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The highest paid bloggers use these secret catchy headlines & attention grabbing blog title templates. Swipe them here!

Here is why….you only have seconds to grab your readers attention and keep them on your blog article. And there is no better way to do this than to create catchy titles. It doesn’t matter if you a flair for words and writing is second nature to you, if you don’t catchy headlines, then people won’t continue reading. 


This principle applies to all types of written matter from book titles to magazine article headlines. Every marketer or writer who aims to be read should heed this precaution: Do not publish until you come up with a catchy title. Some writers spend 30 to 60 minutes writing, revising, and rewriting their titles. Here are a few tips on how to concoct the best catchy headlines:


Numbers can make your catchy headline more concrete and easy to follow.

Numbers can make catchy headlines clear and easy to read. From the get go, you know what to expect from the article through the stated numbers. There are no hard rules in using specific numbers but most people only remember three to five points.

Most of the time too large of numbers like 47 and 50 may not catch readers’ attention. The catch is that you have to be cautious of when to use or not to use numbers in titles. If you think that it can help to make the article easier to digest, you can go ahead and add. Otherwise there are other styles of writing them. Here are some examples of catchy titles with numbers in them:

  • The 7 Harmless Habits That May Cause Cancer
  • How to Start a Website in 3 Easy Steps
  • 6 Quick Tips for Writing Titles
  • 6 Simple Formulas to Write a Catchy Headline in 2 Minutes
  • How to Lose Weight in 6 Steps

Use catchy marketing words that show the purpose of the article.

There are words that will give readers the rationale behind reading your article. Some examples of these words are reasons, secrets, tips, pointers, facts, tricks, guidelines, proofs, ways, signs, and many more. This is usually done for a listing post or a post that includes lists. One word you have to avoid using is things. It’s something that can be ambiguous and so common that it lacks originality. (and is not a catchy title) Here are some examples of these kinds of catchy headlines:

  • Secrets to Putting on an Award-Winning Makeup
  • Five Ways to Book a Flight without Fuzz
  • 4 Best Tricks to Pop the Question
  • How to Come Up with Blog Post Title Ideas
  • 10 Tips for Writing Viral Titles

Use some trigger words in your catchy titles such as why, when, what, and how.

If you are trying to persuade your readers to do something, it’s better to use why and how. One tip here is to use either a trigger word or a number in your catchy headlines. (Hint: think catchy marketing words.) Don’t attempt to use both since it won’t look and sound good to your readers.

  • How to Clean White Shoes without Soap
  • Why Investing in a Foreclosed Home Is Wise
  • How to Double Your Income without Leaving the House
  • Why You Need to Invest in Makeup
  • How to Choose a Discounted Bridal Gown

Make a promise that the article can deliver.

Readers love to read something that promises them they will achieve or gain something in the end.  The beautiful thing is that you can use these catchy headlines without the need for any call to action words. This can be a new skill that you want the reader to develop or it might be a mystery that you want to unlock or a secret that you have to reveal.

The key is that you should intrigue people so that they want to read your article. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it or else you may lose your credibility. It means you can be bold, aggressive, and sexy but still deliver your promise. Here are some great catchy headline examples below:

  • Debunking Myths About Weight Loss You Probably Still Believe
  • Six Lies You Can Avoid About Health Care
  • The Experts’ Guide to Weight Loss
  • How to Remove Stretch Marks in 10 Days
  • How to Make Him Fall in Love with You in a Week
  • Emotional adjectives can help you describe better the issues of your readers.

catchy-headlines - 10

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Tug at Emotions

Adjectives that tug at the emotions of your readers can go a long way in making them feel that you do understand their problems. This means empathy at the highest level. Some of the adjectives that you can use in your catchy headlines are the following: absolute, sure, fun, free, essential, effortless, best, incredible, strange, and others.

  • Fun Ways to Teach Mathematics
  • Jaw-dropping Free Samples of Graphic Designs
  • Best Smartphone Brands for 2018
  • Incredible Ways to Say I Love You
  • Essential Skin Care Items You Can’t Grow Old Without

Important Reasons to Spend More Time on Titles

Before we head on to more examples and tips for coming up with catchy titles, let’s take a look at some of the important reasons why we need to spend more time and effort on titles. Catchy headlines can give marketers and entrepreneurs the following:

  • Higher click-through rates
  • More readers and followers
  • Enable blog posts to become incredibly interesting
  • Higher rate of engagement
  • Better sales and more profits

There are different formulas that marketing experts came up with to assure you more catchy marketing words that will tug at your readers’ emotions and persuade them to trust you and your business. Here are some of the catchy headlines:

For Dealing with a Problem

These are headlines that promise readers they will solve a problem that they might be facing.

  • How to Deal with ___
  • [Issue]? Here’s the Best Way to Deal with It
  • Get Rid of ___ without Fuzz
  • The Best Ever Formula to ____
  • Is ____ Bothering You?


