How Setting up Your Personal Brand Authority Profile and Influencer Footprint Establishes You as an Expert so you can Sell a Premium Course

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Are you excited to share your knowledge by building a new online course? I’m telling you, creating and selling a premium course is a tough yet exciting adventure! The big question here is how to achieve long-term success. There is a lot of marketing involved in this–it’s not just interesting topics and module creation. Establish your personal brand authority and influencer footprint first. These are the things that will tell you apart from your competitors, helping you create a lasting, awesome impression in the minds of your potential and existing clients. 

Whatever business or industry you are in, establishing personal brand authority and influencer footprint is essential. What makes you different and unique? Why should clients choose your brand? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?! 

Personal Brand Authority is a Result of Hard Work. 

When I first started as a blogger and entrepreneur, I also had a challenging time reaching out to my target audience. I realized that without personal brand authority, experiencing long-term success is just impossible. We all need to start from the bottom. See? Being an influencer and online personality is a lot of hard work, too. It’s a real job! In one glance it looks convenient and easy money, but it’s not! 

Brand authority is not something that you can just assign to yourself. It is a product of a thorough planning session, determination, patience and recognition of your target audience. In everything that you do, keep your target clients in mind. This is the group that you want to influence for the better–the people who believe in you and your way of business.

Why Should you build your own personal brand? 

Establishing personal brand authority is one of the most essential elements of marketing today. If you are like me who just started creating online courses, and want to turn it to a profitable side hustle (or even a full-time income source), focus on gaining your edge in the industry. Here are the top reasons why we need to work hard to get that strong personal branding online! 

1. To Gain Authority and Trust

A strong personal brand authority helps you establish a better connection and trust with your target audience. Do you want to be an entrepreneur, online course creator and thought leader in your niche? Then, let’s work on that personal branding strategy. 

2. To Featured in Several Forms of Media

Your personal brand is the key to magazine, radio, television, podcast and website features. Those features can work wonders for you, since more and more people will see how relatable and awesome you are. There is always an opportunity here! The media is continuously searching for experts who can share their knowledge and insights in a specific audience. 

3. To Widen Your Network

Think of your personal branding as a bridge that connects you to other entrepreneurs and influencers. When you have that branding that clearly demonstrates how you help other people, and what you do in the industry, it becomes easier for them to see further value in reaching out to you. Take advantage of this! Strengthen your branding, and establish your network, even offline. 

4. To Gain More Clients

It’s always been a dream  to be the go-to expert in my niche. This has always been my goal, and I’m so close in achieving it! Here’s my advice. Instead of thinking about how you can gain more clients, focus on improving your personal branding first. Once you have positioned yourself as a knowledgeable expert, it becomes easier to attract more clients. 

5. Premium pricing

Since you are just starting out, you are probably thinking of creating and selling just one product (a premium course, maybe?). But, who knows? Maybe in the near future, you will also gear towards creating and selling eBooks, paid podcasts and more. Without a personal brand, you won’t be able to justify the premium prices that you want to charge on your services and products. There are always competitors out there ready to beat your price!

6. To Create a Platform That Will Stand the Test of Time

Businesses change overtime. Some lose, while some succeed the test of time, trends and innovation. What do you think will happen to yours? What is the fate of your brand and business? Should you open two more businesses in other industries? Whatever you choose to do in the future, your personal brand is your constant. It stays with you! 

There are Many Ways to Build Your Personal Brand and Influencer Footprint!

1. Be YOU, Be Authentic.

Authenticity is gold–a marketing must-have. Basically, it sells because not every “influencer” has it, and it’s hard to find. We are all aware that there are tons of fakes in the digital landscape. They are aware that what they are doing is wrong, and yet they continue doing it for the sake of money. Distance yourself from those fake strategies, and contemplate on how you can stand out from the rest. Authentic = Attractive to more audiences and clients! 

2. Choose the best profile pictures.

Choosing the best profile images is one of the simplest ways to demonstrate authenticity online. You think that uploading photos online is just a simple matter? A simple matter that can help you gain positive impressions! No matter what industry you are in, your target audience must see you as a reputable professional. This is important for you to be seen as a leading expert in your niche. Let me give a few tips!

  • Invest in professional photos that suit your personal brand. By doing so, you can also help out other newbie talented freelance photographers. 
  • Posting a photo of you and your team? Smile and stick to a proper attire. 
  • Use high-quality, attention-grabbing photos. If you can’t hire expensive photography services, use a camera that can deliver high-quality images. In addition to that, it must be properly composed and well-lit.

