5 Reasons you should choose to build a Course over a Membership Site

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For some, the idea of building a course is already a handful. Everyone thinks it’s an extremely time-consuming task (or you could say it’s a whole project!) to add to your plate. While yes, it does take a while to make, it doesn’t take you as much time as you might think. Here, we’ll be talking about five reasons you should really consider building your course PLUS, some actionable steps you could take that’ll make things easier for you to get started. Also, as a bonus, I’ll also be talking about some of the downsides of having a successful membership site instead of a course. So, are you ready? Let’s get crackin’!

Reason 1: Unlimited opportunity to scale your business

Let’s get right to the best one. When building your own course, you get a lot more opportunities to take advantage of scaling your brand, your business, or whatever it is that your goal is with the course… simply because once you complete the course proper, you can easily distribute it to your audience without any extra hassle.

Everything’s all set if you built a course.

That basically means, you can simply outsource the work and start reaping the results without even working on the marketing side of things. Believe it or not, it’s like running an online business!

Outsourcing is one huge advantage and reason to start building a course instead of a membership site. This is the one way to scale your business extremely quickly and it doesn’t need to cost much too. By the way, if you’re not familiar, the ability to scale your business is what makes or breaks your brand. Ask yourself— are you building your business, your brand, to stay consistent? Or is your goal to keep growing and growing?

With a membership site, while there are some aspects you can outsource, there’s still a lot of things you’ll need to do yourself because of the nature of the style of service you are providing. For example,… content for your members can’t be outsourced simply because they joined because of YOU. You can’t outsource your original content to someone else if you want to make an impact, right? You’ll be in a loop of building content over and over again, doing live sessions in a schedule and probably transitioning on building a course down the line anyway… so why not go straight to the end product right?

As opposed to building a course, it’s all you… even when you have someone outsource the marketing side, YOU are the person they see. It’s easier to outsource and scale because everything is already established and it’s literally your money-making machine already… which takes us to reason number two…



Reason 2: Time Freedom

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coach, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a practitioner, a mother, an employee… ANYBODY. We all want to hit our goals… no matter how small or no matter how big. We want to experience financial freedom… as well as experience time freedom!

That’s reason number two. Building a course gives you a huge opportunity to start building a passive income stream that doesn’t expire… and depending on how you market your service or product (in this case, your course), you can keep earning over and over and over again using the same course you release.

I used to think that it was impossible to truly get a passive income. I thought it was a gimmick that people use to reel people in to buy their own courses but when I started earning five figure months without lifting a finger, that’s when I told myself that THIS was the way to earn.

Yes, setting up your course will take some time however, when it’s done, you won’t have to keep updating it regularly! It will become a money-making machine that earns you passively, 24/7. The best part is, you can keep making more courses to add more income streams!

Reason 3: You don’t need to learn something new… just go with what you already know!

Just like the headline says — there’s no need to learn anything new when making a course! We all have something to share to people… and there are people who want to learn what you already know without having to deal with the hassle of researching and testing new things…

The advantage of building a course is that you can fine tune it to fit your audience easily.

Let’s say you want to build a course about drawing since you already know how to draw.

The best way to teach someone interested in art is to literally just do what you already do… draw! You can create a collection of videos that showcase techniques that you’ve learned over the years and simply dub over the instructions you want to relay to your viewers… and a nice tip I can give is that when you’re building your course, make sure it’s something that YOU yourself will watch! That’s definitely a great indicator if your course is good or not.

Don’t make it TOO informative and boring… try some diversity, talk to your people and enjoy!

Reason 4: Why create a membership site if you only have a limited amount of time everyday

This tie into Reason #1 and Reason #2. We’re only humans… meaning we have a limited amount of time to do what we need to do every day. Let’s take a typical day for example. We have 8 hours to sleep (assuming we all want to be as healthy as we can), 8 hours to work and basically another 8 hours for ourselves — this includes eating, fixing up, travel, etc.

The average person should have around 5 hours of free time per day… but I’m sure all of us have a little bit of extra time these days.

When running a membership site, expect all those 5 hours (even more at times) to disappear… I know ‘cos I’ve been there.

Although, I’m not saying it’s not a path to success — it is. It’s a very viable way to build a business however, if you’re looking to have more time to enjoy your life doing the things you love, you might want to investigate building your course.

Reason 5: You can make unlimited courses

I did mention this a while ago too. It’s 100% unlimited income… PASSIVE income. Because like I mentioned, you get to leave the course when it’s done, and it keeps generating income. Plus, when you’re done with one course, who’s to stop you from making another one right?

If I could reach $5k per month passively with a course, imagine what you could do with 5 courses… with 10! If you’re active in building meaningful content, imagine the possibilities… right?

What do membership sites offer? Do membership sites work? Should I build a course instead of a membership site?

With the points I made, have you decided yet?

It’s true that building a membership site is a good way to start. In your membership site, you can offer free and premium content, paid and free membership, and even blog podcasts. You’ll be spending less time than actually building a course however, the problem here is that in the long run, running a membership site takes up more time in the future while building courses in the long run will actually get you more time for yourself.  Putting up a membership platform is a complex process.

If you’re someone who loves their time, who loves to do what they love, and who wants to earn without spending too much time working… then building a course is probably the best thing you’ll do.

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