10 Ways To Go From Blogger To Business Owner

Blogger to Business Owner

Trying to monetize your blog through ads, affiliate links or sponsored posts will take a long while to make serious money. Is there a faster option? This post is going to show you how to become an entrepreneur using your blog. Transitioning from a blog owner to a business owner can initially seem impossible, but I’m here to help make your transition smooth.

So let’s get started with 10 ways to help make you a business owner!

1. Consulting Packages or One-On-One Coaching For Business Owners

Offering packaged services is a surefire way to transition from blog owner to entrepreneur. If new to that idea, perhaps begin offering your skills and knowledge through packaged services before moving to scalable courses, bigger products, group coaching and ebooks. Experiencess gained from one-on-one coaching help make better products.

Narrowing the package helps achieve maximum results. Pick that special thing you’re great at and that you’d like to teach to others. Going all over the place will leave your clients frustrated. Plan your packages so your clients see measurable results gained from your package. Let there be a plan with tasks that leads to results.

Offering an “ask me anything for one hour” isn’t usually as effective as “follow this plan to move from blog to entrepreneur in one day.” The second is more impressive. It doesn’t matter if a client simply spends that one hour asking you questions because they will still leave satisfied.

Need ideas?
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9 Ways To Treat Your Blog Like A Business

Treat Blog Like Business

Is your blog a hobby not earning its keep? Would you rather your blog make you serious money?

Recently I met someone who runs a nice blog with lots of awesome information, but she was only doing it for fun, you know, the usual blogging as a hobby. We eventually scheduled time where I showed her how to treat her blog like a business so she could make cool money from blogging.

If you’ve been thinking about this as well, and you mean serious business about blogging as a business, pay rapt attention to the following points that will enlighten you on how to treat your blog like a business.

1. Make Your Blog Unique By Blogging In A Niche

That this is the first point is no coincidence! If visitors to your blog cannot easily discern your blogging focus or the particular value you intend giving them, chances are high it will be difficult selling anything to them.
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9 Ways To Reduce Stress & Be A Rested And Relaxed Entrepreneur


If I were to ask you right now, “What are you currently working on?” you’re most likely going to start ticking off on your fingers (and maybe toes) a long list of all the projects you’re currently working on, including those you “intend” to start working on. It likely won’t be a list of how to reduce stress as an entrepreneur.

While there is no right or wrong answer to that question, you’ll notice most of us are probably focusing only on the big things and pushing the little things (which usually are what matters most) aside.

You know, those little things of “when last I spend time with family?” Or, “When did I just spend the morning lazing around on the bed and having some “me” time?”

I guess the latter questions would not be as readily answered as the first one. Why? Because everyone is busy chasing their careers and business. After all, being an entrepreneur is no child’s play. It involves lots of work!

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11 Proven Ways To Monetize Your Blog (and actually make money)


You woke up one morning and thought you needed to monetize your blog. Not really! The real story is that at one time you got this burning desire to reach out to others with stories of your life experiences, or to enlighten others on something you’re very knowledgeable about. In this digital age, the obvious path to follow in achieving this is to start and monetize your blog.

On the strength of that passion and enthusiasm, you got your blog set up, not on some free hosting site but on a professional self-hosted site that tells people you’ve been there, done that.

Several months down the road it begins to feel as if the stream of creativity and passion has dried up, you’re the only one putting in all the efforts, while the blog doesn’t lift a finger. What you need is some rain to get things wet and get your creativity juices flowing. Those showers can only come when you monetize your blog and make it a rainmaker!

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7 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog (and how to correct it)

7 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog (and how to correct it)

You started a blog. You are trying to actually get people to read your content.  However, it feels like a virtual ghost town and in some cases, you can’t even hear crickets. You think no one is reading your blog. Been there, done that.  You no longer have to feel like that.

Ever heard of your ideal client but have no clue how your blog is going to actually reach them? No worries, got you covered. Want people to read your content (not just your sweet grandma) No problem, got you covered. This post is for you if you are ready to get a larger audience reading your content. Let’s dive in…
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12 Powerful Ways to Get More Clients (and keep them showing up)


12 Ways to get More Clients and keep Showing Up. Starting your own business is fun!  But when rubber hits the road and getting clients to keep your doors open now that can be stressful. In today’s blog post, I am going to share with you 12 powerful strategies that help you get more clients.  In fact, if you want to be solidly booked, then you have landed in the right spot

Starting your own business is fun!  But when rubber hits the road and getting clients to keep your doors open now that can be stressful. In today’s blog post, I am going to share with you 12 powerful strategies that help you get more clients.  In fact, if you want to be solidly booked, then you have landed in the right spot. Read on to find out my absolute best ways to get more clients:

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13 Actions You Should Take When Publishing A Blog Post + After publishing your blog / If your dream is to grow your blog but are trying to figure out how to craft high-quality blog posts and market them, then this post is for you. I show you 13 actions to take to help your posts have a wider reach

13 Actions You Should Do Before & After Publishing A Blog Post

Bloggers will generally agree creating a blog post that is high quality isn’t always an easy job. There are several things you need to do to achieve success in blogging. You have to create content, edit the blog posts, then market them in order to optimize them, as well as a host of other tasks. But it isn’t as hard as you may think. If you are really serious about creating posts that people and search engines will love, this was written especially for you.

