How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing by Starting Your Own Blog

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Do you want to learn how to make money with an affiliate marketing blog? Do you want to learn more about money management on sites like Money Sack to help grow your business? Websites which are monetized through affiliate sales is a very common business model, but it takes more work and patience compared to other ventures. Don’t be intimidated though. The rewards will be worth it! If you want to understand how to make extra money with affiliate marketing and how to start your affiliate marketing journey, continue reading this article. I’ll teach you how to create your own affiliate marketing blog and earn money from it!

What are the things you need to know?

Maintaining an affiliate marketing blog is one of the most effective ways to earn passive income online. Any person from any profession, as long as he or she is dedicated to affiliate blogging, can earn an amazing amount of money. The challenging part is learning your way towards those huge commissions.

Digital Marketing is very important when it comes to improving your blog/website and to reach your target audience. But it becomes a lot more useful when you know how to use these methods effectively. However, it’s okay to get confused at first. You may be asking yourself a lot of questions…

How to do affiliate marketing? What is an affiliate program? Which free affiliate programs are best for you? How to make money with affiliate marketing? What are the first steps towards a profitable affiliate marketing blog? Any pros and cons? In what way does this business model delivers value?

This reliable affiliate marketing guide will walk you through some important details to be able to start your own affiliate marketing blog. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, freelance writer, frequent traveler or online retailer, there’s an affiliate program for you.

Ready to know how to make money with affiliate marketing? Excited to create content and help your readers? Read on!


How to Create Your Own Profitable Affiliate Blog

Of course, you all know what a blog post is. Even this affiliate marketing guide is an example of a blog post. What you need to know is how to create and grow the readership of an epic blog. Decide on the topic you want to write about. Then, read more about free affiliate programs before promoting products in your blog posts and e-mail lists.

Master the art of affiliate marketing copywriting. Here are 6 effective ways to write content for your affiliate marketing blog!

Some bloggers however, choose not to promote on their blogs at all. They exclusively recommend products through e-mail lists. Learning how to make money with affiliate marketing also means developing your own strategy-something you can figure out later on in your affiliate marketing journey.

How to make money with affiliate marketing? Be an honest, sincere and dedicated blogger. And make sure that you have an excellent looking blog if you are going to drive traffic to your blog. (hint use an incredible designer,  like hills website designer) As long as you deliver incredible value in every blog post, there is a huge possibility that you’ll encounter real success as an affiliate marketer.

Determined to know how to become an affiliate marketer and earn huge commissions very soon? Here are more tips!

  • Never write fake reviews. Why not buy and use the product first before recommending it to your readers? It will be better to write from first-hand experience.
  • Write in-depth reviews and include case studies, if needed. Try your best to provide actionable content so your audience can see the results. In turn, there’s a big chance that they will click on your link and purchase the product or service.
  • If you really want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, strive hard to produce high-quality and honest content to earn your visitors’ trust. Build good credibility and reputation by developing a great relationship with them.

Trust me, focus on these and soon everything else will follow!

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The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Retailers are drawn to affiliate marketing because the business between publisher and merchant is always favorable for both sides. Who wouldn’t want to create lots of online sales and reach a more extensive client base?! Well, before jumping in to this new venture, you need to understand it first on every aspect, from its benefits to its pitfalls.

How to start with affiliate marketing? Keep these pros and cons in mind!


  • It is an excellent way to build up trust and good reputation. With an established credibility, you can easily promote your affiliate products!
  • You can make affiliate commissions with relative ease through actionable content, case studies and reviews
  • Want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing blogs are easy to draw traffic to. It can help you pick up referrals from other bloggers, social media shares, Google traffic and mentions on forums. As long as your content is good, you can feel confident that you have a strong ticket to success.
  • Allows you to easily build a comprehensive e-mail list which you can use to further grow your business by promoting to, and sending traffic back to your own website.


  • It is not the fastest way to make money. You need to build up your content strategy and website traffic first before seeing significant results.
  • Since you need to work on your credibility, traffic and e-mail list first, you have to put in a lot of work in writing and creating posts that don’t really generate income in the early stages of your affiliate marketing career.

