17 Small Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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It’s a difficult time for all of us. I’ve gotten anxious and overwhelmed as well, but I need to stay strong. What’s important now is that we stay at home and stay healthy. Why not use all of the extra time at home to make some money?! You can click here to learn how to make money online but if you’re wanting more ideas, here are some online businesses that you can explore today. Also, online you can find a detailed guide on how to start a pearl party business, which very quickly became an absolute hit.

A lot of people all over the world have already lost their jobs or have had their hours drastically reduced because of this health crisis. Why not, let this tough time fuel our hunger for success. Aside from resting, eating healthy, you can start an online business that can generate extra income. Even if you are in the comfort of your own home, you can be productive and successful. Here are some online, home-based ideas that you can begin today. Doing business online is undoubtedly very competitive. In order to rise to the top you must take things like search engine optimization very seriously. With this in mind, SEO services in Auckland might be of use to anyone with any serious aspirations of being successful in the realm of online business.

The Best, Easy-to-Start Online Business Ideas

1. Blogging Business

Yes, blogging is already considered a business! If done right, blog monetization can work like magic. You can start your blog today for free on Wix, Tumblr, Medium or WordPress. From there, you can start creating content, and eventually earn money. It’s not an easy process, though. It takes a lot of time, patience and a strong content strategy to survive in the blogging industry in the long run.

There are plenty of ways to earn money through blogging. Here are two of the most popular ways:

  • Monetize your blog posts with the help of GoogleAdsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • selling sponsorship and ad space

2. Affiliate Marketing

Plenty of bloggers are now making big money with the help of affiliate marketing. What’s remarkable about this is that they can generate income from this venture even while they are sleeping! An effective affiliate marketing strategy can result in a steady flow of passive income. In affiliate marketing, an online retailer pays the blogger a commission for blog traffic, or from the sales generated from referrals. Click here to learn more about it.

3. YouTube Vlogging

YouTube vlogging is one of the most promising online business ideas out there. In this digital venture, you are not only earning money, but you are also a star in your own right. If you are passionate and knowledgeable in your own field, start a YouTube channel now. By just speaking on a 10-minute video, you can already share your knowledge with millions of individuals all over the world. Money here comes from ads, merchandise and brand sponsorships! However, in the year of 2020, YouTube is a saturated platform with plenty of others having the same idea as you. Your channel must stand out amongst the crowd and your content must appeal to others. Some YouTubers may even buy Youtube subscribers when they first start their channel to give them an immediate boost to then bring in organic followers. You can Read more about the possibility of buying subscribers at Tinkapp.

4. Consulting Business

Online consultants get paid online by solving other people’s problems using their own experience, skills and knowledge. Right now, plenty of people are just inside their homes, trying to be productive. Why not share your knowledge with them? By starting your own consulting business, you can establish your online reputation, and boost your digital branding.

5. Freelancing

Bloggers and online consultants can be regarded as freelancers. As a freelancer, your success depends on your own skills, and how you market those skills. This promising online business idea can be started by just signing up and exploring platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork. For example, if you are an online writer, you can easily compile all of your remarkable works in one portfolio, and then promote your services in these freelance marketplaces.

6. eBook Writer

Apart from being an online freelance writer or consultant, you can also expand your services by writing ebooks. A lot of people will be unsure how to publish an ebook, but they will be surprised as to how much easier and affordable it is today to self-publish a book. You can sell your ebooks in your blog, or through stable online marketplaces with massive online global audience like Amazon.

7. Podcast Business

Podcasts are streamable, downloadable recorded audio content. These are available at several podcast streaming websites. If you love talking but is a bit shy to video blog, you can start a podcast business. Use your charming voice to communicate well with your audience, and establish a much deeper connection with them. Podcasts can be monetized by selling digital products or through sponsorships.