For a Major Change

These are catchy titles that focus more on the readers’ desire to change some things in their lives. Here are some of these catchy headline examples:

  • [#] Tips to Rekindle _____
  • Forget ____ and Try _____ Instead
  • That One Good ___ That You Need for Change
  • Why ____? When You _____
  • [#] ____ Changes for a Better _____

Novelty/Fun/Strange Catchy Headlines

These are quirky and weird titles that stand out from the usual random titles. They make readers take a second look at your article after having perhaps checked a number of other titles before. Here are some samples of formulas for such catchy titles:

  • [#] Strange but Efficient Ways to _____
  • [#] Weird Ways to Increase Your ____
  • How to ____ Just Like a Guru
  • ____ Resolved in Just [#] Solutions
  • Break Free and _____

The Easy Fix It Catchy Titles

It’s human nature to make things easier and quicker whether it is booking a ticket or planning a special celebration. These are catchy marketing words that promise the readers quick fixes for anything under the sun. The following are some best examples of this type of catchy headlines:

  • How to ____ Quick and Easy
  • How to ____ in [#] Seconds
  • [#] Soul-Enhancing Ways to ____
  • How to Buy a ____ without ____
  • How to Own a New ____
  • Ideas to Kickstart Your _____
  • Ways to Totally Change Your ____
  • [#]___ That Will Completely Change the Way You Live
  • [#] ___ to Make You ____
  • Want to ____? You Can Start Now.
  • Don’t Ever Worry about ____ Again
  • How to ____ Like a Ninja
  • How to ___ Your ____ for Stable Growth
  • [#] Ways You Can Master _____
  • How to Totally Stop _____, After You’ve Tried Everything

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Drama-Enhancing Catchy Headlines

These are catchy headlines that tend to elicit drama to catch the reader’s  attention and interest. This feeds on human’s tendency to be drawn to drama, controversy, gossip, and conflict. The following are some of the most common examples of catchy headlines:

  • You Think You Know What ___ Is?
  • How to ____ When It Backfires
  • Ways to Avoid Becoming a ____
  • How to ____ without Glitch
  • [#] You Should Avoid to ____
  • Do You Still Waste Time Doing ____?
  • [#] Questions You Have to Ask When You ____
  • [#] Pitfalls Most ___ Often Commit
  • [#]___ That Can Make or Break You
  • Are You ___ Due to ___?
  • [#] Beginner Mistakes on ____ You Can Avoid
  • Warning: Don’t _____
  • [#] Ideas That Will Help You Out in ____

No Bluff, Smart, Savvy, and Swag

These are catchy headings that encourage the readers to be smart, savvy, and highly informed. The following are some of the best catchy headlines examples:

  • Go-Getter’s Guidelines for ______
  • Getting Smart through Learning to ______
  • [#] Smart Methods to _____
  • [#] Smart Tools to Simplify ____
  • [#] No-Nonsense Tips to ____
  • All of Them Does This ____. You can _____ instead.
  • [#] Action-Filled Means to _____

Something You Don’t Know about Catchy Marketing Words

Indeed, curiosity kills the cat. These are catchy marketing words that enable your readers to enhance their knowledge and learn what they don’t know now.

  • Little Known Tips to ____
  • The Truth behind ____
  • [#] Myths about ____ You Have to Ignore
  • This Is What Happens If You ____
  • How to Unlock Your ____
  • Why ___ Is Worth Your Attention
  • [#] Little ___ to ___ No One Is Telling You
  • [#] ___ Facts ____ Need to Know
  • The ____ Nobody Is Using Now
  • [#] Secrets to Learning ____


Learn from the Expert Catchy Headings

These are headlines that set you up as an authority in your niche or as an expert in your field.  In fact some of these can be used as catchy event names.  These headlines encourage your readers to learn from you including your mistakes. Here are some of these kinds of catchy headline examples:

  • [#] Things I Wish I Learned Earlier
  • There’s No Regret in ____. But I’d Do It This Way Instead.
  • How I Turned Out to Be____
  • Why I am ____
  • What It Feels Like to ____
  • [#] Moral Lessons about How Not to ____
  • [#] ____ I Totally Love
  • The [#] ___ Which Made Me ____
  • The Secrets behind  _____
  • The Greatest ____ I’ve Ever Done

These kinds of exert catchy headings really make you stand out as an authority and if you are looking to really stand out in our niche than we recommend you read 10 Ways to Go from Blogger to Business Owner.


The Shock/Surprise Element Catchy Titles

These are catchy titles that make use of the element of surprise to catch the interest of readers. The following are some of the best catchy headline examples:

  • [#] Out of This World ____
  • [#] Surprising Elements of ____
  • Stop! The Right ___ Is This!
  • [#] Shocking Truths about ____
  • [#] Ridiculous Ways to ____

Awe-Inspiring Catchy Headlines

It is human nature to desire the feeling of awe, inspiration, and amazement. People would love to feel any of these when they read your catchy marketing words. Here are some of the best catchy headline examples:

  • Insane ____ That Will Grant You All ____
  • [#] Mind-blowing ___ About ___
  • Stunning ___ That Will ___ You
  • The [#] All-Time ____ about ____
  • [#] ____ to Make You Motivated
  • [#] Superb Tips about ____
  • [#] Stunning Ideas about ____
  • Best ____ For You to Make ___ More ____
  • [#] Amazing ___ to Try Today
  • [#] Samples of ____ To Inspire You

Basic But They Rock Catchy Headlines

These are catchy titles that are common but still catch your readers’ attention.

