10 Online Course Motivation Techniques That Will Motivate Your Students

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Online course creators invest so much of their time encouraging potential students to sign up on their courses. But, do you know that the job doesn’t end there?! The key to increasing profit is engaging and retaining them. Engaged learners are always profitable, and without them, sales are nothing. How do you help them get the results they want, buy more offerings and encourage them to finish their lessons? With the right strategy, they can become even more excited and dedicated each time they pay you. Let me share with you some amazing online course motivation techniques! 

Online courses offer extensive curriculum and brand new experiences. One of the most challenging tasks for you as an online course creator is to motivate students, and keep them engaged while learning. Remember, even people with the best intentions get distracted when they are supposed to be paying attention. They lose their motivation, and as a result they fail to reach their goals. 


Use different online course motivation techniques to help your learners! 

Online course creators face unique challenges that traditional teachers do not face. While classroom learners interact with their instructors and peers in-person, the lack of face-to-face contact causes several digital learners to feel a sense of isolation and disconnection in their learning environment. We all know how difficult it is to communicate our emotions online! This is the reason why many course creators, most especially newbies, are struggling to bring about excitement and enthusiasm in digital interactions. 

How to create the best online courses?! Target the right kind of online learner.

Online courses attract specific types of learners. They often appeal to students who want to learn new skills and make significant career progress, yet have competing obligations. These learners already have strong internal incentives that push them forward. There’s no need to worry a lot about generating motivation. Just sustain what’s already there. Here’s how to do that.

Successful course creators use different online course motivation techniques, and understand how to keep their students engaged.

Completing the course doesn’t mean that they will automatically achieve their goals. It only improves the probability that they will purchase more of your online courses in the future, and then recommend them to their friends. As a result, your profits will improve. To achieve this, you need to anticipate certain issues and execute new strategies to engage more online learners. 

Why is motivation so hard to come by?! 

Creating an online course has tons of challenges, most especially while self-isolating at the height of a pandemic. Hours of research and video calls? It’s so hard to deal with it. Everything becomes even more difficult once you market the course and start teaching students. Keep yourself motivated!

Motivated course creators, coaches and teachers, with the help of the internet and reliable platforms, should foster a positive environment and collaborative culture for their learners. If you are having a hard time dealing with every task, ask yourself why you are demotivated. Below are three major reasons for demotivation. If you are experiencing any of these (or other similar reasons), look for new ways to rekindle your motivation. 

1. Lack of Challenge

Challenge is an important factor for motivation. We need constant opportunities and challenges to gain new skills. Without them, we won’t be able to generate new knowledge and improve ourselves. As an online teacher, you need to choose the best tasks and challenges that will bring the best in every student. 

2. Loneliness

It’s normal for people to feel lonely while working or studying from home. Why? Well, you’re alone sitting in front of your computer, taking notes all by yourself with no one to talk to. How do students deal with that?! We are social creatures, and are always longing to connect with others. 

Develop good relationships with your students. From time to time, encourage them to take a break from studying, and talk to their friends. What comes with productivity is good mental health. You wouldn’t want your learners to feel stuck, and stay in front of the screen for days! 

3. Lack of Clarity

It’s hard to motivate oneself if the path to the feature is not clear. When a person hasn’t consciously articulated what he or she wants in life, the future will surely be vague. The answer? Goal setting. Whether you are a course creator or a student, goal setting is crucial to your path to success. It’s not enough to just know what you want. Why do you want it to happen? How to get there? Learn new online course motivation techniques, and plan how you can achieve it. 

How do you create motivation? Encourage students to complete your course using these online course motivation techniques!

The key to understanding motivation begins with understanding other people and yourself. What are your motivators? Understand that every individual has various motivators and most of those come from their thoughts and feelings. 

Take the time to understand every student, and then motivate them to do better. As an online course creator, you can’t just order them to follow your directions. You need to win their trust and cooperation. There are two ways to do this–inspiration and motivation. When you are motivating and inspiring people to do something they don’t really want to do, you have to provide them something they want in return. 

1. What is the source of motivation? Good storytelling!

Storytelling is the key to amazing staying power. Everyone loves good stories! I myself love hearing or reading stories that I can relate to in some way. This is because stories tap into our emotions, so we get to remember details delivered through wonderful stories. In this case, if you are studying something difficult, you are most likely to understand it if the course creator uses an engaging example to illustrate what they are trying to get across. 

My advice: Assign case studies or engaging stories to read, or have learners watch someone tell stories about how they successfully applied a certain principle in real life. Consider this as an additional motivator. 

2. Update online course content regularly.

The successful online course you created back in 2018 won’t create the same impact this year, 2020. See to it that your course materials create a long-lasting impact by taking into account new, emerging trends and practices. Do you think you need to incorporate new videos, articles and podcast episodes? How about new conference session recordings? Make it obvious to existing and new students that you are not providing a stale program. Keep your online course relevant to hold the attention of current students, and trigger the interest of more people. 

3. Give students a sense of ownership and control.

Online learners become even more engaged and motivated when they know that they can make their own choices in the entire process. Always give them a choice when it comes to completing tasks. This allows them to take control over their own learning routine. If a student thinks that one lesson is too basic, he or she may be allowed to dive deeper or skip it, depending on their quiz results. 

4. Plan for diverse delivery.

Motivate your student by combining different content delivery approaches, from text and audio to text and presentations. If possible, invite other guest speakers and instructors so they wouldn’t hear the same voice and see the same face over and over again. Make it exciting by keeping the element of surprise alive. 

5. Learn new online course motivation techniques, and encourage accountability, and encourage accountability.

Do you have students who don’t complete assignments on time, and haven’t logged in for days?! Reach out to them by leveraging on your learning management system’s email notification feature. In addition to that, you can personally reach out to those students to know what is going on, and if there is something you can do to help them out. 