13 Actions You Should Take When Publishing A Blog Post + After publishing your blog / If your dream is to grow your blog but are trying to figure out how to craft high-quality blog posts and market them, then this post is for you. I show you 13 actions to take to help your posts have a wider reach

I will be sharing with you 13 action steps you should take before and after hitting the publish button for all of your blog posts. There is nothing scary about them, and they are steps that don’t require much time to implement. Remember that when you write a post that requires too much reading, it will not be read.

As a bonus, I have included a printable checklist you can download that will serve as a reference resource. If you are ready – let’s roll!

Psst…want my “13 Action Blog Post Checklist”? It’s a free download you can get by clicking the button below.  It’s the perfect checklist to print out and keep close by whenever you begin writing a new post.

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Why I Threw Away My To Do List And Do This Instead…

I use to be the queen of lists. Lists for family, business, grocery shopping, housecleaning, laundry and all these endless checklists. As a woman entrepreneur, mother, wife and queen of all trades I am driven to maximize my potential to meet my huge goals and I did this with lists. And as time went on, my list of lists grew and I began dreading my lists. In fact, I almost hated waking up in the morning because my lists RULED my life. I felt suffocated and I couldn’t breathe……

to do list meditation

It was so bad, one morning I woke up and went into my closet. Why? Because my closet is the most disorganized messiest place in my whole house. It felt good to be away from order and lists! On that day, I sat in my closest, closed by eyes, and sat in complete silence for five minutes. It was simply magical. And that is how it all started.

I began going into my closed each morning for about 5 minutes before I would look at my 1st list. What I found is that I began to draw inspiration from that 5 minutes of letting my mind just sit still. In fact, the inspiration began to flow so much that I couldn’t keep up! I felt inspired to grab a pen and start writing down all my thoughts.

One morning as an afterthought, I picked up my inspiration notebook and noticed that the thoughts on it were entirely different from what was on my list. In fact, the things I had written down as inspiration to do were 180 degrees different than what was on my multiple to do lists. So I tried an experiment one day. I threw away my 7 lists that I was working from that particular day and used my thoughts from my inspiration notebook to began my day. It changed everything for me!

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Facebook Group Hacks: From Zero Clients to Filling Your Programs in 20 Mins A Day

Being a women entrepreneur and social media goddess is not an easy job—you have to do all the thinking and writing, and posting, and working hard to be “heard” over all that clutter. But is it worth it? Totally! (Trust me; I’ve been in this business long enough to know).

For all those goddesses out there who are stuck in the bog of overwhelm about:

  1. Having a writer’s block about what to post over Facebook to improve their brand visibility,
  2. Worrying about the low interaction on your posts, or
  3. Worrying about the amount of time you are “wasting” in Facebook groups

…don’t worry, I got your back.

Click On the Resources Button Below to Get Your Facebook Group Hacks Guide To Fill Your Programs

11 Proven Ways to Monetize Your Blog 4

When I was starting, I had the same issues too, and was absolutely exhausted to keep up with all of it, and I tried and tested various different methods to get what I had intended to all along. All these experimentations led me to discovering some really great ways to create engagement on Facebook posts, and that, too, by only spending 20 minutes each day! Not only have I cracked the code to understand exactly what kind of content to post, I have a proper schedule now that helps me be proactive at what I do!

It’s time to get organized.  De-clutter your virtual desk, create a list of tasks, prepare a cup of your favorite beverage (mint is Starbucks herbal Passion tea) , and get down to business.  And let me share with you a few actionable hacks on how to go from zero clients to filling your programs by just spending 20 minutes a day posting content in Facebook groups.

So, ladies, do you want in on my pack of secrets? Read on!

(and shhhh….!)

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How To Use Facebook Video To Work Less & Earn More

How To Use Facebook Video To Work Less And Earn More

(Hint Facebook video views are as low as 2 cents a view right now)


Divine Goddesses know how important it is to live a rich, fulfilling life. Otherwise, what is the point? Imagine working less yes enjoying every minute of it when you are! All while earning 6+ figures. What would it mean to you to be able to build your legacy, breathe life into your soul and impact the world – all while growing your bank account?

It is your time. It is time to stop playing small and grow that beautiful Goddess life of yours! If you utilize Facebook Videos correctly, you can work less and earn more. It is as simple as that. I personally know a woman who makes 7-figures a year just off Facebook Video. She created a 23-minute video and has sold 19 people into her high-end mastermind program just using that video. That is all she does. Simply brilliant! She is a divine goddess serving at her highest level and living a life she loves.

Here’s a look at how to correctly utilize Facebook Video in order for you to live a Goddess life, work less and earn more.

Video is Queen

Queen in red dress with movie clapboard

In terms of Facebook, nowadays it is all about the video. Facebook adores video, and, if you follow the steps below, you can get yourself video clicks for as little as 2 cents per view. Then turn them into paying customers!

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