The Best 90-Day Food Storage Printable for Your Food Preparation Journey

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Attention all printable and food lovers! I have the perfect 90-day food storage template that can help you get started in your long food preparation journey. I know you’re continuously looking for ways to improve your food preparation plans, so well, here it is! This amazing printable has helped my family save on grocery bills, most especially during challenging times. I’m sure that the pandemic and economic problems made us realize that preparing essentials ahead of time is crucial. 

I highly recommend you use this three-month food storage printable template and soon upgrade to the 1-Year Food Storage one.

Download the 90-Day Food Storage Printable Now. Click here.

A template like this one will help you organize your pantry, as well as life-sustaining long-term food storage. I know that using this can be difficult, most especially for big families. It’s not as simple as filling in blanks and listing down ingredients. Using this food storage printable also requires thorough budgeting. 

Here are some tips that can make the most out of the 90-Day Food Storage Printable! 

1. Use high-quality food storage containers.

Stainless, thermal ones are often airtight, and are great solutions for keeping food items chilled or warm. Glassware is also a good option, as long as you can handle it carefully. 

2. Put together your own weekly and monthly menus.

With simple recipes in hand, decide what to cook every week. Take stock of what you need for those recipes. Take note of missing essentials like herbs and spices. Then, create a grocery list. 

3. Keep your meal preparation process simple.

Start simple. Focus on a single main dish and make one-pot recipes. Avoid the temptation of spending an entire day cooking complex meals. Complex recipes can complicate your tasks. Try making just one recipe ahead of time. Once you get comfortable, you can explore more recipes. 

4. Prepare healthy, balanced meals.

Depending on you and your family’s health goals, plan meals that will keep the entire household satisfied. It’s easy to make a huge bowl of chili for lunch, though that can’t be considered as a complete meal. See to it that you’ll get enough of the right food groups to fill out your macros. 

5. Close and seal containers appropriately. 

One of the important factors in ensuring that your food storage is effective is the seal you create around the food product. Use containers with sealing lids. That way, you can reduce cross contamination. Moreover, plastic wrap can be used to enclose the item. Don’t allow raw food to come into direct contact with the fridge shelves, where they can pick up bacteria.

Having long-term food storage plans and supplies give me peace of mind. There’s no need to run at the grocery store at a minute’s notice to get products that I don’t have in my pantry! 🙂

Download the 90-Day Food Storage Printable Now. Click here.

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