3. Take content marketing strategy seriously.

I know it’s tempting to just post random content on your business’ website and social media pages. Know the right places for specific pieces of content. Gone are the days when you can post random images and expect long-term success. The fundamentals of marketing are rapidly evolving. As you develop content, keep your audience in mind. Don’t ever let them forget you. 

4. Implement a good social media strategy.

Consistency is key in establishing a personal brand authority. Apart from sharing great content, interacting on social media regularly is a must. Your personal branding grows alongside your social media presence. 

Click here to learn more about improving your social media presence. 

5. Be a good storyteller.

Introduce yourself to people. Show them that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy. That way, you can encourage them to support and trust you in your future goals. Come up with content in the most unique, relatable way possible. What struggles did you experience before? How did you endure all the hardships? Now, you may think that your story’s all simple, but it can surely impact someone else’s life. 

6. Respond to social media messages and comments.

Interacting with your audience means developing a deeper, more personal connection with them. Allow them to see you as a friend who is always willing to help them. Replying to every message or comment is time consuming, but in time, it will pay off. All for the growth of your personal brand and influencer footprint.

7. Grab every opportunity to speak at public events.

Research on upcoming events in your location, and put in a bid to be a speaker. While speaking in events doesn’t happen overnight, you can always send in requests to speak. The best venues to look at are conventions and classrooms! Don’t worry about speaking to a small audience at first. Once you get to establish your branding and authority, you will be able to attract bigger audiences.

Do you know that you can use premium courses to further establish your brand authority? What are the best online learning platforms for making money from teaching what you know about work skills?

They say that you wouldn’t be able to sell your premium course if you don’t have an existing, stable brand and vast audience. Who would buy your premium course if you don’t have an existing brand and readership? That is true. However! Do you know that it’s also possible to create an online course to establish your brand authority? How? Start with a free course. 

I know that creating one can last for endless hours, and at some point, you would want to earn from it. Though, in order to achieve great things you need to take on big challenges, right? Consider it as an investment. By offering a free course, you can prove to your target audience that you are highly reliable and knowledgeable. 

Why not start by taking unity3d courses? Unity courses allow people to “learn premium” through comprehensive tutorials. If you don’t feel like taking unity3d courses, you can go for a unity 2d development one.

Create and sell premium courses to grow your personal brand and influence. 

Here are some points that you need to consider when putting together online learning materials that gear towards your branding goals. 

1. Selling premium courses can attract more clients.

Influencers and online entrepreneurs are continuously working to improve online visibility and reach more audiences. For you to achieve that, you can produce shareable free online courses to generate more leads. There is no need for you to create a lengthy, comprehensive course. A short course with actionable content is fine. For instance, if you are a wellness coach, you can provide free tips, so potential clients can have a glimpse of what you can offer. 

2. With the help of a premium course, you can generate more scalable revenue. 

Premium courses allow you to productize your knowledge and skills, and generate scalable revenue. Those extra dollars you will earn from your course you can invest back into establishing your brand. For those professionals like me who have one-on-one consultations with clients, creating premium courses can help you further scale your impact, and grow your business even beyond your calendar’s limited time. 

3. Premium courses can improve authority and credibility.

Believe it or not, you can further grow your online influence and brand by offering your expertise and knowledge in a premium course format. Once you get to establish yourself as a reliable, trusted educator in the field, it will become easier for you to get invited in speaking engagements, and featured in media. 

4. An online premium course is the key to more loyal fans and communities.

How can you make sure that your brand and influence can stand the test of time? Try to develop brand advocates. Remember, success in the digital landscape all boils down to a strong connection with your audience. You can strengthen your connection with them by establishing an online community with the help of a premium course. 

Make things easier for you by exploring Thinkific, the leading platform for entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders when it comes to online premium courses. Yes, you can grow your personal brand and widen your reach by selling premium courses!

Are you ready to create premium courses as a way to improve your brand authority? Should you let Udemy promote any course? Be the influencer everyone else loves! 

Influencers, thought leaders and online entrepreneurs have dedicated endless hours to creating an authentic persona. Some even earn thousands by partnering up with brands. I myself worked so hard before I got where I am now. As a hardworking, patient beginner, I know you are also heading towards that direction. It all starts with establishing your personal brand authority and influencer footprint. 

Look, we don’t love every influencer out there–not each one is a favorite nor authentic–but you know what makes the most successful ones remarkable? They are great content creators and storytellers. Whatever niche you are in, you got to learn from these kinds of people! This is the reason why I always make sure to check the trends, and see what everyone else is doing online. Let’s learn from each other!

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