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Online learning is an evolving market. It’s an emerging trend for people of all ages. Instead of commuting to attend their physical classes, more and more individuals are enjoying the flexibility and comfort of studying at home. Do you want to be a successful course creator someday?! With tons of competition, making money by selling and creating an online course can be difficult. How will you go about it?! Let me teach you how to do it! 

Using your knowledge and expertise by creating an online course is a revolutionary method to teach others. As long as there is a need for more consumable information, you’re exposed to a wide range opportunities. 

Make money creating online courses now! 

1. By creating an online course, you can earn huge passive income

Online courses can be sold over and over again, even with the same old content. Believe it or not, creating and selling online courses is the most effective way to generate passive income. After putting together a course curriculum and implementing a good marketing strategy, you can profit even while on autopilot. No matter what niche you’re in, you can continue to attract learners who are potentially interested in your online course. 

2. Creating an online course means reaching a wider audience!

Through online courses, you can expand your business and break geographical barriers without leaving your comfortable, cozy room. How amazing is that?! With the help of the digital landscape and technology, it becomes possible to reach out to thousands of learners. All you need to do is develop a wonderful idea, commit to a thorough content creation process, launch your project and then share it to the world. 

3. Easy and convenient management

Creating an online course is now easier and more accessible even for newbies. Try Thinkific. I love it so much! The most user friendly online course creation technology right at your fingertips! Even as a beginner, you can curate an awesome experience all students will love. 

4. Work from anywhere!

As an online course creator, you have the freedom to choose your own workplace. Even if you move from state to state, or travel from one country to another, it will barely affect your routine. The only things you need? Your laptop and strong internet connection! That’s it! And you can operate your e-learning empire from any corner of the world. 

5. No paperwork and additional costs involved! 

Ready to live a clutter-free lifestyle?! Since most of the work is carried out online, there’s minimal paperwork, and definitely zero shipping, delivery and manufacturing costs involved.

6. Time Flexibility

Running an online course business won’t force you to maintain a 9 to 5 routine. Course creators can choose their work schedule according to their own convenience. You get to pick when you want to work, and be productive whenever you want!

Is there money in creating online courses?

Selling your very own online course is a way to generate passive income, and at the same time provide many benefits to you and your brand. A brilliant online course can enhance your brand online, and boost your digital presence as a whole. Furthermore, it can establish you as a credible source of knowledge and as a thought leader in your niche. Even if you offer your first online course for free, you can attract more business leads and potential clients. 

Should you create an online course or a membership site? Click here to learn more. 

How do I make money online? How Much Revenue to Expect from an Online Course?

Online courses provide one of the most promising business models to business owners. The demand is continuously rising, and more and more are willing to pay even for the most comprehensive, expensive courses. So, how much do course creators earn? This varies a lot from creator to creator. You need to consider plenty of factors that may impact your potential revenue. 

1. The price of your online course

Are you selling it for 5$ or at around $500? This is a huge price difference! Contemplate on it well. The right decision depends on how many individuals you need to sell your course to, in order to fulfill your revenue goals. 

Want to know how to price your online course so that it sells fast? Click here

2. Your level of expertise

The more knowledgeable you are in your niche, the more unique your content is. In turn, it will be easier for you to be recognized in your chosen field. 

3. The size of your target audience

How many social media followers do you have? Do you have an email list and a proven email marketing strategy? The bigger your network is, the more clients you can get. If you are just starting out with a small following, begin by putting together an email list. 

4. Your target audience’s income

Evaluate how much your target market is earning. Are they willing to spend on digital products like online courses? 

5. Sales and marketing experience

Have you ever tried marketing a digital product? If you have operated an online business before, and has sold and marketed products successfully, then you are at a huge advantage!  Feel free to expect a higher conversion rate from your audience.

6. Customer loyalty

So, who are your loyal customers? How can you be so sure that they will come back for your new offerings? Will they buy your future online courses? Are you sure you have an engaged customer base? For those who are starting out from zero, don’t worry! With hard work and right strategy, you can gain a loyal audience that will genuinely love your learning materials. 

7. Your personal brand recognition

Basically, personal brand recognition is how visible, memorable and approachable you are on social media and in the entire internet. Have you ever tried googling your name? Find out what people are saying about you. 

8. Online course topic

Success starts with a profitable online course topic. This determines whether your target audience will love your idea or not, and if it’s going to sell. 

Click here to learn how to come up with a great online course topic. 

9. Think about your competition

How many people are in need of your courses? Around how many competitors do you have? See to it that you are offering a great solution to a common problem within your niche, and know how to set yourself apart from the rest. 

Carry out a thorough market research process. Click here to learn more!

10. The effectiveness of  your website

Sell your online course through your website now! Though, to get good results, you need to pay attention to analytics carefully. Evaluate how people end up at your blog or website, and how they interact with your sales and landing pages. Continuously work to improve your performance. That way, you can generate bigger exposure. 

How to make money creating online courses? Follow these tips! 

Look, I know that so many online gurus are saying that creating online courses are easy, and it can be done in a short period of time. Sure, anyone can be a successful course creator someday but it really takes time! Aside from endless hours of hard work, you need patience and determination to get the job done. It’s definitely far from easy. If you want, you can start creating online courses as a passive side hustle until you begin making big revenue to move on full-time. 

Create and sell online courses now as a passive side hustle! Click here

To get through that first course sale and improve your profit later on, there are some tips you should remember. 

