TikTok Live: Best Practices for Business Owners

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TikTok is the virtual space for people who love to showcase their dance, acting, and lip-sync skills. It brings incredible entertainment in just one click! But you know what, it’s not all challenges and comedy skits. TikTok is a brilliant storytelling and marketing platform for brands, marketers, and content creators who want to boost their visibility in the digital landscape. 

Do you love sharing awesome videos on TikTok?! Going on TikTok Live is more exciting, helping you bond with your followers and potential clients in real-time. Have more fun and make more money, just for being YOU! 

What is TikTok Live?

Like Instagram Live, TikTok Live is a way for you and your followers to interact in real-time. Live streaming will help you monetize your TikTok account and receive virtual gifts from other users. With 600 million active daily users, TikTok is the virtual place for growing brand awareness and advertising products and services. 

TikTok videos are only limited to 10 minutes, so by live Streaming, you can engage more with your audience. Viewers can use TikTok coins, an app paid for with real money, to purchase virtual gifts for their favorite live streamers. Once received, these gifts become Diamonds that creators can exchange for cash and withdraw. 

The thing is, TikTok Live and TikTok Live Stream Program are not for everyone. You have to gain 1,000 followers first and be at least 16 years old and above to take advantage of this feature. Excited to go live on TikTok? Here are some of the best practices you should keep in mind to reach and captivate as many audiences as possible. 

TikToK Live Best Practices

1. Know Your Goal

Why do you want to go on TikTok Live? Each TikTok video and live stream initiative should have a clear goal. Do you want to promote new products and services, drive traffic to a landing page or invite them to join your email list? The possibilities are endless. You need to ensure that all of your TikTok Lives really benefit your business. 

We do these videos not just for fun but as a part of our business strategy. With a clear intention in mind, you can choose the best flow type for your broadcast. For example, if you want to increase sales of your newest online course, you may want to offer “buy now discounts,” giving discounts to people who’ll purchase before the live stream ends. 

2. Go Live at the Right Time

Livestreaming on TikTok and hosting parties is not only about striking good conversations. You need to go live in front of an active audience at the right time. Of course, the more viewers online, the higher the engagement you can get. 

Before finalizing your content calendar, go through TikTok analytics. TikTok analytics is an in-app tool created to help users monitor specific metrics around their content. You can check the total time, total views, Diamonds earned, and followers gained in a certain period on the LIVE tab. 

3. Choose a Relevant, Interesting Topic

If you’re planning to do TikTok Lives several times a week, it’s time to create a long list of topics that will keep your audiences engaged. It needs to be enticing, intriguing, and perfectly satisfy your goal. Are you a mindset coach who wants to promote a new ebook? 

You may want to discuss common personal development issues and motivate your viewers by offering tips to solve those problems. Then, in the end, tell them about your online course and how it can improve their personal development journey. It’s also possible to develop a broad monthly topic and discuss subtopics on weekly broadcasts

4. Plan the Flow of your Live Stream 

Spontaneity is not always effective. Plan your broadcast’s structure to keep your viewers happy and entertained. How do you plan to start? Which points do you want to cover first? Should you interview someone to offer your audience more interesting insights? How often should you read questions and feedback from people? 

Start by introducing yourself to followers and viewers. Pre-planning is crucial! However, don’t make them feel like your broadcast is scripted. We’re on TikTok and other social media networks because we want to serve authentic content. Just lay out a structure that can nurture organic connection. 

5. Answer Questions

The best thing about going on TikTok Live is that you can interact with people in real-time. Moreover, you can gain new followers and viewers as you go along, widening your reach and spreading awareness about your brand. 

Instead of just talking about your chosen topic, pay attention to your viewers’ questions and feedback. Answer them, and if you must, ask follow-up questions and get more reactions from them. Social media makes conversations more convenient and fun! 

6. Lead Audiences to the Next Step

Call to action statements encourage your viewers to take action. Usually, CTAs convert a viewer into a lead or generate a sale. Although including these statements every time can be beneficial for your business, it can be annoying rather than enticing.  

Depending on the goal of your TikTok Live, include a call to action statement before ending the broadcast. For example, after sharing bite-sized self-improvement tips, redirect them to a new blog post where they can find more thorough information on the topic. 

8. Keep Your Live Stream Short and Simple

Although TikTok recommends live sessions to 30 minutes, you can stay for up to an hour. 30 minutes, however, is the best maximum time limit. Remember that this social media network is geared toward shorter videos, unlike YouTube, which focuses on long-form content.

