17 College Student Bullet Journal Ideas to Ace Your Classes!

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Are you looking for new student bullet journal ideas and bullet journal inspiration? This blog post is for you, then! Get inspired to log your study schedule and monitor your grades with these visually appealing spreads. 


College is, no doubt, one of the busiest moments of our lives!  It is an incredibly busy time, so if you don’t make an effort to stay organized, you will end up drowning in stress. Maintaining a bullet journal notebook is important to manage your time well.

It also is really important while dealing with writing essays as you need to note all the topics you write a paper on. So, you can find a paper expert in case of such a thought: “I need someone to do my homework for money“. 

Are you in need of new bullet journal supplies? Well, before you start your design sessions, let me share with you my favorite supplies that help enhance my creativity.

If you are looking for new, affordable design tools, you may want to look at these! 

This journal stencil planner set that you can use not just for your bullet journal, but also for handmade family holiday cards, greeting cards and letters.

This bullet journal notebook that is 24% heavier compared to other journal brands.

✅  This card ink pen set can help you make beautiful letterings and line widths.

These fine tip pens will change the way you approach drawing in your bullet journal.  I adore them and I can’t live without them.

These ball pens are loved by many bullet journalist friends because of its great for creating flowy strokes. 

This highlighter pen set is a top choice for those who love bullet journaling. 

These washable markers are perfect for writing, coloring and drawing.

These washi tapes have wonderful, unique patterns.

These set of pens are designed for every person who loves calligraphy, drawing, and art therapy. 

This graphite paper will save you tons of time by capturing each detail in your original design smoothly. 

These bullet journal stickers will look beautiful for almost every kind of spread imaginable. 

 These watercolor brush pens offer good colors for blending and shading bigger areas.

✅  These sticky notes will help you remember important activities and dates. 

Student Bullet Journal Ideas: Here are some bullet journal ideas for students like you!

Not sure what to put in a bullet journal? Whether you are looking for bullet journal ideas for high school students or college students, these are amazing ideas to try. This is the best way to start if you are looking for a bullet journal key for students, bullet journal layouts, bullet journal templates, and bullet journal spreads.

1. Goal Setting Spread (Motivate Yourself!) 


2. To-Do List 

The Source

3. Semester Overview 

Our Source

4. Pretty Headers for your subjects (Perfect for note-taking!)

The Source

5. College Bullet Journal Class Schedule Spread 

Our Source

6. Morning Routine Tracker 

The Source

7. Weekend Planner 

Our Source

8. Bullet Journal Monthly Spread 

The Source

9. Bullet Journal Weekly Layout 

Our Source

10. Social Media Passwords

The Source

11. Birthday Lists 

Our Source

12. Grades Tracker

The Source

13. Study Page

Our Source

14. Sleep Log 

The Source

15. Exam Tracker  

Our Source

16. Budget Tracker

The Source

17. Self Care Tracker 

Our Source

18. How to Study Tracker

Our Source

More Student Bullet Journal Spreads

The Source

Our Source


The Source

These student bullet journal page ideas will make you more productive!

Maintaining a student bullet journal can be challenging. Since it’s an offline productivity system, making it will take more time compared to a digital one. Working on bullet journal keys and bullet journal weekly spreads takes more effort to create. 

But, trust me, these journal ideas for college students can work for you! Think about it. A bullet journal book essentially provides a unique way for you to organize your entire student life in a book. Bullet journal for students functions as a diary, to-do list, and all-in-one planner.  Plus, it gives you a chance to be creative, which can release a lot of stress!  And if you are looking for ways to make money as a student check out these ideas on how to make money without a job

Through amazing bullet journal page ideas, you can consolidate and minimize information, saving you tons of work. If you are looking for more bullet journal ideas for nifty students, check out some of my other articles.

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17 College Student Bullet Journal Ideas to Ace Your Classes!
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  • Great inspirations for bujo spreads! I especially liked the self-care spread because it breaks it up into mind/body/heart to make it easy to make sure we’re taking a balanced approach to our self-care. I used to bujo a lot, but then I got tired of constantly having to draw new pages, so I switched to printables instead so I never have to draw a new month again, just hit print!

