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5 Top Resources For Terrific Traffic To Your Blog (Part 1)

5 Top Resources For Terrific Traffic

Regardless of the niche your blog covers, increasing traffic to your blog is a key way to increase your profits. The more visitors you can bring to your blog, the more of your articles they may review, the more advertisements they will click, the more affiliate product offers they will see, and the more opportunity they will have to buy your products.

In addition, all of this adds value to your site and makes it more appealing to potential advertisers and sponsors.

The problem is everyone on the web wants more traffic, so everyone is competing and fighting for the attention of viewers. The Internet is filled with so many different bloggers, businesses and advertisers all trying to stand out. That can make it very difficult for you to differentiate yourself from others and to get your blog noticed.

What dictates the winners and losers can come down to who has the best strategies.

Five of the top major sources for getting traffic to your blog are social media, search engines, Facebook ads, forums and videos.

In this series of posts, I talk about those five major sources. I will share some very effective ways to use them to increase the flow of traffic to your blog. For each traffic source, I’ll cover only the most effective and the most valuable techniques.
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5 Top Tips To Earn Money Blogging

5 Top Tips To Earn Money Blogging

If you are looking to earn money with your blog, especially more of a full-time income, it helps to have a lot of different resources from which to choose to help give you a lot of options.

And as far as income, sometime we hear you can’t earn full-time income as a blogger, while at other times we hear all about the heroes slaying the dragons in the Blogger-land and you’re convinced these stories must have happened on another planet or that these heroes are just demi-gods. But I’m here to tell you it really is possible to earn lots of cool cash from your blog!

So let’s dive into some of the many options out there to help you get started!

Ad Networks

Ad networks are the link between bloggers and brands or companies seeking to advertise their products and services. They find unsold advertising space from publishers. Then, they fill that space with digital ad campaigns and sponsorships from their clients. This can be done using several different types of formats, such as text, image and/or video.

Most sponsored ads you see online, whether a sponsored post or a sidebar ad, were created by these ad networks.
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Great Way To Introduce Yourself As A Blogger Or Freelancer

Great Way To Introduce Yourself As A Blogger or Freelancer

Remember those beautiful moments when it seems you’ll soon be adding a new friend to your list? Yes, it could even be online, not just offline. You’re both having fun getting to know each other and then suddenly you get fired that dreaded question, “So, what do you do?” And then it suddenly feels as if time has stopped. Everything becomes awkward!

Great news, there is a way out of this tight spot. Yes, a much better way than just tossing an “Uh, I run a blog” or “I’m a freelancer.” What’s more, giving a four-word or five-word response might simply earn you puzzled stares or some half-hearted “Oh, great!” A flubbed introduction may also leave your audience less interested in whatever it is you say next.

I will also cover some of the more general things to do and not do, many of which you will probably have heard before. However, a refresher certainly won’t hurt. Remember, how you say things can be as important as what you say.

But let’s first discuss in detail some strategies you can adopt to give a long-lasting response to that dreaded question, “What do you do?” Here we go…

Value Versus Title

If I tell you I’m the Chief Design Coordinator for my company, you’re likely to wonder, what exactly does she do? But if I say something like “I’m in charge of ensuring our product designs are compatible for use with our customers, while ensuring the team works productively to meet deadlines,” you’re more likely to get interested in knowing more about what I do.
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