Free Printable Pantry List Template: Master Inventory And Be Organized

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Are you looking for a new printable that you can use when organizing your pantry? Organizing pantries is probably one of the most challenging tasks around the house. There was a time that ours was so disorganized. It seems packed, yet I still couldn’t figure out what to eat for dinner. It becomes even more of a problem if you have a big family. Thankfully, we love printables–our best friends when it comes to organization tasks. Let me share with you this amazing new minimalist pantry list template that can help you level up your household routine. Click on this free Printable Pantry List Template to download it.




I know you will love it!


Feel overwhelmed by the number of food items in your pantry? Use a Pantry List Template! 

Now that you have the same pantry list printable I’m using, why don’t you use it alongside these easy, step-by-step organization tips?!

1. Take out all the food items in your pantry and prepare your pantry list template. 

The first task is to remove them from the shelves and check them one by one. Throw away expired items. Also, decide if there are canned goods or other ingredients that you don’t want to keep anymore. Afterward, wipe the shelves and floor underneath it.

2. Sort, sort, sort.

Now that all of them are out and on top of kitchen countertops, group them by family. Where are the cereals, spreads, and other breakfast items? What about sugar, flour, and other baking ingredients?

If you have kids, I’m sure you also have a lot of baby food and healthy snacks. It’s quite a process, but you have the best printable out there to help you.

Download this free Pantry List Printable Template

3. Place all the items back in the pantry.

Time to put everything back on the shelves–this time, by groups. I suggest the top shelves for rarely used kitchen utensils and items. For example, if you love baking every weekend and have a lot of baking supplies and ingredients, you can put them at the top shelves.

Next, for the eye-level shelves, you may want to put pasta, breakfast items, canned goods, snacks, and other things you need frequently. Lastly, the lowest shelves are usually reserved for heavy items like bulk bags of grains and drinks.

Don’t forget to use your pantry list template while putting everything back. 🙂 Also, list down the items you want to buy on your next grocery shopping trip.

4. Grocery Shopping Time! 

Time to go shopping! Aside from food, I suggest buying organization tools like turntables, bins, shelf-risers, and hooks!

Download this free Pantry List Printable Template


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Free Printable Pantry List Template: Master Inventory And Be Organized
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