6. Help learners foster intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation encourages a student to complete complex tasks, and juggle online courses together with other obligations. How do you let them know that what they are doing now (taking your course) matters? Help them have a sense of purpose that can boost their course engagement and participation. 

Remind them that the skills and knowledge they will learn here can make a big difference in their profession. Alongside that, prove to them that you genuinely care about their own success and growth. 

7. Celebrate and reward success. 

It’s true that knowledge and skills are their own rewards but we still need a little help once in a while to stick to our goals. Reward the success of your online learners through additional points or praises. Don’t just focus on achievement. Focus on progress, effort and other fruitful behaviors and performances that you want to see more of. 

8. Make the lessons more digestible.

Timing is crucial in everything you do as an online course creator. Every minute you and your students spend on every module must be worth the time. This is also the reason why you need to break down the lessons into easily digestible chunks. Stay away from lengthy slides and explanations to make the learning process easier for your students. 

9. Use technology to your advantage.

Virtual games? Drawing and screen-sharing tools? Online discussion boards? Thanks to the internet, an online course creator’s routine becomes more and more convenient. It seems like there’s a new app or platform that we can use every week. While online teaching still has plenty of challenges, we can use technology to improve our lessons and communicate with students. 

10. Create social spaces. 

Learners can benefit a lot from a highly social virtual environment. Require students to start conversations. While their first few interactions are obligatory, many of them will soon love this idea. Try using Facebook or other social media networks. You can create a private group where you and your students can converse. Not all people love participating in discussion boards, but many of them go to social media platforms frequently, making it the perfect place for a brilliant social space. 

Don’t forget about yourself. Here are ways to stay motivated to teach! 

Have you ever experienced staring in front of your computer screen, trying to create something wonderful? Sometimes we’re motivated to learn, and on some occasions, just want to sleep the entire day. Inspiration and motivation are hard to come buy. How to wake that sense of passion to share your knowledge?! Here are three quick tips and tricks that will motivate you in no time! 

1. Have the right mindset by learning new online course motivation techniques! 

The immense power of positive thinking is real! Having the right mindset can improve a person’s mood and give more confidence. It can even reduce the likelihood of developing health conditions like depression, hypertension and other stress-related illnesses.

How to develop the right mindset and become a successful course creator someday? Click here

2. Have great compassion with other people. 

Each one of us is going through something right now. Be kind, understanding and compassionate to every potential student. For example, if someone is clueless about setting up a video chat, be patient. It will take a while before a person gets to adjust to elearning! 

3. Prioritize self-care. 

It’s okay to step a way a bit from your laptop to rest and sleep for a few hours. Give yourself a break! Taking the time to recharge is important and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Find out what best works for you. As for me, I make a cup of delicious coffee, go out for a quick walk, or listen to my favorite songs. If, after that motivation still fails to come, just continue with your self-care practice. Don’t give up! You’re sure to come back stronger! 

4. Never seek solace on your gadgets.

The joy your smartphone brings is not the solution to demotivation. In fact, browsing social media using your gadgets might make you feel worse. Stay away from your phone or tablet for a while. What you need at this challenging time is an activity that can charge you up. 

5. Invest in different hobbies.

Even the most successful course creators out there disconnects from their professional life from time to time. One of the reasons why several people feel demotivated is because they weren’t able to spend some quality time with themselves. Professional life is important, but that’s not the only thing that matters. Regardless of what your business is, set aside enough time for rest. Aside from getting enough sleep, you can listen to stimulating music, reread your favorite books, watch movies, play sports and meditate. 

6. Meet other successful course creators.

I love giving talks and meeting people in the same industry. It’s so fulfilling to connect with, and learn from accomplished professionals! As a newbie, this also equates to gaining good references. Establishing good relationships with them is an effective way to motivate yourself. Let every detail of their stories inspire you. It’s great to be around positive-thinking people who are willing to help you. 

7. Change your approach.

If you think that your online teaching methods are not working, change it. Nothing burns you out like dealing with the same issues over and over again, and not making progress. Most of the time, the best way to change a strategy is to do the opposite. Explore the opposite, or ask a trusted friend’s advice. You’ll be surprised at the results! 

8. Change your feelings by changing your thoughts.

What are those thoughts that best serve you? Based on my experience, the most effective method to do this is to feed my mind and heart with wisdom. Read quotes, watch inspiring movies, and go through online course motivation techniques! These things will remind you that there are better ways to feel and think. 

9. Don’t be a perfectionist.

No one’s perfect. As you grow, learn and progress, you’re sure to experience failures and lapses. Focus on being proactive and effective. If something went wrong, make it right. Consider the concept of perfection as an improvement process. 

10. Remember this: journey is the destination. 

The mere thought of achieving complex, long-term goals can be overwhelming. Instead of focusing on achieving that very goal, focus on the process. Enjoy the long road to success and the entire experience of traversing it. 

Make a great team! Get Motivated and Stay motivated together with your students! 

Motivation is the key to achieving your goals and all the best things in life. Once you get to motivate yourself, everything else will soon fall into place. Right now, you are an online course creator who’s trying to find her way towards e-learning success. You can only achieve that with determination, hard work and good relationships with your existing and potential students.  While it’s totally impossible to remain motivated 100% of the time, it’s important that you don’t fall victim to demotivation on most days. I’ve been there and I know that it’s okay to feel demotivated sometimes. It’s all part of the journey. What’s not fine here is to sulk over the matter for a long time. Learn fruitful online course motivation techniques! Encourage yourself to move. Take action! Make a difference in the lives of these learners!  

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