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Are you thinking of giving away hot freebies online to grow your online business and blog? If there is one thing that can make it easier for you to grow your email list quickly, it?s giving away the best internet freebies. Give your potential readers and customers something valuable in return. Generate great leads by jumping into that seasonal giving spirit, all year round! When done right, offering fabulous freebies can cultivate goodwill and more profit. Not to mention, you might want to use freebies or coupons to your advantage! The Income School Project 24 can help bloggers increase their traffic, create an income and even make a career out of blogging. Being able to get a coupon for Project 24 can save a blogger money but provide the same services! Read on for an awesome freebie list!


Offering awesome freebies online can help you grow your email list, then eventually your blog and business!

Decades ago, growing an email list wasn’t an important business task. Putting up a form in your website is enough?you wouldn?t really care whether your visitors sign up or not. Why? Because back then, email marketing wasn’t a critical component of running a venture.

These days, it?s different. Social media campaigns, search engine algorithms and digital marketing have changed the way we run our investments. They are also consistently changing, so bloggers and entrepreneurs need to keep up with those improvements. Now, it becomes apparent that growing one?s email list is one of the most critical ways to make sure that your business will be around for the long haul.

So, what should you be doing now? Think of new ways to expand your network and grow your email list to ensure the success of success of your online venture. Don?t feel stressed about it, though. I?m here to help you!


Quick tip? All you need to do is dangle something in front of your potential audience?s eyes?something that will strike their attention and curiosity. In order words, offer them the best online freebies. Have you tried browsing freebie websites for ideas? Visitors are always eager to get the freebies!

Good freebies online are essential not just to the growth of your email list, but also to the overall growth of your website. Make sure to include it in your blog business plan (click here for the seven key steps in creating a blog business plan!).

Now that you know that legit blog freebies can get you to places, time to ask yourself: ?What free stuff should I give to my target readers and customers?”

What freebies online should you give away? Let the brainstorming begin!

Here comes the challenging part. This is the part where many online business owners and bloggers give in to their frustration and give up all together. Don’t let that happen to you, okay? We can work through this together!

First Step: Who are your target readers and potential customers?

Who are your target audience and customers? Are they male or female? How about the age bracket? Education level? Religion? Describe the demographics in detail. Once you have figured out all the important information, you can now craft the perfect marketing message addressed to them. Get them to listen to you.

Second Step: What problem does your target audience have? What is that specific issue you want to address?

Learn and understand more about your target audience and customers. Are they currently struggling with something? Begin to find the solutions to these problems. How can you make their lives easier? The answers to these questions become the very foundation of the blogging content and digital freebies that you can pitch to them down the line.

Always start with the people you want to contact and reach out to, then figure out the need from there. Afterwards, you can create your offerings.

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Step Three: Want to offer awesome business freebies online? Create a vision for your product, service and blog content!

Building a profitable website with hot freebies is all about maintaining relationships with subscribers, and eventually directing them towards many sales funnels. Freebies are obviously, free stuff, but it doesn?t mean that you won?t get something in return.

You give freebies online because you want to get your readers? attention, while establishing good online reputation. Blog freebies are lead magnets that should always be related to your end products, service and blog content.

Now that you know what your potential readers and customers? problems are, what free stuff do you want to offer to them? Vision it now so you?ll know where you’re headed in the future. If you don’t know the destination, there’s no way to figure out what direction to head in.

Step Four: Ask Yourself a Question, “What would someone who wants my blog content also want for free? This is where fabulous freebies online come into play.”

How can you convince your visitors to get freebies online? See how those free stuff from other bloggers directly relate to their content? What types of downloadable freebies and other freebies by post do you have in mind, so far? Design blog freebies? Book freebies? Graphic freebies? Coupon freebies? Photo freebies? Build that queue. Create and deliver those interesting freebies online.

10 Awesome Freebies Online that you can Give Away For Leads

Providing freebies online is an amazing way to get someone?s precious attention. Everyone loves free stuff! Are you a blogger or a business owner striving for better online visibility? Offering freebies online is a proven method for capturing leads and pushing them down your sales funnel.

Here is an awesome freebie list that you can give away to further support your blog and business!


1. Free How-To Videos

Video editing is no easy task, but if you have some free time to burn, why not create short video tutorials for your website visitors? Teach them how to avoid stress, be better with their jobs, or how to use certain tools and products. Give them valuable insights that they usually have to pay for. Trust me, they?ll surely thank you for it!

2. Coupon Freebies

Coupon freebies online are probably the most common free stuff you?ll ever see around. Who doesn?t love coupon freebies? When it comes to free coupons, you can be generous enough and provide as much as you can. Every family in the neighborhood would love clothing store and grocery coupons. Take a look at for your online shopping coupons, they offer discounts for so many places like airbnb and fitbit! This is something your customers and readers will really appreciate. Just a reminder: Be generous but not so giving that you end up costing your business too much because of endless discounts!

3. Free Ebooks

Writing ebooks might seem like a pain in the butt, but it?s not actually as scary as you think. The rewards that may come with it really outweigh the momentary intimidation of writer’s block. Almost all people in the internet are continuously in search of new information, so I?m sure you would love to provide fantastic resource materials to your potential readers and customers.

Also, ebooks are free, but it doesn?t mean that you wouldn?t get anything in return. You just need to invest some writing time to build an invaluable bond and authority with your audience.

4. Free Blogging Events

Do you have a lot of blogger friends within your niche? Would you want to meet more people for more blogging opportunities? Why not organize your own event? If you enjoy socializing and planning gatherings, this is for you. Give people a chance to get together in your industry for free! Quite an investment, but worth it.

