Top 9 Best Desk Lamps for Eye Strain

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Table desk lamps are a piece of staple furniture in every home or home office setting. Its desk light illuminates your desk and allows the completion of detail-specific activities. These include reading, writing, sketching, computer work, crafts, and other related tasks. 

The Lampat LED Desk Lamp is our #1 recommendation for your table desk lamp needs. Whether you’re studying, leisure reading or sleeping, you’ll find the best lighting and brightness mode for you. It’s the highest-quality, most eye-friendly lamp out there. 

Desk lamp focuses the lighting at a close distance for a better work focus. However, due to prolonged light exposure coupled with a detailed work concentration, you may experience eye strain. Eye strain interrupts the flow of work, tires your eye muscles, and may even be unhealthy for your eyesight. 

The solution lies in adequately selecting the perfect desk table lamp with eye-friendly features at a reasonable price. If you want to have the best desk lamps for eyes, check out these top 9 desk lights recommendations. 

The Best Eye-Friendly Desk Lamps for Reading, Studying and Work: Product Review

Let’s examine the features of the top 9 best desk lamps in the US and Indian markets that provide excellent eyesight-healthy desk lighting

1. Taotronics TT-DL16 Metal Desk Lamp – Best Desktop Lamp for Home Office

Taotronics metal desk lamp is the top choice for desk table lamps furnished in-home office setup.  Its sleek modern design with multiple adjustable warmth and brightness options ranked a near-perfect review score on Amazon. 

It is the best desk lamp as it offers variations in bright light for an energy boost. You can use it at home or office with a timer for eye relaxation.


  • LED light source
  • Various warmth and brightness levels
  • With an adjustable and rotatable desk arm
  • Heavy and neat base
  • With USB charging capable base


  • Previous settings recognition
  • Adaptable lighting angle
  • One hour turn off time for eye relaxation


  • Fixed, non-removable bulb

Why Should You Buy the Product

It is an adjustable and professional looking light desk lamp that gives zero glare through sideway illumination and charging convenience.  

2. BenQ Genie E-Reading Light – Best Table Reading Desk Lamp

BenQ Genie E-reading light is an innovative LED desk lamp that can accommodate different room atmospheres. It is due to its adjustable brightness and color temperature knob. 

The crescent head enables the soft lighting of your desk. It facilitates reading and other detail-oriented desk jobs, as well as increasing the lighting area.


  • LED light source
  • Adjustable knob for brightness and color
  • Smart Lighting mode
  • Adjustable lamp desk arm and head
  • Fabric-made electrical cord


  • Bright light with zero glare
  • With a stable and sturdy anchored base
  • Wide area of illumination


  • The base and arm have a simple design. 

Why Should You Buy the Product

When searching for a modern, multipurpose study lamp perfect for reading minus the eye glare, the BenQ desk lamp is the answer. 

3. Lampat LED Desk Lamp – Amazon’s Best Dimmable Desk Lamp for Studying 

Lampat LED Desk Lamp to date has the highest-reviewed desk lamp Amazon customers have ever rated. It has a dimmable LED light combined with various brightness and lighting modes that are eye-friendly for work, studying, relaxing, and sleeping. 

It is also cheap enough to be bought at Amazon without sacrificing light quality and modern design. 


  • LED light source
  • Multiple dimming capacity
  • With USB charging port
  • Touch screen Control panel 
  • With 1-hour auto-off timer
  • Powered by an electric cord


  • Dimmable brightness
  • Zero flicker 
  • Various brightness and lighting modes


  • Not battery powered

Why Should You Buy the Product

It is a simple yet high rated LED light with adjustable glare-free lighting modes perfect for indoor activities.


4. Tomons Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp – Best Modern, Cute Desk Lamp

Tomons Swing arm desk lamp is one of the best modern cheap desk lamps in the market today. It boasts its chic design and environment-friendly wood material that lights and decorates any desk efficiently. 

Its adjustable arm enables adjustment of height and light angle to prevent eye tiredness from prolonged exposure to its light.


  • LED light or incandescent bulb source
  • Modifiable height and lighting angle
  • Arm with triple adjustable joints


  • Environment-friendly wood frame
  • Space-saving base
  • Modern design


  • Limited brightness levels

Why Should You Buy the Product

It is a chic, environment-friendly, and small desk lamp that is eye-friendly and has multiple color designs. 

5. Lightblade 1500s LED Desk Lamp – Most Featured Desk Lamp

Lightblade 1500s desk lamp is a high-end modern lamp for desks that offers versatile lighting to your wide range of activities. It receives multiple good reviews from customers and experts. 


This lamp has one of the most excellent LED lights, touch sensor adjustment, and various color modes. Hence, it gives a superior desk light experience with zero glare. The light and color combinations produce rich colors and sharp text, perfect for reading and writing documents on your desk. 


  • Bright, energy-saving LED lights.
  • Two-color lighting mode
  • With USB charging slot
  • Operated with a touch sensor
  • Solar power source


  • Flexible head
  • Bright LED lights
  • Versatile lighting modes


  • Limited color designs

Why Should You Buy the Product

It’s a top-quality, modern desk light that offers excellent, glare-free illumination to any desk needs, with adjustable color modes. 