1. Validate your online course idea. 

See to it that that wonderful idea is actually solving a problem, and your future students are willing to pay for it. It’s crucial to understand your target market and the problems they are currently facing. Validate it by browsing different course marketplaces like Udemy and Coursera, checking social media groups for hot topics and looking through online forums. 

2. Pre-sell your online course.

Pre-selling is a great idea for many reasons. Basically, it’s testing your idea. Will it work or not? This will prevent you from dumping plenty of resources into something that won’t sell in the future. Don’t guess what people are interested in. Pre-sell it and check the results. You can start by creating a simple Twitter poll. Ask them what course will be most beneficial for them. After a few campaigns and you don’t meet your goal, then don’t push through with that course. 

3. Charge up front.

Providing a one-off fee is the easiest to execute and easiest for students to understand. After all we’re all used to paying for products up-front. In addition to that, it’s less intimidating compared to the idea of having recurring payments that never seem to end. Some people believe that when students are already paying for a subscription fee every month, they may hesitate to invest more money since they feel like they’ve already paid what is due. 

4. Consider charging a subscription fee. 

Sure, we’re all used for paying up-front, but that doesn’t mean that no learner will ever agree to pay on a monthly basis. Many students are still eager to pay recurring charges for ongoing lessons, as long as they’ll generate value from it over time. Create an on-going course that will keep them coming back. It takes a lot of commitment on your end, but it will pay off in time! 

5. Utilize an effective tiered payment system.

There’s no need for you to charge the same exact fees for each service. If you decide to go for a subscription model, you can offer some levels for free. But, don’t forget to charge for those comprehensive premium functions. It’s always fair to charge more once they reach advanced materials. 

6. Offer your online course for free, but charge for certifications.

We’re here to make money but it’s essential to make little sacrifices as you begin your journey. I know this appears counterintuitive, but can work to your advantage for many reasons. Certification really has a professional value, so there is no doubt that people would pay for it! Moreover, this move establishes trust between you and your customers. They can sign up without worrying if they made a bad decision. Also, you’ll gain a bigger email list of interested individuals you can market to! 

7. Funnel it into another service or product.

Another way to offer the course for free?! Use it as part of a sales funnel. This is perfect if you have another business selling other products. You can come up with a course about how to use them, and offer it as a free perk to every customer who buys it. 

8. Sell course licenses.

Do you know that you can produce content and then sell licences to businesses that don’t want to create the online course themselves? All you need to do is create a course and then get the yearly licensing fee! It’s the company’s job to handle the marketing, customer service management and technical details. The result? A longer sales cycle for you as the course creator. Just be prepared to do marketing for institutions and businesses who want it! If you want, you can take off all management tasks from your routine and just charge more. 

9. Use Facebook ads to entice people to sign up to your opt-in freebie.

Are your email opt-ins performing well? Well, creating it is just one part of the game. If people don’t know that it exists, they wouldn’t be able to sign up. Use Facebook ads to drive people to that free email opt-in. You’ll never go wrong with Facebook ads targeting! It’s one of the most valuable types of digital marketing because of Facebook’s vast user base. Facebook can optimize your ads and lead them to the best audience possible, depending on the targeting and budget that you set.

10. Create a strategic plan.

Once you’ve decided to sell your online course in your blog, it’s time to come up with a strategic plan. You should be able to produce content that talks about the pains, inconveniences and problems of your target market. Then, present the benefits of taking the online course that you created. As much as possible, don’t just “tell” it to them. Illustrate everything, either in video, audio or text (or a combination of these three methods!?). Your strategy must include the following:

  • Informative content that focuses on what you do
  • The frustrations and struggles of your target audience, and you can provide solutions for them
  • Content that directly discuss the benefits of taking your online course
  • Website posts that establish the credibility of your brand, from opinion pieces and case studies to guest blogging 

Give online teaching a try! Make money by creating an online course now! 

Are you still doubting your abilities? It’s perfectly okay to feel a bit overwhelmed and self-conscious. Take it one step at a time, and start today. Create a profitable online course now. Condense all of your skills and knowledge into an amazing course that can provide value and improve people’s lives. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised as to how much passive income you can earn, and how many individuals you can help. 

When it comes to generating income online, you have literally hundreds of options. Whether you choose to create an online course, venture into affiliate marketing or monetize your blog, there are tons of opportunities waiting for you. Pick the right one for you! You need to take advantage of the internet, and the possibilities and opportunities it brings. But, remember that with online work, you’ll end up with fewer boundaries and usually work alone. This means you need to:

Be an excellent communicator

Online course creators must never get lost in translation. You should be able to express yourself properly, most especially in creating a course curriculum and making the modules more exciting. 

Learn how to manage your time

Use your time wisely. You have 100% control of your schedule though this doesn’t mean you should work for endless hours. Make sure there is enough time to rest and recharge! 

Be proactive

As an online course creator, you are your own boss. Thus, you must be proactive in taking the next steps. 

Be organized

Give yourself deadlines to finish tasks on time or ahead of time. 

Stay focused

Working at home online means you are prone to distraction. Should you listen to soothing music or use a timer? Check how you can stay focused even when you’re at your own personal space, and even when dealing with personal matters. 

Stay motivated

I’m telling you, it’s not easy to get out of bed five minutes before work starts, and work without distractions. In order to stay motivated, you need to set practical goals, follow a steady routine, and reward yourself every after finishing a task. 

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