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This is an offer for service-based professionals such as coaches, consultants, bookkeepers, attorneys or small business owners of a brick and mortar company such as construction, real estate, beauty salon or hairdresser. This is for you if you are currently making $15k-25k/month and maxed out with 1:1 work or individual contracts, and want to work less and make $100k/month through adding a passive revenue stream to their income with an online course, building out their online brand presence but delegating the daily operations of managing the online activities such as sales, content creation, admin tasks and accountability of the enrolled students to a small core team.

We work together 1:1 for 8 weeks on the following:

1. Simple Tech is the Answer

We’ll cover what you’ll be needing to start—the technical aspects of how you can start building your course. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is, how elegant things can get, and how seamless everything transitions. You’ll start building EVEN MORE COURSES and EVEN MORE PASSIVE INCOME as you go!

2. Select Your Course Topic

A quick way to know what your strengths are and how you’ll incorporate that into your course. We’ll be talking about your approach to your students, doing market research to ensure that your topic is hot, how you can pre-sell this, and how you’ll be marketing it to start building your list for your upcoming course even if you have no website, big email list or large following.

3. Building the Course

We’ll be outlining your course proper, creating it in your platform of choice, and start creating every module and content piece to get it up and running.

4. Pricing and Client Attraction

We’ll be talking about the ways on how you can strategically price your course to make it even more appealing, command authority over your competition, and how you can build a simple client attraction system that will automatically bring in qualified leads and customers you more without adding any extra effort after you’ve built it.

5. Announce Your Open

In this session, we’ll be readying yourself for the big reveal. The grand releasing of your course. Here we’ll be talking more about the flow and how you can launch your course successfully and bring in your desired results!

6. Marketing and Copywriting

Once you’re rolling, it’s best to keep the momentum! We’ll be talking about how to keep your money magnet rolling. You’ll learn effective strategies on how you can keep your customers engaged and learn how to bring in new students with amazing techniques such as juicy candy posts, organic content creation, and leveraging all social media platforms without doing the work yourself.

7. Drive Traffic

I get 3.2 Million monthly views on Pinterest alone. That doesn’t take all my other social media accounts into consideration. You’ll receive my Pinterest Course to ensure that you have enough eyeballs and can sell out your course to launch it at least at $10k for the first time. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to be successful in driving traffic to your course.

8. Hire a Small Core Team

After you’ve accomplished your goal and launched your passive revenue with $10k+ we’ll tackle whom you need to hire, what to delegate, how to communicate the daily standard operating procedures, where to find qualified people, and how to train them. You’ll have a small core team in place that can take care of the daily tasks so you only show up to create training material, support your students, or record content for your social media.

To top it off, we look at your overall brand appearance and the best strategy to get you visible and in front of your ideal clients, how to get them to sign up to your email list and become a high-quality lead and how to convert those leads into paying customers repeatedly while only working two hours a day.

My online marketing background of 18 years as an online brand strategist as well as my approach to incorporate offline strategies such as speaking, hosting, and attending amazing events will give you a competitive advantage that serves you in any economy and situation. Whatever your most comfortable approach is to meeting new prospects, we’ll ensure to map out a strategy that is suitable and enjoyable and doesn’t cost you a lot of time.

This offer includes:

Weekly coaching calls for eight weeks, pre-work before the calls, access to my Simple Profit Online and Pinterest Course and email access to ask all your questions and get feedback on your offer, online brand and marketing from Monday until Friday.

In order to qualify for this offer you must:

  • Be resourceful, a get-it-done person and a diligent learner and action-taker who doesn’t stop until you’ve achieved your goals.
  • Be open to a new approach to get yourself and your brand out there and in front of your ideal clients to make more while working less.
  • Be willing to dedicate about 3-5 hours per week to show up for our calls, work through the material, and do your homework to come prepared and get results.

The investment:

The price for this offer is a respectable mid-four-figure investment. The investment is small compared to maximizing your monthly income by working fewer hours per week, having a business that no longer requires your time to make money, working only with clients you enjoy at premium rates, the safety and peace of mind that comes from having a passive revenue stream of $5k+ and a strong online presence that automatically brings in a flood of new leads and clients every month without working more so you can enjoy spending your free time with your loved ones, traveling and working on your charity projects or hobbies.

Past client results:

In 18 years as an online entrepreneur, I’ve helped 2000+ small business owners work less and make $5k per month or more through creating simple profit online courses, hiring new part-time or full-time staff while reducing the workload to 4 hours a day, getting 47 leads in 72 hours after implementing the juicy candy post and getting a company from bankruptcy to 72 new clients in one year and two million in annual revenue.

If interested in this offer, message me and we’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a fit for you. Spaces are limited. This is first come first served basis.

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