6. Lepower Clip-on Desk Light – Best Cheap Clip-On Lamp on Amazon

Lepower clip-on desk light is the best cheap desk lamp of clip-on type on Amazon. It prevents eye strain by its flexible arm, allowing light angle adjustments. This affordable lamp has a super flexible gooseneck, scratch-resistant clip, and simple to operate controls, maximizing your desk light experience. 


  • LED light output
  • Dual light switches
  • With gooseneck arm and foam clip
  • Power either by USB cord or electric cord


  • Scratch-resistant foam clip
  • Flexible gooseneck arm
  • Space-saving base
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Gives light at a small desk area

Why Should You Buy the Product

It is a highly flexible, user-friendly desk lamp with a scratch-resistant clip and bright light perfect for zero glare illumination.



7. Phive CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp 

Phive CL-1 Architect desk lamp is a modern adjustable desk light perfect as a home and office lamp. It has a lamp head that can have a 180 degrees turn. With its sturdy build, it allows easy adjustment of light angle depending on your preferred position. 

It has bright, dimmable illumination that mimics daylight minus the glare or flicker. 


  • LED dimmable light source
  • Adjustable metal arm and body
  • Powered by an electric cord
  • Touch control switch
  • Durable, solid clamp


  • Energy-saving light
  • Solid and stable clamping
  • Desk space saver
  • Brightness memory recognition


  • Limited color design
  • No USB port for charging

Why Should You Buy the Product

It‘s a gorgeous and adjustable architect desk lamp with a bright, glare and flicker-free illumination and super stable clamping.

8. Joly Joy Swing Arm Eye-Care LED Architect Lamp 

Joly Joy Eye Care Architect Lamp is an architect style lamp desktop for tabletops. It has an aluminum build arm with a broad reach of 40 inches, brilliantly lighting your desk space. 

The lamp contains eye-care adjustable LED lights that prevent flicker, glare, and unwanted shadows from your table area. 


  • LED light source
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Triple color modes
  • Adjustable sling arms
  • Arm capable of multiple angling


  • Eye-care and energy-saving LED light.
  • Space-saving clamp
  • Brightness memory function


  • Limited brightness option
  • Limited color choices

Why Should You Buy the Product

It is a modern, elegant looking architect desk lamp with a sturdy clamp. Its LED lights guarantee excellent eye care while illuminating your desk tasks.

9. Mainstays LED Desk Lamp – Best Desk Lamp on Walmart

Mainstays LED desk lamp is the best modern and affordable desk lamp Walmart customers highly recommend for their desk works. This lamp has energy-efficient LED bulbs that provide excellent desk lighting and cooler to touch than other bulb types. 

It has a flexible metal arm that enables lighting angles. It prevents intense light from causing eye strains while doing desk tasks. 


  • LED light source
  • Flexible metal arm with adjustable light angle
  • With USB charging port
  • On/off switch at the base.
  • Powered through an electric cord


  • Energy-efficient 
  • Sturdy and shatter-resistant structure


  • Non-replaceable and non-dimmable bulb

Why You Should Buy the Product

It is a modern desk lamp with a bright, energy-efficient lighting angle to prevent eye strain and low heat production.

Relevant Information

Desk lamps have various purposes and light sources. Read this part to get more relevant information about desk lamps. 

Why Should You Purchase a Desk Lamp?

Busy, productive desks, lamps with brilliant illumination are common combinations we see in a desk workspace. Desk lamps allow different desk work types – studying, reading, sewing, drawing, and even computer tasks like coding. Night desk lamps prevent further eye strains from a prolonged computer or gadget use and focus on detailed tasks like studying. 

It delivers bright, dimmable illumination to your desk work like coding, even at night. It prevents eye squinting and frequent vision adjustments in a dark area. You can place desk lamps behind laptop monitors for maximum backlight illumination and eye strain decrease.  

Light Bulbs Benefits and Effects on Eyesight

Excellently lighted desks largely influence the success of activities. Desk table light sources are the following: 

Bulb Type



Effects on Eyesight

Fluorescent Light or Tube

This type is more energy-saving and lasts longer than incandescent bulbs.

It flickers frequently and thus emits infrequent lighting. 

It may tend to emit UV rays and electromagnetic fields that are harmful to eyesight.


It emits less UV radiation and does not flicker. 


It may increase UV-associated eye disorders. 


It is energy-saving, has a longer lifespan, and cold to touch. 


It is dimmable, does not emit UV, and has zero flickers, proving its eye-friendly features.

LED lights are beneficial for students who want to study under bright lights with zero flickers and eye strain. 

It has better eye care qualities compared with other light sources. 


Essential benefits include emitting full light colors compared with the other light bulbs that only emit parts of that color. It also gives full-scale illumination of objects. 

It consumes greater electricity, tends to flicker, and generates more heat than light.  

Its extreme brightness can be very damaging and straining to the eyes. 

How to Install Desk Lamps

Here are the simple steps for setting up your desk lamp:

  • Arrange Your Desk 

Clean your desk area and remove unnecessary clutter before placing or attaching your lamp.