8. Online Language Translation Services

An online language service business is another online business idea that you can start while stuck at home, but only if you know other languages other than your native one. With the right strategy, you can make a good income from this! There are tons of companies and individuals out there looking for this type of service, both online and offline (for now, it’s best to offer it online, of course).

9. Mobile App Development

Not all of us are knowledgeable enough to create mobile apps. If you are one of those who have excellent programming skills, now is the best time to turn your mobile app ideas to reality. You know what, I’m not a mobile app developer, but this is one of my favorite online business ideas in this list. Today, almost every business is going online and is taking internet opportunities seriously. I’m focusing on blogging and affiliate marketing right now. Soon, I hope I can develop my own app, too. Technology is just amazing! Sharpen your programming skills now, and start a personal app development project as practice!

Thinking of buying and selling apps, domains, and websites? Flippa is the perfect marketplace for buying and selling online businesses!

10. eCommerce Website

There is an ecommerce website for everything! Do you want to start one? If yes, then Shopify or WooCommerce are the best options for you. Take note that just like blogging, ecommerce success may take some time, though you can use all of your free time at home right now to research and kickstart everything. The very first step? Select a profitable niche. From there, you can start designing your online store, and then offer digital products like ebooks. Soon, after this health crisis, you can begin selling physical products, too.

11. Create Online Courses

Creating online courses can be an independent and passive income source for teachers and niche experts. If you are already familiar with online consulting and freelancing, I guess you can do this, too. Creating online courses means monetizing your expertise and knowledge, and sharing it to others. This digital product is for those who don’t like reading text-heavy resources. They are actionable, straightforward and organized!

12. Digital Marketing Services

Basically, digital marketing means using digital tools to market products and services. I also love learning about digital marketing! The more I understand about it, the more I can promote my brand online. Now, how can you widen your knowledge on this matter? Look into free resources online, or take a formal digital marketing course.

Here are digital marketing blogs that you can browse for free.

13. Home-based Teaching Services

Whether you want to teach people how to speak good English or some basic computer skills, you can earn extra income by being an online teacher. There are millions of individuals all around the world who don’t have the time and resources to enroll in a physical school. Why not make learning more convenient for them? Just be unique and creative with your teaching strategies and approaches.

14. Social Media Management Services

If you think you can help other businesses with running online ads, monitoring social analytics, community management and other related services, think about setting up a social media management business. What you need here are, of course, good customer service, excellent grammar, time management skills and social media skills. If you want to learn how to do this, reach out to me. I have several social media clients.

15. Resume Writing Services

Let me tell you this. I was shocked when I first heard that many companies and individuals are earning millions each year by just writing resumes. Resumes are like tickets to success, so several people are investing in it. Unbelievable! They are really willing to pay just to have a good resume! Do you think you can write a good one? Offer it as a service online. One of my clients makes $8,000 a month doing career coaching that involves resume writing services.

16. Virtual Assistance Services

A VA, or virtual assistant, is a self-employed individual who offers technical, creative, administrative assistance to people who need it. For those who can offer proofreading, editing, web research, email management or web research service, I think a VA job will be perfect for you. And good VAs are hard to come by. My VA is my dream employee.

17. Create and Sell Handmade Goods

You read that right–handmade goods! I know we are talking about online business ideas and digital products here, but since you are just at home, you may want to consider engaging in some handmade projects. Calling all creative minds! Make some jewelry pieces, or start a painting project. 🙂

Whatever creative project you want to start, now is the best time to do it. Remember, after this health crisis, you can sell all of those handmade goods even in a physical store. We can’t do it right now (our health must be our number one priority!), but once all of this is over, you can make thousands of dollars from it.

With patience and good strategy, these online business ideas can help you generate income! 🙂

Though, the keys to genuine success are passion and long-term vision. Which of these amazing online business ideas do you want to explore? I know that you are still adjusting to your current situation, and is probably so stressed right now. Just stay calm, strong, healthy, and try to be productive at home! We’ll get through this!

Thinking of more ways to boost your income? Learn new ways to get free money.

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