How to make money with affiliate marketing? Be patient. Building your reputation and credibility takes time. It may take quite a while before you become recognized as a trusted marketer creating high-quality website content.

How Affiliate Marketing Blogs Deliver Value

Deliver great value by solving your readers’ problems. Sounds simple and easy?

If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, address the issues your audience is currently going through. Once they realize that your affiliate products can give them the much-needed help and convenience, they will purchase anything you recommend, whether you make a commission or not!

Moreover, never publish half-hearted content just for the sake of promoting a certain product. Only recommend items you truly believe in.

Looking for the best affiliate programs to promote? Click here for a list of affiliate programs you can choose from!

How to become an affiliate marketer? Focus on creating the best content possible using the topics your audience would love to know about. As you create actionable content, you help them improve some aspects of their lives.


How to make money with affiliate marketing? Learn from these successful affiliate marketing blogs!

1. Pat Flynn at

“With this blog, I want to be as transparent as possible with everything I do online. My businesses, my strategies and my income–-it’s all out there for you to see. I’m not trying to show off my success–-that’s definitely not my purpose. If you’re already doing business online, I hope that my experiences–-both my wins and my failures-can help you reach your goals.” -Pat Flynn,

Would you believe that Pat Flynn earned $67,000+ p/m just from affiliate sales on his blog? This doesn’t include product sales and revenue from other websites!

He has been blogging at SPI since 2008, and was one of the first marketers to openly and honestly share his affiliate income through monthly reports.

What kind of a blogger is he? He is honest and open-never afraid to get on the camera and share important parts of his life. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, be like Pat. Put yourself out there and always deliver more than needed!

How does an experienced blogger like Pat promote products? Well, he never promotes something he hasn’t personally tried and used. Once he recommends an item, he doesn’t just post about them. He guides his readers so they can get the most out of it, too.

All of these leads to a profitable affiliate marketing business for him.

Want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing? Do you want to be like Pat Flynn?!

Remember to seize various opportunities and explore its business potentials. If you know what your audience wants, create a supply for them. You can surely replicate Pat’s success by understanding his business model and system, and applying everything to your own hobbies and niche marketing plans.

2. Matthew Woodward at

“So, I started to think about what ‘value’ actually is, and what ‘value’ each and every visitor can actually offer me. The obvious two are people clicking on affiliate links and buying stuff. This is the goal of every internet marketer, right? But when you think about it, that is not actually the most important goal and that’s a very backwards way to look at things. So, I decided to shift the focus in this order of priority and setup the blog based on that-a full time subscription” – Matt Woodward at

Matt Woodward’s blog is one of the most amazing examples of an affiliate marketing blog done properly. Apart from posting high-quality content, how-to articles, video guides and in-depth tutorials, he embodies openness, honesty and trust. Exactly how everything needs to be done. No wonder he earns over $14,000 p/m just from affiliate sales!

In less than 2 years, he was able to establish a solid reputation as a blogger. His readers can trust him for advice and recommendations. In return, they are happy to click on his affiliate links.


Want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing? Do you want to be like Matthew Woodward?

Learn well from Matthew. Not only does he create epic, in-depth content for his affiliate marketing blog, he also knows his target audience perfectly well. This will help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Lindsay at

Do you love cooking and sharing your own recipes online? If yes, then, you can earn approximately $20k p/m from affiliate sales like Lindsay. She makes money through a wide range of affiliate programs, from cook books and recipes to Aweber and WordPress themes.

Her blog is proof that not only internet marketing blogs can bring in big money. Lindsay’s food website clearly shows that it is possible to earn income from affiliate marketing without giving affiliate marketing advice.

Whether you want to blog about food, fashion or photography, you definitely have a bright blogging future ahead of you.

Want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing? Do you want to be like Lindsay?! Consider Pinch of Yum as a perfect example of an authority blog in the food niche space. If you want to understand how to make money with affiliate marketing, learn from Lindsay’s strategy. Don’t limit yourself on just one or two topics-you can write about many topics under one website!