  • Catherine Chinonso Eleam

    I wish I had this while I was a student!!!

  • Cindy Batchelor

    This is so creative! I love it!

  • Renee

    Are those really pages from your Journal? They are beautiful, colorful, and creative. I feel like I could look at them all day! I really want to try to do this

  • Kimmy Mason

    I love making journals like this. I’m terribly guilty of not keeping up with them though! ?

  • Cyndi Buchanan

    I think these journals would even be helpful for my middle schooler. I’m amazed at what she has to keep up with.

  • Mindy Silva

    Wow! I think this journal could be great for many ages. It’s so thorough and gets you thinking about prioritizing.

  • Krizzia Scollon

    I always love having a journal – even after college! It’s so fun to make and it makes you really get everything together.

  • Viano Dee

    I love the first point. Motivate yourself. We all need some motivation.

  • Joanna

    I wish I found out about this way of organising your journal when I was in college. Everything looks so neat and so easy to find. You can definitely be a very productive student by creating such a bullet journal.

  • Elizabeth

    I love the idea of a bullet journal.

  • Kristen

    These journals are a work of art!

  • Ashli Ferguson

    OHHHH I wish I had these in college! haha I was all over the map!

  • Jen @ Jenron Designs

    Wow I wish my journals were this pretty, they look more like chicken scratch of a mad scientist with sticky notes popping out… as if I am solving cold fusion, lol.

  • Taylor

    I agree! If I was this organized in college things might have been easier for me lol. Great topic!

  • Monidipa Dutta

    I love bullet journals as it helps not only students but also everyone. Great list though!

  • Renee

    I love all of this, especially the self-care tracker! I totally need that

  • Matt Epley

    I love lists! Social Media Password diary and Sleep Tracker are my favorites.

  • Casey the College Celiac

    I definitely love the idea of the self care tracker – every college student needs more of that!

  • Sandra Hudson

    I have been wanting to try bullet journaling. Thanks so much for all of this!!

  • angelagiles

    I wish they would have had such a thing when I was a student for bullet journaling!

  • Joanna

    The goal setting section is so useful, it can always remind the student what they accomplished during the school year and what is there left to do. The class schedule is useful too in reminding them what class they have at what time.

  • D'ondra M Howard

    I think these are some really cool bullet journaling ideas. I love seeing how creative people are.

  • Zoë

    All of these suggestions are amazing but I would never have been so organised to have used them in my college days haha!

  • Jasmine M.

    I just started my senior year of college at the University of Maryland, and this is so so so helpful. It’s cute, and it’s a great way to stay organized and stay on top of your studies! Thanks for sharing!

  • Neil Alvin

    I love the second and third journals. I’d love to copy it

  • Lorita

    These are all so creative and nicely designed! Now I wish I’m back in school juSt so I can redo my journals lol

  • Sonali

    This could be helpful for any age I guess.. Must be a good read. Thank you for sharing.

  • Elizabeth O

    I love the idea of a journal. I used to make some of these when I was younger.

  • Mila R

    Wow, I wish my journals were as pretty as yours! And I really tried! LOL

  • Ellen

    Being in university, this is seriously inspiring! No kidding, these are great ideas for bullet journaling and organising.

  • Alessia Marciano

    Bullet point are the best way to put down notes, to do things etc..Love your post!

  • Rupal

    These bullet journal ideas are so good.

  • Rudy Stankowitz

    These are really cool

  • Polly

    I mostly use my journal to write down my ‘motivation’ and to-do lists! I like most designs but I personally like the ‘Weekend Planner’! Thank you very much for sharing this!

  • Jackline A

    Wow very well written blogpost. Such creative ideas to get organized for college students. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bree

    You make journaling look so fun! I have tried to journal but lost inspiration. I feel inspired to journal again!

  • LaTese

    These are so cool. I wish I used the budget tracker in undergrad.

  • Hackytips

    This journal is so colorful! Way more organized to be productive.

  • Danielle

    I wish I knew about bullet journaling when I was in college!

  • Elna@YoNature

    Wow, this is the ultimate way to be organised! You got me with the password page, I badly need one! Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas. Cheers, Elna

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