The Best 1-Year Food Storage Printable for Emergencies

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If you’re a foodie like me, I’m sure you love going to the grocery store and shopping for delicious ingredients. The big question here is, how often should we head to the supermarket to buy what we need? Aside from creating meal plans, I suggest using a food storage printable to prepare for emergencies. From using the 90-day template, why not shift to the one-year printable? This will allow you to prepare essentials and at the same time plan meals ahead of time. 

Download the 1-Year Food Storage Printable Now. Click here.

While many of us can head to the supermarket anytime to restock on fresh produce, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on nonperishable products as a precautionary measure. A natural disaster, pandemic, sudden illness or any other situation can leave you reliant on your existing supply. Is your pantry well-prepared for certain emergencies? 

The following is a list of food items with long shelf-lives. Consider these as go-tos for keeping your pantry well-stocked. 

1. Shelf-Stable Juice and Milk

Shelf-stable beverages have been packaged so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened. Boxed or canned milk or juices may not have the taste you’re used to, though. If you want, you can go for soy, almond, rice or other plant-based products. 

2. Cereal and Granola Bars

Breakfast bars and granola bars are tasty, nutritious sweet treats. Prepackaged protein bars are similar, with additional grams of protein. They are typically individually wrapped, so they stay fresh for a long time. Breakfast cereals are also a great option since they are fortified with vitamins and minerals. They can be consumed with milk or eaten dry. 

3. Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts must also be included in your 1-year food preparation list. Cashews, walnuts, pecans and almonds have fiber, healthy fats and protein. Seeds and nuts that are still in the shells last the longest. Packaged ones are fine, just keep their containers sealed and check the expiration rates. 

4. Canned Meat and Fish (These are also available in foil pouches!)

Canned fish are great sources of minerals, vitamins, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Stock up on sardines, which are rich in omega-3s. Canned crab meat and oysters are all rich in zinc and protein, and can be stored in a long, long time. Apart from seafood in cans, you can also go for canned chicken, ham and sandwich spreads. Sandwich spreads can be eaten with crackers as a quick meal. As much as possible, settle with low sodium options.

5. Canned Soups, Stews and Meals

These are easy to store, and can be quite nutritious. Buy soups that are ready to heat and don’t require additional water or milk. Canned meals can be stored for a long time. However, they are often high in calories and fats.

This 1-year food storage template can help you stock up on food effectively. It’s not as easy as filling in the blanks, though. 🙂 If you live with lots of family members, you might need some of their ideas as well. Take note that this is like setting a long-term goal. You can do it!

Download the 1-Year Food Storage Printable Now. Click here.

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