Social Media Marketing Tips: How to Improve Your Social Media Presence

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The world is now transitioning towards a new way of living, driven by technology. Is your business ready for the new normal? Even the way businesses in many industries market their products and services changed a lot! If you are still promoting your products the traditional way, then it’s time to make big changes. Stay connected with your audience and market your offerings the right way, with the help of an effective social media strategy.

Let’s face the truth. There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there that don’t execute a good social media strategy. This is most especially true for new business owners. The usual routine for beginners?! Just post random social media posts without thorough planning. Zero social media strategy, so people fail to engage on their social platforms. They also don’t invest in a reliable system that can reliably automate the entire process of scheduling posts. 

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

It’s so easy to understand why many of us love social media. The social media world is a haven not just for millennials but also for marketers and business owners. The chance to grow our businesses using these platforms is promising. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who were badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, turn to social media to gain everything you’ve lost. 

You just have to stay strong and motivated. In this time of uncertainty, we can utilize social media to strengthen our businesses. Use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to upload compelling content and attention-grabbing visuals. Optimize your accounts for success to capture lots of leads, and turn visitors into clients.

1. Improves your business’ search ranking

Audiences usually stick to the first page of search engine results. Now, the real challenge is how to get on top of SERPs? Social media is your best friend who can help you achieve your search ranking goals. Publish link-worthy, relevant content for your target market and then share content on social media profiles. That way, you can drive traffic to your business website. 

2. Improves client loyalty

Establishing customer loyalty equates to developing long-term relationships with potential clients. By focusing on your social media strategy, you can develop a good relationship with your fans and have the chance to turn them into repeat customers. Word-of-mouth has moved to the digital landscape and now reaches people worldwide. It’s available for everyone to see. Take advantage of it. 

3. Grows your client base

Social media has changed the way clients and businesses interact with each other. In this day and age, there’s no need to set face-to-face meetings to discuss offerings and get feedback. Digital platforms are seen as a great avenue for real-time communication. It gives us a chance to grow our reach and maintain good relationships with our current clients. 

4. Improves branding and awareness

Establishing buzz around your business and brand online may take quite some time and some experimenting. To increase brand awareness, consider the pain points of your target clients. Then, execute your strategy and be open to adjustments as you go along.

5. Increases sales and leads

A strong social media strategy goes hand in hand with effective content marketing, PPC, and SEO initiatives. If you make the most out of them, you’re sure to generate a better ROI. Remember, clients these days are highly social and always online! That is why entrepreneurs need to implement social media marketing to reap all the rewards. 

6. Reduces marketing costs

For several business owners, it can be hard to find the balance between being frugal and investing in good marketing initiatives. Customer service and marketing are expensive business expenditures! How can you reduce the costs? Turn to social media. We are living in the digital age, and consumers spend much more time online than in traditional marketing venues.

Strengthen your social media presence now

As we face the new normal, the need for a stronger social media and overall online presence becomes even more crucial. I’m sure there are several potential clients out there who want to check your social media accounts. It’s going to be a challenging start, but you’ll surely get through it. First, you need to ask yourself some important questions. 

  • What are your social media goals? 
  • The present state of your social media presence and marketing? 
  • What types of content do you want to produce and post in the future? 
  • How much are your social media marketing and advertising budget? 

By answering these questions, you will be able to identify points for improvement. 

Make your business stand out from the rest 

We all want our businesses to be unique and completely different from the rest. Doing that is tricky, but as entrepreneurs, we need to learn how to innovate, and further exercise our creativity. 

1. Set realistic social media goals for your business

What exactly do you want to achieve? Setting realistic goals, and using those goals to come up with a thorough social media plan means that you know the direction you are going. Don’t worry, it’s totally fine to start with much smaller objectives. From those little goals, you can scale your efforts in the most affordable, reasonable way. Why don’t you explore the popular SMART goal-setting strategy

2. Determine your target market

Your social media messaging won’t really be that effective and fruitful in the long run if it’s not designed specifically for the audience you’re targeting. Before implementing any type of strategy, define your target clients. Look into demographics and other key insights such as their likes and dislikes, and the kind of person they are. 

3. Focus on specific social media platforms

Yes, we want a stronger online presence, but it doesn’t mean that we need to focus and be active on every social media platform in the digital world. Usually, it’s a huge mistake to manage and try to gain thousands of followers on several social media channels.  

4. Explore the 80/20 rule when it comes to social media marketing

The 80/20 rule of social media is simple and easy to understand. Basically, 80% of your social media channel’s activity must cater to your clients, from memes and news articles to live videos and surveys. Then, the remaining 20% should be devoted to promotions. This is a general rule that is followed by many successful individuals and companies! However, feel free to experiment with your own content, determine the reactions of your audience, and adjust your strategy as you see fit. 

5. Content a content creation plan

Time for those exciting brainstorming sessions! To come up with the best content decisions, you need to know what your audience wants, of course. There is plenty of essential information you must know about your target audience, from age, location, goals, and gender to behaviors, pain points, and needs. 

Knowing what they want is crucial when it comes to finding social media engagement success. Try your best to share relevant, high-quality posts consistently. 

6. Stick to a social media schedule 

Create a social media schedule that will work best for you. This will help you save more time, and allow you to test and track various strategies to check which one resonates well with your audience. Moreover, a calendar establishes stronger consistency in terms of branding and style. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use a basic spreadsheet or a third-party application! As long as you can stick to the schedule, it’s fine.

7. Engage with your audience

For your social media marketing strategy to be successful in the long run, you need to focus on increasing engagement. Take the time to respond personally to your new followers. Address every problem quickly, and answer their questions. Commenting and liking their posts will also help. Moreover, don’t use templates as much as possible. Show personal touches to every response to maximize your social media efforts. 

8. Consistency is key to social media success

Be consistent in everything you do in the social media world to establish your brand identity in your channels. Continuously remind your audience why they follow you, and how awesome you are. Valuable content and consistency are important in achieving a bigger audience and improving brand awareness. 

9. Measure your results

Compare your results with your social media goals. If you don’t do this, you won’t have any idea what techniques and strategies are working. For example, if you found out that your audience responds to your content by downloading your digital product and going to your landing pages, then you can consider that as a success.

Overall, look into the increase in qualified leads. You need to be patient when it comes to this since turning strangers to leads will really take time, even with a consistent posting schedule and brilliant content.  

10. Don’t strive for perfection

No strategy is perfect. At some point, you are sure to go through challenges and setbacks that can derail your implementation. Just work hard towards your goals. Make sure to spend less time producing perfect content. 

Get help from amazing social media tools 

Using the right social media marketing tools can make a huge positive difference in your results. They are your constant companions as you direct your brand to success.  Depending on your requirements, you may try HootSuite or Sprout Social

Dealing with social media can be time-consuming. It includes working on diverse tasks, from designing graphics and copywriting to tracking analytics. Even with a big team, we all need help. Using social media tools can help us save time and stay organized. And since there are platforms that help manage day-to-day tasks, we can prioritize social media interactions and client relationships. 

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