  • Setup the Lamp

Take the parts of the lamp and make sure that they are correctly assembled. Always read and follow the instructions before assembly. For clamp lamps, take the fully assembled parts and directly clamp them on the desk or table. 

  • Properly Position lamp According to Your Need

Decide on which area you want your lamp to be placed. Turn on your light and try the settings as you change its position. Ensure that no items are blocking the illumination of the lamp. 

Buying Guide: How Do You Choose for the Best Eye Protection Lamp?

Looking for a target desk lamp may be individualized, as people have various light requirements depending on activities or lighting needs. Here are the factors you can consider in choosing the best eye protection lamp suited for you:

  • Light and Range 

Choose lamps that emit bright and clear lights with zero flicker and glares. Their lights should have multiple options for brightness and color to maximize illumination. 

  • Lamp Size and Position

Choose the lamp size that matches the length of your desk. Small desk lamps with a short base are preferred for smaller desks. 

As for position, place your light at the side opposite your dominant hand (e.g., left-sided lamp for right-handed individuals). It prevents casting shadows that can interrupt your desk work.  

  • Height and Adjustability

You can select your lamp depending on your work and personal activities and needs. Just ensure that the lamp’s height and angle are adjustable enough to meet your desk lighting needs. 

  • Durability

Always check the sturdiness of your lamp with your preferred desk placement to prolong its use. 


  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of buying a desk lamp with an architect vs. a gooseneck stand?

The gooseneck desk lamp allows bending of the light at various angles with limited range. It has a shorter neck and smaller reach because of a smaller head. 

Architect lamps consist of a long sturdy metal fixed on a rigid joint. It allows for a change of light at a wider angle but limited flexing of the head.  

  • Does it damage your eyes to watch a bright TV, laptop, or computer screen in a dark room?

These activities do not cause eye damage. Instead, these activities result in eye tiredness and eye strain from prolonged squinting and adjusting to light contrasts. Using your laptop in dark areas with a lower brightness level lamp also causes eye strain from prolonged light exposure.  

  • Wouldn’t Kindle’s built-in light be harmful to eyes?

Kindle is an ebook reader app. It has a built-in light and electronic ink technology that ensures adequate and fixed brightness, which does not cause eye strain. 

  • What type of indoor lighting is best for the eyes?

The type of indoor lighting best for the eyes are those lights that imitate natural light. This natural light is in full colors with good color contrasts. Full natural lights decrease eye glare, helps in comfortable room vision, and prevents further vision problems. 

  • Do LED nail curing lamps tan skin like UV lamps?

Traditional nail lamps with fluorescent bulbs, while new ones have LED lights that both emit UV rays. It’s possible to tan the skin with the LED nail lamp but only for a prolonged time. 

  • What monitors are best for your eyes?

A larger screen, preferably an AMOLED screen monitor, is best for the eyes. It is due to high contrast and pixels, zero flickers, and controlled blue light emission.

  • What settings can I modify on my laptop to make it optimal for preventing computer eye strain?

Prevent eye strains while using your laptop screen by adjusting the brightness levels suitable to your work area and light needs. You can also reduce blue light on Windows by activating Night Light mode’s blue light from Display settings.

  • Where can I get a long, articulated arm desk lamp?

When looking for long, protruding arm desk lamps with broader reach and flexibility, Lumiy desk lamps are a perfect choice. Lumiy desk lamps like the Lightblade 1500s are available at Amazon, eBay, and other online and light retail stores. 

  • Is a 35-watt light bulb safe for human eyes?

A 35-watt incandescent light bulb illuminated at a distance of 10 feet for less than a second is considered safe. If you go anything closer and stare at it longer, it will cause retinal bleaching. Likewise, a 35-watt LED lamp with plastic diffusers is safe to be viewed at a greater distance only.

  •  Can I just buy a 220 volts light bulb for my US desk lamp?

US desk lamps are designed to have 120 volts. If you bought a 220 volts light bulb, you might burn the wiring if you place it on lower voltage lamps. The best action is to cut the cord off when you reach your destination and put an appropriate plug to fit the voltage.

  •  Why does an ordinary desk lamp keep turning itself off and on at random points? Do I need to consider replacing the bulb or buying a new lamp?

The possible causes are electrical issues or accidental internal push of the bulb’s center pin. You can turn off the light, unscrew the bulb, adjust the center rivet, then turn on the lamp. If they don’t work, replace the bulb with a new one rather than buying a new expensive desk lamp.    

  •  Which is better for the eyes and study – studying under a powerful but focused table lamp or under a normal tube light? 

For long study under a light, it is better to use a tube light with brightness efficiency and adjustment settings. The fluorescent light should not be too bright as to cause eye strain.

Final Takeaways

Desk lamps are essential home office furniture that provides excellent lighting for desk activities with a decorative appeal. They come in various types, modes, heights, and angles to suit your work and personal needs.

The best desk lamps for the eyes provide dimmable illumination in adjustable height and light angle for a reasonable price. Check out your preferred best desk lamp for eyes and their features in the market today, and finish your tasks quickly.  


Top 9 Best Desk Lamps for Eye Strain
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