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Great Way To Introduce Yourself As A Blogger Or Freelancer

Great Way To Introduce Yourself As A Blogger or Freelancer

Remember those beautiful moments when it seems you’ll soon be adding a new friend to your list? Yes, it could even be online, not just offline. You’re both having fun getting to know each other and then suddenly you get fired that dreaded question, “So, what do you do?” And then it suddenly feels as if time has stopped. Everything becomes awkward!

Great news, there is a way out of this tight spot. Yes, a much better way than just tossing an “Uh, I run a blog” or “I’m a freelancer.” What’s more, giving a four-word or five-word response might simply earn you puzzled stares or some half-hearted “Oh, great!” A flubbed introduction may also leave your audience less interested in whatever it is you say next.

I will also cover some of the more general things to do and not do, many of which you will probably have heard before. However, a refresher certainly won’t hurt. Remember, how you say things can be as important as what you say.

But let’s first discuss in detail some strategies you can adopt to give a long-lasting response to that dreaded question, “What do you do?” Here we go…

Value Versus Title

If I tell you I’m the Chief Design Coordinator for my company, you’re likely to wonder, what exactly does she do? But if I say something like “I’m in charge of ensuring our product designs are compatible for use with our customers, while ensuring the team works productively to meet deadlines,” you’re more likely to get interested in knowing more about what I do.
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12 Content Upgrades To Quickly Grow Your List

12 Content Upgrades To Quickly Grow Your List

If you’re in an online business, one recurring message you must have heard is that the best way to grow your email list is by offering content upgrades to your audience. There’s no substitute for exchanging value for email addresses using content upgrades. This is more true if you’re a new kid on the block.

What is A Content Upgrade?

Simply put, a content upgrade is that packaged information people get after submitting their email before downloading. They are usually quite helpful and provide additional, or provide a shortcut or easier way of using specific material.

Why is A Content Upgrade Necessary?

A content upgrade tells your audience “I care about you. That’s why I took special care to prepare this checklist, ebook, etc. It makes it easier to refer to the information you’re looking for.” It is one email building method that works ALL the time because everyone loves free things that have value. It can also simply help make the material or the use of it much easier.

Benefits of An Email List Built Through Content Upgrades

An email list obtained through content upgrades provides essential information about your audience that helps you segment your campaigns. You can better focus on sending them more of that related content or offer related products and services by noting the information in which your audience is most interested. It puts some human touch on your automated email campaigns, while helping you avoid some people unsubscribing from the list because they keep receiving irrelevant information.

I can hear you say, “Great, so, let’s get started already!” But the next thought dampens your spirits, and that’s how do I come up with interesting content ideas regularly? There’s no denying the fact that coming up with valuable content upgrades is not an easy feat.

I’ve got great news! Here are 12 awesome ideas you can use to grow your list every day. Check them out. (And be sure to check out our four-page Content Upgrade with all kinds of resources for all 12 of these ideas!)
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10 Ways To Go From Blogger To Business Owner

Blogger to Business Owner

Trying to monetize your blog through ads, affiliate links or sponsored posts will take a long while to make serious money. Is there a faster option? This post is going to show you how to become an entrepreneur using your blog. Transitioning from a blog owner to a business owner can initially seem impossible, but I’m here to help make your transition smooth.

So let’s get started with 10 ways to help make you a business owner!

1. Consulting Packages or One-On-One Coaching For Business Owners

Offering packaged services is a surefire way to transition from blog owner to entrepreneur. If new to that idea, perhaps begin offering your skills and knowledge through packaged services before moving to scalable courses, bigger products, group coaching and ebooks. Experiencess gained from one-on-one coaching help make better products.

Narrowing the package helps achieve maximum results. Pick that special thing you’re great at and that you’d like to teach to others. Going all over the place will leave your clients frustrated. Plan your packages so your clients see measurable results gained from your package. Let there be a plan with tasks that leads to results.

Offering an “ask me anything for one hour” isn’t usually as effective as “follow this plan to move from blog to entrepreneur in one day.” The second is more impressive. It doesn’t matter if a client simply spends that one hour asking you questions because they will still leave satisfied.

Need ideas?
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