Should You Build A Course Or Build A Membership Site?

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Should you build an online course or a membership site?…especially for those who do freelance— charge per hour, bill per project, or those who require a constant amount of time when working. What are the benefits of building a course vs building a successful membership site for your business? I’ve been a coach during my early days of building my business. I’d impart my knowledge, my skills, and my expertise to others who need it day in and day out… and it was a fun experience. I got to meet a lot of people, help them out with their own businesses and learned a lot of things in the process.

One thing that was a constant though, was my work hours. I would have to set and block off enough hours for my clients so I would be able to help each one of them fully… because that was the job. I was going for quality rather than quantity.

The problem with this was that I couldn’t scale my business because of this, and I’ll get to that point a little later down the line. I only had a finite number of hours per day and back then, I had to worry about my children and my family at the same time… so time wasn’t exactly something I could give easily.

…and because of that. Problem #2 comes in— I could only pick a handful of people to work with… meaning I can’t help a lot of people even if I wanted to… and I’m pretty sure that goes the same for you.

It doesn’t need to be coaching by the way.

Whether you’re a mother who needs to work a little extra to help out the family, an entrepreneur getting projects here and there, a coach, or even a practitioner, there’s one constant that limits us from growing— time.

We just don’t have enough of it!

That’s where I learned of how building a course was a great step for me because:
1) I can still impart knowledge, still coach, and still educate people who need it and
2) it’s easier to scale— which is an extremely important factor when building a 6 figure, or 7 figure, or even an 8 figure business.



So why is it so good?

Especially for coaches and practitioners, building a course helps you teach more without spending more hours working. Let’s take me for example. I used to coach businessmen and entrepreneurs on how they can build a stronger foundation for their marketing strategies. This meant I would have to meet with my clients, discuss terms, doing the coaching, and stay updated with them constantly.

Now, that takes time. I know you know that. Which basically means if I max out my schedule, that’s it. No more new clients, no more extra income.

Now let’s look at me when I started building courses.

I set aside some time to record my course, (this was also on marketing basics and foundations… the usual crash course I give when I coach my clients), release it online, and basically, that’s it! The best part of this is, you can scale it as much as you want. This means even if you have a hundred people on the course, you can still manage your time because everything is already set up. All you have to do is connect with the people who need to watch your material, your content. Because believe me… YOUR content and YOUR knowledge are great. There are thousands, if not, hundreds of thousands of people who are looking to learn what you already know.

So, once your course is out there, you get to impact and teach a lot more people compared to when you were doing your one on one meetings and coaching sessions. Of course, the drawback here is that you can’t change the content of what’s in your course however, you can always add an update… or a follow up course in case you need to relay some new information that’s available. It’s not as difficult as you might think it is… and it will give you the time freedom that you need.

But I Already Have a Membership Site and It’s Going Well you might say.

Look… there’s nothing wrong with building a membership site however, the one big nuance when it comes to maintaining a membership site is that you’ll need to keep your audience or clients or customers interested constantly. 

So that means, constant updates on your social media, the constant need to create free and premium content and release it in a timely fashion, and since you’re building a community, you’ll be constantly on there helping them out. One thing that should also be considered is monthly payment. So, it isn’t as different from coaching one on one… it’s just on a slightly bigger scale.

This method (building or having a membership website) still needs a lot of your time as a constant investment. Is this something you’re willing to do for the rest of your life? At some point, you will also be encouraged to create more awesome content, including blog podcasts! 

Build A Course That Defines YOU

…or what I simply call your “Signature Course”. This is the one course that will define you; that will show your community who you are and what you are offering to teach them. For practitioners, that would be their expertise. Or probably something like your collection of healthy meals you can enjoy at home. (This would be a course I would watch repeatedly!)

Also, it doesn’t need to be your expertise or a skill you already know. It could be an introductory course on your field of expertise instead… Like a prerequisite course to take. This will include everything they, your viewers, need to know to start and you could build supplementary courses that focus on specific areas of the field… There are A LOT of ways to build your empire.

What do membership sites offer?! It’s Passive Income for Anyone

Whether you’re a coach, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a practitioner, a mother, an employee… ANYBODY. We all want success… no matter how small or no matter how big. We want to experience financial freedom…

And what better way than to start earning income passively. This means you earn without doing any extra work, and without doing any extra effort. It’s simply income that falls in front of you automatically… and building a course does this for you. This is the way to go if you are planning to start an online business! 

Do membership sites work?!

I used to think passive income was a myth. It was just the routine BS that marketers offer you so you’ll buy their products but when I started to learn how to do it properly, everything fell into place, everything started to move towards what I wanted to achieve in life and now I’m here and I am passionately helping people just like you accomplish the same – work less and make more.

Setting up a course can take a while, but wouldn’t it be great if the time you spent building your course would work for you indefinitely? It’s an amazing one-time investment where time is your only capital and you get an unlimited amount of income after… and you earn it passively!
Are you ready to put in the work to have a Simple Profit Online Course that generates $10k passive revenue each month? Click here to get started!

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