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When we say make money online, most people usually think about selling physical products on websites. Have you ever tried it?! I think it’s an amazing money-making venture, but if you are looking for financially rewarding alternatives, allow me to introduce to you another profitable way to earn extra money online. Selling digital products is actually my favorite way to generate passive income through my blog! Let me share with you these brilliant digital product ideas!  

What Is a digital product?

Digital products are products that don’t have a physical form, They can’t be touched, tested or held, but can be “consumed” by people. They are intangible pieces of media that can be distributed and sold, often coming in the form of files like PDFs, MP3s, templates, plugins, software programs or videos. 

Start selling digital products now.

The best opportunities can arise from the right choice of digital products. As for me, the ones I enjoy doing are printables and ebooks. Some people enjoy making videos more than writing, though. What do you think is the best fit for you? Whatever your choice are, avoid those awful “shortcuts.”

Do you know that some online entrepreneurs love taking awful shortcuts? When I say shortcuts, what I mean is that they make poorly-constructed products, just for the sake of earning from it. If you do that, most likely, your online business will fail. Income, success and wealth will only come to you if you are sincere and passionate about helping your audiences. Remember that our main goal here is to make accessible digital products that can help our target readers in a unique way. I always keep that in mind when making printables and ebooks. 

The advantages of selling digital products

  1. They are highly flexible products that you can use to your advantage. You can make use of them to grow your email list or exclusive content for your monthly paid subscriptions. Awesome, right? There are tons of ways to incorporate digital products on your business, and at the same time, plenty of ways to help your readers. 
  2. No need to deal with physical products. Say goodbye to the hassle of storing and producing physical products. There are also no start-up costs and risks. The only thing you will lose is the time that you need to spend to create it. 
  3. You can earn a great amount of passive income. Create it once, and you can sell it a million times!
  4. Creating digital products has low overhead costs, and brings in high-profit margins. There is no need for you to incur shipping costs or do inventory.
  5. Instant automation. The orders can be instantly delivered to your readers anytime. 

The challenges of creating digital products. Watch out for the following! 

  1. Your digital content has plenty of free alternatives. Consumers are always in the lookout for free alternatives of the things being sold. Before starting brainstorming sessions and digital product creation processes, think about your chosen niche thoroughly. How can you provide premium value to your target readers? In what way can your brand compete? 
  2. eBooks and other digital products are susceptible to theft and piracy. Make sure to take all the necessary precautions to reduce the risks of piracy and theft. Surely, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you protect your work. 

The Best Digital Products to Sell on your blog

1. Printables

Printables are digital files that you can make for people to print out, and then use. In making these digital products, you can use professional software programs like Adobe Illustrator, and simpler platforms like PicMonkey. Is it your first time to create a printable? Try making gift tags, planners or workbooks.  

2. Ebooks

eBooks are probably one of the most popular digital products that you can sell online. If you are an online business owner and blogger like me, why don’t you try making your own ebook? eBooks are typically composed of how-to guides, providing valuable details to readers. The very first ebook that I wrote only took less than one week to make. Fast and easy!

3. Online Courses

Apart from ebooks, online courses are other knowledge-based digital products that you can sell on your website. There are no limits when it comes to online courses. In fact, you can create digital courses on digital marketing and blog monetization, and at the same time about motherhood and how to start working on a new job. Your list of topics never ends. As long as the digital product you are going to make relates to the niche you are in, you are good. 

Do you want to educate your audience in the most amazing way possible? By producing online courses, you can explore multiple paths in making them more informed and knowledgeable. A combination of worksheets, templates, and video and written lessons is a great idea!

4. Stock Photos

This one is reserved for those who have an eye for photography. With your talent, decent photo editing software and a simple camera, you can earn extra income by taking great images. Styled stock photography is a growing market! In case you don’t know yet, bloggers, social media managers and business owners are continuously looking for wonderful photos to post on their platforms. I, myself, is a big fan of Haute Stock – those cute, pretty images are just perfect for my blog.  

Now, when it comes to selling your photos, you can do it in bundles or individually. You can also join subscription-based websites for your clients. Also, just like creating any other digital product, selecting a particular niche can help your stock photo business progress. 

5. Templates

Templates can be made and sold for a variety of uses, for example in logos, media kits, resumes and social media posts. Using templates makes it easy for anyone to accomplish things! It’s all about quality and convenience. 

For bloggers who don’t have experience in graphic design and software programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, they can explore Canva. This platform allows newbies to create professional-looking templates for free. 

6. Fonts, Logos and Icons

Coming up with digital products doesn’t mean producing an extravagant masterpiece. As long as your product is needed by your readers, and it helps them a lot, then it will be a success. Sometimes, though, making digital products may require some sort of talent. 

Aside from selling stock photography, you can help fulfill people’s need for customizable art of unique branding. If you enjoy creating logos, icons and fonts, this is a promising online income avenue. The thing is, you need to be really good in understanding branding and business identity. 

7. Patterns

Even arts and crafts are already going digital. How cool is that? If you are the crafty or artistic sort, you can produce your own knitting, cross-stitching, watercoloring and crocheting patterns. You may think that this won’t do well, but trust me, there are tons of people out there who are looking out for cute, new patterns that they can use to make decorations. 

8. Coaching Packages

Are you an expert and a respected professional in a certain field? Then, you can offer people coaching packages to supplement your online income. Compared to other digital products in this list, this one can help you connect even more to your customers, and establish closer relationships with them. Sure, you can make ebooks and online courses for them, but for many, one-on-one coaching or tutoring is a lot better. You can connect with a person on a deeper level. 

Coaching packages are considered digital products since you are selling them as bundles. It can also be referred to as a service because you are working with clients on a one-on-one basis.

9. Podcasts

Podcasts are often used by creatives and entrepreneurs to promote their services, products and brands. These are not as personal as one-on-one coaching packages, but it still provides in-depth guidance and more features that you can use to connect well with your audience. 

How can you earn through making podcasts? You can make subscription-based podcasts in which individuals can pay you directly. It can work like traditional membership sites, only that the content is on audio form. Another strategy is to allow people to listen for free, and if they pay a fee, they can gain access to bonus features and exclusives. 

10. Apps

More and more people are turning apps to make their lives easier on a daily basis. Actually, I think it’s getting more popular than software programs and packages! Whether you want to invest on a gaming, fitness or productivity app, you can easily create one. There is no need for you to personally handle the technicalities, of course. You can hire your own freelance developer to do the work for you. Then, you can sell your app for a small charge, or allow them to download it for free, and afterwards, just pay for in-app purchases. 

There are countless ways to create digital products.

One of the most important things you need to remember when creating digital products is to focus on quality rather than quantity. As a blogger and online entrepreneur, you objective here is to create high-quality digital products that add value to the lives of other people. Become the passionate, modern online entrepreneur that you are meant to be!

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