  • How to Use___
  • [#] Creative ____ to  ____
  • How to Deal with ___
  • [#] Tips for ____
  • How to Create ___
  • How to Find ___
  • Ways to Deliver ____
  • [#] Steps to Achieve ____
  • [#] Great Tips for ____
  • [#] Best Reasons to ____
  • [#] Kinds of ____
  • [#] Sensible Tips to ____
  • How to Build a ____
  • How You Become _____
  • Best Tips to Using a ____

Proof-Laden, Data-Driven

These are catchy headline examples that target the logical brains of readers. Such headlines are backed up by scientific facts and solid research.  Enjoy the catchy titles below:

  • [#] Fool-proof Ways to ___
  • [#] Time-tested Formulas for _____
  • [#] Studies That Reveal ______
  • Guaranteed Methods to _____
  • The Science of ____ and How to ____
  • [#] Facts about ___ You Need to Know
  • [#] Easy Methods to ____ That Are Proven to ____
  • ___ That Will Increase By [#] % in [#] Years
  • [#] Data-Driven ____ for You to _____
  • [#] Fool-proof Formulas That Work For ____

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No Formula Necessary

It may not be necessary for you to memorize any formula at all but just keep in mind to come up with titles that do the following: catch your readers’ attention, tease them, tickle their emotions, encourage them to click through, and entice more readers. Here are the some of the all time favorite catchy headline examples:

  • Everything You Have to Know about ____
  • Don’t Worry about ____ Again
  • End This Problem! Do ____ Today!
  • Top [#] Tips to Become a _____ Expert Now
  • The Best Solution You Can Have for _____
  • Life-changing ___ to ____
  • How to ____ Fast and Easy
  • [#] Top Tips for Effortless ____
  • [#] Best ___ Hacks for Success
  • Do This for a Week and Get____
  • 1 Golden Rule to ____
  • [#] Guaranteed Ways to Make ___ Easier for You
  • [#] Simple Ways You Can Follow to ____
  • The Greatest Shortcut towards ____
  • Double Your Results with Such ____
  • Do This for a Week and Achieve ____
  • [#] Doable Ways to ____
  • Your Number 1 Tip to ___
  • How to ___ in [#] Simple Steps
  • Forget about ___. Try and Do This ____.
  • [#] Smart Tricks to ____
  • The Go-Getter’s Pointers to ____
  • [#] Powerful Ways for You to ____
  • [#] No Trivial Ways for You to ___
  • [#] Factors You Should Not Consider
  • [#] Unusual Methods for You to ____
  • How to Solve ___ When ____ Backfires
  • Break the Rules for You to ____
  • Stop Wasting Time and Money on ___ By Doing This ____
  • The Real Confessions of a ____
  • [#] Ways to Accomplish ___ Which You Never Thought Possible
  • If You Were Able to ___, You Can Do ___ As Well
  • For You Who Won’t Settle for Anything Less Than ___
  • If You Love ___, You’ll Love ___ Too
  • Secrets Nobody Will Tell You about ____
  • How You Can Unlock Your ____
  • What Your ____ Says about Your ____
  • [#] Myths about ___ You Need to Shrug Off
  • [#] Best Known Ways to ____
  • [#] Major Benefits of ____
  • This Is the Smartest Tip Ever about ____
  • [#] Questions You Need to Ask Before You ____
  • The Subtle Art of ___
  • [#] Eye-catching Methods for You to _____
  • Everything I Learned about ____
  • How I Turned Out to Become ____
  • The [#] Tips That Made Me ___
  • [#] Juicy Tips on How You Can ____
  • [#] Secrets I Wish I Knew about ____
  • [#] Reasons I Completely Love about ____
  • [#] Surefire ___ for You to ___
  • [#] Out of [#] People Are Not ___. Are You One of Them?
  • [#] Surprising ___ That Can ____ You!
  • [#] Creative Techniques for You to ____
  • The [3] Most Efficient Techniques for You to ____
  • [#] Best Resources to Guide You in ____
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of _____
  • The Pros and Cons of _____
  • The Best Benefits of _____
  • [#] Must-Read Tips for ___ You Must Read
  • The Greatest Cheat Sheet about ____
  • Your Most Essential Guide towards ____
  • Dear ___: You Will Be ____.
  • Your Step by Step Guide to ____
  • [#] Must-Read Tips for You to ____
  • Don’t Let ___ Make You ____
  • How a ___ Made Me a Superstar ____
  • Don’t Do Any of These [#] _____ on _____
  • How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying _____?
  • ___ That Are Hidden in Your ___
  • How You Can Learn ___ in [#] ____
  • Welcome to the New ___
  • Who Else Wants to ___ a New ____?
  • Why ___ Is Making ____ Easier?

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