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  • Angela, knows her stuff and gives golden nuggets that bring you qualified leads, fast and easily. I learned so much from her free ebook, and her webinar and was blown away by what I learned in her Instagram Influencers course. It’s a must buy and a no brainer way for me to increase my visibility get leads and have an impact on Instagram.

    Michelle Conboy Henry Henry Work-Life Catalysts, Speaker, Mentor & Consultant - www.michelleconboy.com
  • I only have one recommendation if you are going to work with Angela: Have lots of ink in your pen and lots of paper to take notes on because the gems come non-stop at a rapid pace. You don’t want to miss a thing cause even one gem from Angela could put thousands in your pocket over the year. All this and she knows her stuff. I’ve studied under lots of great six- seven- and eight-figure marketers and Angela is right at the top. Don’t delay getting her training and mentorship!

    Fred Raley fredraley.com
  • Angela is one of the most dedicated and hardest working people I know. She prides herself in delivering the most up-to-date lead generation techniques and services so her clients receive consistent results.

    Suzanne Duret Revenue Strategist - www.revenuerevealed.com
  • I work for the federal government and was offered a promotion at a new place a couple of months ago. I was very excited about the new opportunity but I didn’t really understand what I was getting myself in to at the time. Upon my arrival I learned that there were several personality conflicts within the office and a director who was very difficult to work with. I was very frustrated and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I didn’t want to take a step backwards as this was a great opportunity. I talked to Angela Giles and she worked directly with me and taught me various tactics that I could use to begin more effectively communicating with the various personalities at work. I started to notice a huge difference in how I was being treated and people were less adverse and began taking me more seriously. The director started including me in important meetings and asking my advice when situations would arise. I was very excited about this so I asked Mrs. Giles to work with me more. I feel like I have learned so much from her and at this point I love going to work every day and am excited for all of the opportunities that this position is going to offer! I never realized how important it is to be able to effectively communicate with different people. I very highly recommend her services to everyone!

    Cecilia D. Whaley Contract Specialist
  • Angela Giles has been the driving force behind my business. She has not only taught me how to more effectively communicate to my potential customers but how to market and how to attract them to my business. Angela is not only extremely professional and business savvy but she is a no-nonsense woman, straight to the point and bold. I love her vision for my business and her passion for what she does. It’s been amazing to see how quickly she can help me achieve my business goals!

    Summer Adams www.sheleavesalittlesparkle.com
  • Since I started working with Angela I have witnessed her precise intention to get her clients the desired result. I needed some expert advice on how to communicate effectively on my social media channels and how to deal with an extremely difficult client. Angela gave me precise instructions and it worked. Her strategies were very productive and took a short amount of time. I recommend Angela, she will take your business to a higher level.

    Alex Serrano www.formandimage.com
  • Angela Giles is a social marketing genius! Here’s why… I sell a running belt on Amazon called the Running Belt Max. I had sent my belt out to several YouTubers for product evaluations several months ago. Well, one of those reviewers just happened to be a filmmaker based in Canada, and their crew created an awesome comedic video review of my running belt. So I did what just about everyone else would do: post the YouTube video on my product website as well as on my Facebook fan page. Angela later told me that I should upload the video to my Facebook fan page, instead of simply linking the YouTube video. The reason why she said, is Facebook is competing with YouTube for video domination, and Facebook likes it when you upload videos to their site, as opposed to posting YouTube videos. Who would have known? I certainly didn’t, and I’ve studied marketing for more than two decades, and I’ve had some type of online business for nearly that long. I did just what she said— uploaded the video to my Facebook fan page. She then assisted me with setting up the advertising to get video views. And not just general views, these ads are targeted to runners, walkers, triathletes… anyone who would want a running belt. Here are the results thus far. More than 1200 paid-for views of my video after just five days of having the Facebook ad run. Each view is costing me just $.02 per view. If there is a such thing as cheaper than dirt advertising, this is it. And remember, this is highly targeted Facebook advertising. It doesn’t get any better than this, in my opinion. My advertising budget is just $5 per day as I wanted to run this as a test. Well, the ad is a major success and I’ll be increasing my budget to attract even more viewers. So this is what Angela meant when she said Facebook likes it when videos are uploaded to their site; the reward is getting views for next to nothing. If I would have created an ad campaign to boost a YouTube video on my fan page, it would cost me a lot more to get views. If you’re in some type of online business, either selling a product on Amazon, or if you have a website or Facebook fan page and you want to get more exposure for very little cost, Angela is the one to talk to.

    David Yow Creator of RunningMax
  • When you start to work with a coach there are many expectation & a level of cautiousness that comes with it. You're looking to have someone believe ion you, fill of faith & confidence and to allow you to dream as big as you possibly can. That'd lofty expectation to lay on anyone in your lifeless alone someone you're just starting a relationship with. I can honestly say this - finding Angela has been a breath of fresh air in my life. Not only have a achieved time wasn't right because i had yet to find Angela. If you're looking to take the plunge, look no further than her. Trust me, if I could go back & tell my younger self to do this I'd be way ahead of the game. You owe it to yourself to reach out & start a relationship with her. It is chaining my life & I know it will yours.

    Dave Videka Brand Architect: Coach Advisor Speaker
  • A true expert in the field someone that known the ins and outs of the business and how to show others to create the same success. Angela only teaches what she knowns with passions and excitement!! highly recommend her for all your goals!!

    Galit Ventura Rozen Professional Speaker, Business Consultant
  • Angela Giles My boutique has reached 2 million viewa a month and the sales are starting to increase! A lot of boutiques feel Instagram is much better, but I absolutely love Pinterest. I haven't quite gotten the hang of tailwind yet so this is all without it! Angela, thank you so much for this course. Its already paid for itself and then some

    Kim Waldron
  • Angela is an amazing person who truly cares about the success of others. She is an expert in social media and provides valuable information and techniques on how to grow your business on line. Angela loves to help others and empower them to be successful in the growth of their business.

    Michelle Perkins Leadership Development Strategist
  • Facebook Live Formula was exactly what I needed to break my mindset and shows me that ANYONE can do this and make sales..

    Patti Allred
  • We are more grateful for the success we've experienced, in just under 5 months, our monthly revenue tripled before our eyes

    Bob & DeAnna Spoerl

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