Organize the event through your website, so your readers can pass the link around and make other attendees aware. This is going to be fun. You might even meet some of your subscribers!

5. A Free Online Class

As mentioned above, people surfing the internet are in constant search of new information. They are always looking for something that can help them with career progress, and make their everyday lives easier.

Well, some of the hottest freebies online involve continuous learning from the most experienced bloggers. It?s not only beneficial for your business and blog, it?s also fun and satisfying. Lend a helping hand to those hungry for new knowledge. A free online class can create an invaluable number of leads, and can be about absolutely anything?no matter what niche you’re in!


6. Free Templates

Are you a freelance writer or a marketing consultant? Thinking of what digital freebie you can offer in connection to your niche and job? With a little bit of creativity, it becomes possible for you to make a product out of your intangible services.

Good examples of freebies online that you can provide are helpful templates and printables for industry beginners. A newbie blogger would love to have a downloadable freelance proposal template for free. If you?re an experienced professional with a cool website, create free templates that can really work for a lot of people. Who knows, after using your freebie online, they might consider booking a consulting appointment with you soon.

7. Free Online Video Consultations

Are you offering highly customized products and services to your blog? Do you have the charisma to back up your genius ideas? If yes, then you know that face-to-face consultations are important parts of the sales process. Why not reach out to your customers more, and offer Skype video consultations? It will give you a better chance of securing contracts with new people in your niche?much better than the traditional back-and-forth email method.

8. Free Lists

Nothing beats a long list of recommendations and tips. Aside from coupons, this is probably one of the most common freebies online. What are those 10 genius tips you will give a newbie blogger who is need of an efficient brand strategy? What about those people in need of time management tips? Any productivity hack list that you?d like to share? Be creative! No matter what you’re selling, and what blog content you are making, there’s always a list waiting to be written up and shared, and of course, readers and customers to win over.

9. Free Roundups

If you want to provide your readers with a huge collection of useful templates and other information for free, why don?t you round up your best blog posts and articles, and create a freebie around it? Something like ?150+ Free Resources to Grow Your Online Business? would sound very useful for both newbie and experienced online business owners and content creators. For sure, people will sign up to your email list!

10. A free app that compliments your brand

Give your potential readers and customers one of the best freebies online by providing them access to a useful application. Any platform in mind that compliments your brand and your goals? If you are a digital marketing blogger, you can give them a reliable, free SEO audit and reporting tool. Whether or not you choose to offer a paid version, it?s still a handy tool for those who are in need of guidance.

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So, what can you achieve by giving away freebies online?

What can bloggers and business owners achieve with free content? Of course, the reason why you are gathering all of these free lists is that you want to attract more readers that can help you grow your blog and business.

Here is a list of things you can gain from providing content free of charge.

1. Freebies online can attract more readers.

A blogger can never have enough readers. We?ll always want more audience, and more potential customers. As much as possible, we want our blog visitors to keep coming back, and to opt-in to our email.

If all of your content is hiding behind a barrier, then your ultimate blogging and business goals will be hard to achieve for the simple reason that you have fewer opportunities for visibility. Remember, the more content you have out there in the open, the more opportunities to reach your prospect exist.

2. Freebies online can connect you not just to your prospects, but also to other industry professionals.

Sure, providing freebies online can connect you to your peers. But do you know that free stuff can be more powerful than that? It can also widen your network and attract industry and partner contacts. With your experience and ideas out there in the vast digital world for anyone to consume for free, you are sure to sell yourself.

3. Freebies online can inform the audience and the entire world of your value.

Can you help your readers achieve your goals? Are they encountering new problems and issues that you want to solve? We know very well that it?s hard to get people pay for something before they know the amazing things you can do for them.

Make sure that your content and solutions are optimized well, so they will be found easily once readers go looking for answers in search engines.

4. Freebies online can put you in a good position against your competitors.

Your free content will not just educate potential audiences and customers, it will also show them your uniqueness. It is valuable because they can connect you versus other people, and why your solutions and approaches have the advantage. By providing freebies online, you can establish yourself as the primary go-to person in your niche.


5. Freebies online can provide a ?free taste? that builds desire for the full meal.

Is your blog and business making money by selling advice or information? If yes, then offering awesome freebies is a good idea for your prospects to have a glimpse of early good results. The easier they get the results, the more ?bought in? they will be.

Let them experience the best freebies online. This will make them trust you, and will make them want to maintain a great professional relationship. Always deliver in-depth information, so you can win their trust and prove that you can deliver your promises.

6. Your own freebies online can tell your story and show people who you are as an online business owner, a blogger and as a person.

Use your personal anecdotes and let your voice come through your free content. In various industries, who you work with can be as significant as what they can do for you, especially if they will be working with you closely for a long time.

We all love working with, and learning from individuals of unique personalities. Never forget to establish your personality first, before your credentials.

It?s time for your audience to enjoy those freebies!

It?s true that the term, ?free,? from a business perspective, can be an intimidating word. After all, the goal of every blogger and entrepreneur is to make money. But why not give it a chance? Let freebies online benefit your venture. Creating something interesting for your blog visitors is always fun!

Follow this guide to create the best opt-in offers for your audience.

The freebie list and other information included in this article should make it easier for you to see the benefits that free stuff and giveaways can possibly deliver.

Continuously look for various ways to leverage the value of freebies online in your future advertising and marketing campaigns! Need further help in starting your blog? Click here for a list of the best blogging tools that can save you precious time and effort. These can also help you create awesome freebies!



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