How to Create and Sell Printables on Your Blog

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Selling digital products like printables is an amazing way to earn passive income as a blogger. It is actually my favorite part of my blogging routine besides writing about creating courses (my all time fav) By making beautiful, helpful printables,I can grow my blog, make more money online, and help my audience in a unique way.  In fact, you can grab my free blogging printable binder bundle here.In this post, I will share with you some tips in making and promoting printables on your blog. 

What are printables?

Printables are graphic designs that you can download and print yourself. Downloading a printable means getting a high-resolution file that you yourself can conveniently print on your home printer. Some of them are free, while others are for sale. Have you tried buying printables from platforms like Etsy? 

Printables are usually shorter than a full-length ebook. From video files, audio files, and coloring books to DIY designs, workbooks, spreadsheets, and checklists. Printables usually have more graphic formatting compared to ebooks and are a lot shorter. 

Yes, it’s possible to make money by selling digital products!

Printables are directly sold at blogs and websites. As the website owner, you control the pricing in order to make a profit. In order to generate passive income on printables, just create an account on a payment software, and then put links on your pages. Once it’s all there, your printable can start generating passive income. 

Not all of us have all the time in the world to create full-length ebooks. I, myself, was thinking of selling ebooks before, but creating them just takes so much time. Good thing I discovered the wonder of printables—they are more targeted and flexible. You can make a lot of printables on multiple topics in just one day, and just place them on your blog strategically. 

Create printables for your blog now! 

Do you want to turn your blogging money to an online business? If you want to make money from your blog, one of the first things you should do is, of course, research. When I realized that I wanted to make a profit from my blog, the very first thing I did was google how to make money through blogging. 

Researching will help you learn from the strategies of other successful bloggers. You are sure to get tons of advice, techniques, and strategies by reading articles and signing up for webinars. For newbie bloggers who are willing to spend for some knowledge, there are plenty of online courses you can take to learn more. 

7 Helpful tips that you can follow in making and promoting blog printables

As you learn your way through your blogging business, you will realize the benefits of offering printables and other digital products.

However, you need to establish your name as a reputable blogger first, and then attract an audience. That way, you can gain more and more sales! That is one of the most important things I learned when I was just starting out–establish an audience first, before creating and promoting digital products. Need more tips? Read on! 

1. Find the right type of printables for your readers.

Physical products are not the only products that you can offer online. At this day and age, thanks to technology, we can create and promote digital products like printables with little to no capital. No need to spend tons of money and time on making printables that you can sell on your blog. 

What’s amazing about printables is that you can make it once, and then sell it a million times. There is no need for you to do anything else (maybe just a few updates if you want to, and customer service concerns).

It’s just that, you need to know the right kind of printable for your audience.

What is that they need?

How do you make their lives easier?

Determine their needs and wants.

What are their struggles?

In what way can you help them solve their problems?

It’s quite a process, but you’ll get there! 

2. Use your email list to conduct a survey.

Email lists are crucial to your success as a blogger. If you don’t have a big email list yet, start working on it. Through this email list, you can send out surveys to your readers, and then ask them questions. You may think that people just ignore surveys like these, but you will be surprised to know that many of them actually take time to fill out surveys like this.

Do you need help in building your email list? Click here

If you have a close relationship with your email list, they will want to help you by filling out your surveys. Once you get all of their answers, put them all together. From there, come up with great printable ideas.

3. Time to design your printables!

Printables are not just inspirational quotes and checklists. These are digital products that can be printed, and can function as a planner or workbook. Thus, it requires a thorough creative process–just like how you make your blog posts. 

First, brainstorm, and then make an outline first. Next, once all of the information and creative details you need are already planned out, decide on the platform you want to use.

Do you know that you can make brilliant printables in Canva alone? There is no need for you to invest thousands of dollars on fancy programs like Illustrator and InDesign. Just master the basics of Canva, and you’re ready to go. Also, it’s a lot easier and simpler. 

4. Format your printables properly.

In general, printables are used to make someone’s life a lot easier. Thus, your printable must be organized and formatted well. Keep this in mind at the early planning stages of your digital product. There is nothing worse than a downloadable digital product that doesn’t make sense to readers. When it comes to formatting, here are some things you shouldn’t forget:

Include a lot of white space. White space is an area with no visual elements. It’s like a “breathing room”  that you can incorporate in your printables to make it cleaner and more organized. 

Take visual hierarchy seriously. Without visual hierarchy, your printable will look overwhelming and confusing! Believe it or not, there are tons of confusing printables out there that don’t incorporate this concept.

Remember that people must see the most important parts of your printables first. What do you want them to see first?

For example, consider making the title a bit bigger than the rest of the content. This contributes to the general flow of your own design. 

5. Infuse your brand in the overall look of your offerings.

In the digital landscape, branding is everything. If your brand colors and fonts are very specific, feel free to use them in your printables.

That branding will help you stand out from the rest, so take advantage of it, from making your printables to your blog’s design. 

But wait, what if you don’t have an established branding yet?! Well, I would recommend that you build a brand strategy first.

Read this article from to understand the ticket to long-term blogging success.

When it comes to perfecting digital marketing campaigns, click here. Your goal here is to figure out how to represent yourself in the online world. Then, check how you can incorporate that branding to your printables. 

6. Launch your printables to your readers.

This part requires an effective strategy. Prior to launching content, it’s important for you to send a series of emails to your readers. Plan your launch series well. If you want, you can even offer early bird discounts to those who want to avail it in the first 24 hours. 

How can you convince them that your printables are worth buying?

Tell them that your printables can change their lives for the better. Talk about its benefits, and communicate to them how unique it is and how the printable can solve a problem for them.

Apart from reaching out to them through email lists, you can execute webinars at the start of the week. There, you can set a topic that relates to the problem that your printables solve. Use Facebook ads to encourage sign-ups. 

7. Promote your digital products to the social media world.

It’s now time to get your blog printables in front of your readers! You can do this step in many ways. 

    1. Again, use your email list to promote it to your readers. Through a survey, you already asked them what they want and need, so now, it’s time to present to them the printable that will make their routines easier. 
    2. Explore the wonder of Facebook groups. Facebook groups bring together people who share common interests. You can even create your own, in order to use it for a specific purpose. 
    3. Add the printable it to relevant spaces around your website such as sidebars and blog posts.
    4. Take advantage of Pinterest by creating multiple pins.
    5. Create a landing page to open doors for more conversions!

Now, its time to sit back, and watch the email subscribers (or money!) roll in.

7. Update your old content, and include information on your new printables.

Producing new, quality blog content is a demanding task. You need plenty of time and patience to come up with posts your readers will love. Now, what if you don’t have that much time to invest in new content? It’s probably the best time for you to repurpose some of your old posts.

This blogging technique is often overlooked, but it can really improve your sales! Updating your old content means you can drive in new traffic even to older posts. You can even add links that will lead readers to your new printables.  

Selling a pretty, helpful printable can help grow your blog.

I love making and selling printables because I enjoy the entire process, and at the same time feel great about helping out other people. Aside from crafting compelling blog content for my readers, they get to leave with something awesome and tangible. What are you waiting for? Boost your passive income now by offering blog printables.  You can grab my free password log printable

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