call-to-action statements. Writing CTAs is not really that complicated! You can surely master it even as a beginner. The number one rule here is not to be vague. You wouldn’t want your readers to be wondering why they even bothered reading your content in the first place. 

Do you want them to reflect on a specific idea? What do you want them to accomplish? Whatever it is you want them to do, be clear about it. The CTA part is the part where you invite them to leave a comment, share the post or answer a question. It should be actionable and clear.

7. Opt-In Form

Yes, you read that right. An opt-in form is indeed a key element of a successful blog post. In case you don’t know yet, a good blog post goes hand-in-hand with a growing email list. Having opt-in forms in your blog posts can help you grow your email list. To make it more interesting for your audience, why not create freebies for them? Giving a useful printable for free is a great idea to thank them for subscribing to your blog. 

Giving away these freebies can help you grow your email list. 

8. Affiliate Links

How to write a blog post that can generate huge online profit? If you want to monetize your blog, there are tons of avenues you can explore. But, if you are going to ask me, I’d say that affiliate marketing is the way to go. If possible, go back to your add blog posts, and add appropriate affiliate links. You need to be careful with this one, though! Not all blog posts need affiliate links. Find a way to go about the affiliate marketing process without looking spammy. 


Turn that amazing idea into a well-written, compelling blog post.

Now that you already know the key elements of a blog post, it’s time to turn your amazing ideas to brilliant blog content. Here are some guidelines that can help you start a new blogging adventure. 

1. Get out of your comfort zone.

Break free from your old ways. If you really want to learn how to write a blog post that will dominate the entire online world, engage in good conversations through your articles. For example, if you are used to using a formal writing style, you need to teach yourself the ways of a conversational tone. Remember, you are no longer writing business articles and term papers. You are blogging to create awesome, engaging conversations. This can be a bit difficult, but with practice, you can get through it. 

2. Blog about your passion.

Choose a topic you are passionate about. Don’t just pick random subjects that you think are highly profitable and trending in the digital landscape. Settle with one that you are really passionate about. What is that one thing you want to constantly learn about?! 

3. Make a long list of content ideas.

Writing a single blog post can take many hours, many days or many weeks. The brainstorming process can be really overwhelming. This is the reason why it is beneficial to keep a little list of blogging ideas. Bloggers have bad days, too. When you are struggling to come up with fresh, new ideas, all you need to do is glance on this list. 

4. Look for more inspiration.

Get inspiration from other forms of art. Do you enjoy watching movies, reading books, playing video games, or playing sports? Surely, you can come up with compelling blog posts about these things! Make this a part of your brainstorming process. If, sometimes, you get overly confused, try mind mapping your ideas. This is a visual approach in connecting different subjects you hadn’t thought of before.

You are now on your way towards blogging success! 

How to write a blog post? Incorporating the tips and elements I mentioned above gives you the best possible chance for blogging success. These blogging elements can help you encourage your readers to spend more time on your blog, increase social shares, improve newsletter sign up rates, and get the traffic you deserve. As you go along, you will learn tons of things that can contribute to your improvement and eventual blogging success.


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