Keep your video short, simple, and digestible even when live streaming. Once viewers realize that your broadcast is getting boring or dragging, they’ll undoubtedly leave and may not watch any of your TikTok Lives again. Keep your eyes on the clock while talking to the camera, so you’ll know when it’s time to hurry up and end the broadcast. 

9. Focus on the Technicalities

There are several technical aspects to consider before going on TikTok Live, from a good internet connection to proper audio and lighting. Every part of your broadcast contributes to your viewers’ experience. No need for you to set up an entire studio, though! 

Take advantage of natural light and film in a quiet, well-lit room. If there’s no well-lit space available in your home, you can use a simple ring light to see to it that there are no unwanted shadows in your live session. Most importantly, test your internet action connection before starting the video. 

10. Promote your Live Stream Beforehand

Going on TikTok Live tomorrow at 6 pm? Announce it through a TikTok post 24 hours before the broadcast. Inform people briefly about what you’re planning to talk about and how it can help them. If you’re planning to launch a new product through TikTok Live, announce that discounts and exclusive offers await them!

However, some entrepreneurs and content creators may be too preoccupied to announce their live streams. This is where TikTok scheduling tools like SocialPilot come in. These tools can help you schedule various posts to go on live based on your chosen date and time. 

11. Moderate your TikTok Live

While you’re on TikTok Live, anyone can send comments for everyone to see. And these comments may include negative or inappropriate comments that can have a terrible impact on the viewing experience. Explore TikTok’s comment moderation tools and promote kindness to your page. 

Assign a live moderator who can help you manage the comments section of your broadcast. Your moderator can approve and disapprove comments with specific keywords and block or mute problematic viewers, allowing you to inform and, at the same time, spread positive energy on your TikTok! 

TikTok Live Ideas For Small Businesses

So you want to level up your small business’ marketing strategy?! Don’t just focus on TikTok Stories. Here are some ideas you can take on in your next TikTok Live session! Nothing difficult and fancy. Just be authentic and have fun with your marketing goals in mind. 

1. Share Your Thoughts

Educate your audience by sharing your thoughts and flexing your expertise. This TikTok Live video idea can be applied to any niche or industry, so you can file endless topics under this one! Social media marketing? Real estate? Passive income ideas? Share valuable information with your audience in the most unique way possible. 

2. Host Q and A Sessions

At least one day before your scheduled live stream, ask your followers to send you questions via email or other social networking sites. The goal here is to address some of the most common questions your current and potential clients have and increase trust. 

3. Live Interviews

Interview a fellow influencer and thought leader in the same industry. This kind of content can get a lot of attention, especially if you get to collaborate with someone with a huge following. Still, interviewing up-and-coming business owners and content creators can benefit you,  as long as you impart amazing information that can help several people. 

4. Share Your Success Stories

Each social media post should appeal to people’s emotions more than logic. Business success stories are fantastic since they evoke positive emotions in both followers and first-time viewers. Share your personal success story and inspire more people!

5. Create a Short Tutorial

Produce a short tutorial or review of a tool you love to use in your day-to-day business operations. It can be an organization tool, an analytics platform, or a productivity manager. Make it fun and quick for your audiences to digest. If it’s a paid app, people would certainly want to know if it’s worth paying for. 

TikTok Live: Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

TikTok Lives must not be overproduced. At some point, you’ll get tempted to go Live every day as it can provide you stronger visibility, but keep in mind that quality is important above all else. Interaction, products, and content make all the difference.  

Whether it’s content creation on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform, don’t focus on frequency. Instead, zero in on what you think your target audience would love to see! Even with a once-a-week live streaming schedule, you can go viral and reach millions of people. 

Host a TikTok Live Session Today for Increased Sales and Visibility

TikTok Lives should be part of every business marketing strategy. It’s the key to stronger visibility in the digital landscape and more sales in the long run. However, to be truly successful, you need to commit to the best practices and, at the same time, constantly nurture your creativity. 

Social media success is only possible with creativity, hard work, and a good mindset. Without any of these three elements, making significant progress in your online marketing is impossible. Maintain a positive mindset as you work on your TikTok and the rest of your marketing routine. 

I know it can be tricky, considering the challenges that we go through every day. You can do it! Focus on your goals and convert those TikTok Lives views into sales and clients! 

Need help with your TikTok Live Streaming? I have an amazing strategy that can convert followers and views into paying online clients. Let’s chat!

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