Target and communicate with your readers well!

How You Can Create Your Own Profitable Affiliate Blog

If you want to understand how to make money with affiliate marketing, follow this hot tip: You should always focus on creating epic content. Aside from that, work hard in promoting your posts, otherwise, no one will ever see it. I also suggest reading something like this ‘best local marketing vault review‘ so that you can further educate yourself on your target market. You really need to know your readers so that you can tailor your website to them!

Have you researched your fellow bloggers? What are the topics they love writing about? To learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to pick a profitable niche wisely. Just make sure there’s a huge demand, and lots of affiliate products on sale with an easy-to-reach target audience.

Know which types of posts get a lot of shares and links. Are there common questions on forums related to your niche? I’m sure you would love to make something even better and bigger than those content! Take down notes, and gather them in one document. That can serve as your own affiliate marketing guide you can go back to from time to time.

Friendly advice: Choose a topic you genuinely like. Blogging is pretty much running your own business, so make sure you are enjoying what you do to be productive.

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How to make money with affiliate marketing? Network like crazy with other bloggers within your niche!

Being a blogger full-time (or even part-time) is amazing because aside from earning money from it, you can work on your website, anytime and anywhere you want. Though, to be able to have a prosperous affiliate blogging career, you need to do endless content promotions.

Interact with other bloggers within your niche. Share their content, link to them, post comments on their blog posts and e-mail them. If there’s a chance, why not do something cool for them for free? This will be an amazing gesture for a new friend!

When done right, your content promotion efforts will be worth sharing and linking back.

If you want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing, be where your target audience is online. Why not send guest blog posts to popular blogs and be active on niche-related forums? You can also explore social media groups and pages to grow your traffic.

Are you friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and approachable? Well, reach out to people. Let them know of your awesome personality and awesome content!

Every day is a chance to grow your e-mail list and speed up your blog’s success by bringing the traffic back to your new blog posts. Building a good relationship with your readers allows you to increase your income through exciting e-mail promos.

Monetize, monetize, monetize!

Want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing? How to become an affiliate marketer? Monetize from the very beginning! Never make the mistake of waiting for a “good time” and until you have a certain number of subscribers.

You may enjoy blogging like any other simple hobby, but never forget that it has a huge potential for business.


What will you need to get started?

Want to make money with affiliate marketing? Keep this affiliate marketing checklist in mind!

  • A memorable and brandable domain. Any catchy domain names in mind?!
  • You need to get reliable hosting service. You’ll need help in maintaining your affiliate marketing blog!
  • Make sure that you have an autoresponder from day 1. This will help you build your e -mail list, gain traffic and increase your income.
  • Look for commonly asked questions within your niche, and use them to make epic blog content. Strategize and be creative!
  • Reach out to people! Develop your relationships with other bloggers in the niche through sharing, outreach, linking and featuring content.
  • If you want to understand how to make money with affiliate marketing, always remember that trustworthiness, honesty and openness are the keys to successful product recommendations.
  • You need to take an awesome affiliate marketing course.

You think you need a more comprehensive affiliate marketing guide? Click here for more affiliate marketing tips and tricks!

Have a fun and fulfilling affiliate marketing journey!

Creating and maintaining an affiliate marketing blog is usually not a fast way to earn money. Sure, it can be long-term and sustainable once you work hard, but you should first dedicate many hours in exercising creativity, gathering knowledge and implementing strategy.

If you want to understand how to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to always keep your marketing hat on and learn from other successful affiliate marketing blogs. Aside from exercising creativity in writing blog posts, you need to continuously strategize and sharpen your marketing skills.

An affiliate marketing blog can work in countless niches, from business management and internet marketing to cooking and fashion!

Soon, the trust, honesty, openness, and the value you deliver to your readers will pay off! You can be considered as an authority in your niche just like Pat Flynn. His hard work led to a $60k p/m income. You can earn that amount (and maybe so much more than that!), too!



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