Your Mindset Is Everything, It Can Make Or Break You

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Can mindset really impact your life? Does having a positive way of thinking lead to success? I know that this is already a common belief but is this really true? They say that having a negative orientation in life can result into failures, and that pessimism is the root of our unproductive selves. So, if you are about to begin a huge undertaking, let’s say starting a new online business, you need to have a positive mindset in order to succeed. Mindset is everything! Looking at the habits of the most successful entrepreneurs today, it appears that we can really achieve great things with the help of positive thinking. 


I personally believe that having a positive mindset can help us succeed in life. Just imagine going through one entire day with beautiful, inspiring thoughts. Think of those inspiring thoughts as motivation–something that can further encourage you to beat every challenge.

What Is Mindset?

A mindset is basically a person’s way of thinking, or a collection of views that shapes an individual’s habits. This dictates how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. According to studies done by Stanford University’s Dr. Carol Dweck, some people have a growth mindset, while others have a fixed one. 

Growth Mindset 

A person with a growth mindset believes that with enough effort and perseverance comes improvement. As long as there is motivation and drive, natural qualities can further improve and develop. If you have a growth mindset, you can use mistakes and feedback as promising opportunities to improve, and as a way to overcome challenges. For you, there is always the chance to work harder in order to achieve your goals. 

Fixed Mindset 

Having a fixed mindset means that your abilities and attributes can no longer change, no matter how much hard work and effort you put in. Everything, from your talents and intelligence, are set in stone. You think that you are already born with a special set of skills, and it’s impossible to change them all. 

Mindset is everything. Thus, those people with a fixed mindset may fear that somehow, they might not be able to reach their goals because they are not intelligent enough. They may hold themselves back, and stick only to those activities that they surely know they can do well.

Mindset is everything! The right mindset will help you achieve your ultimate goal in life. 

Our paths to success, no matter what our goals are, are always a jagged line. Mindset is everything, and we need the right state of mind to get there! If you think you are not there yet, that’s fine. We can take it one step at a time. 🙂 Let’s surround ourselves with positive people, and gradually move towards fulfilling that objective.

Is gaining financial freedom your goal in life? When it comes to gaining financial freedom, lots of sacrifices need to be made. From cutting up some of your credit cards to paying off debt and existing on a budget for a specific period of time, you must prepare yourself for a huge lifestyle change. A lot of people also engage in passive side hustles to earn extra income. Big successes start from small beginnings! Who knows? Your passive side hustle now can grow into a full-time venture soon! Though, before starting a passive side hustle or new business, you must develop the right thoughts first. 



Mindset is everything. Learn how to develop the right thoughts!

Having the right thoughts is not really about being always cheerful and happy, and ignoring every negative thing in your life. It’s just impossible to do, and we are not perfect. We are just humans who at times succumb to sadness and disappointment. 

Developing the right thoughts actually mean knowing how to balance out the negative and positive aspects in your day-to-day routine. I know that mindset is everything, but sometimes, even I myself have a difficult time balancing my thoughts. 

Setting up your own business is a lengthy process. There will be days when general optimism is just impossible. Take note that optimism is the keyword here!

I don’t want to talk about positive thinking alone, since happy thoughts alone won’t lead us to success. It’s just one ingredient to the success recipe. Be in total control of your thoughts and emotions!

With the right mindset, you can start your own online creation business and earn extra income. 

During this time of uncertainty, it’s perfectly okay not to be okay. So many people lost their jobs, have gotten sick, and is mentally suffering because of isolation.

I’m sure a lot of them will choose to rest and figure things out first before making big life-changing moves again. You can’t just wake up tomorrow, and decide to start a business.

Constantly remind yourself that mindset is everything. Develop the right mindset first. Here are some steps that will help you be in the mood for success. Hint:  these are what I did when I launched another new Simple Profit Online Course – that teaches people how to make $5K passive over & over again.

1. Focus on personal growth and development

It’s time to turn that bright business idea from your mind to reality. Though, this amazing idea will only reach new heights if you focus on self-development. Change yourself for the better every single day.  Determine those weaknesses that may hinder your venture’s scalability, and then see how you can overcome them.

Do you have poor time management skills? How can you overcome this, so you can stick to your online course deadlines?

How can you finish these modules on time? There should be a plan for everything.

2. Accept all the challenges

All entrepreneurs, online course creator or not, face many financial, mental and physical challenges. Mental challenges are on the top of the list! These mental hurdles must be addressed before you move forward on your path to success.

Prepare yourself mentally for your online creation project. Having the right mindset means you won’t stumble in the face of hardships. Mindset is everything. Learn how to accept that all of these are parts of the journey. 

3. Look Into Your Current Beliefs

Are your current beliefs supporting your goals in life? In what way are they helping you? If these beliefs are somehow setting limitations, it’s time for you to finally turn them around.

This is not easy to do! Sometimes, changing your views can take many years. It’s not as easy as convincing yourself to let go of some thoughts, and accomplishing after just a few seconds. Changing your beliefs is a lifechanger. 

4. Accept the Fact that Everyday is a Mental Fight 

Starting a business, interacting with toxic people, saving money and other challenging situations prove that life everyday is indeed a mental fight. Learn how to deal with it.

Each day, as you go through every struggle, remind yourself that there is a reason to smile. Stay positive, and accept that all of these are parts of daily living, and are essential for success. 

5. Shape Your Mindset Based on Your Goals and Vision

Do you know where exactly you want to go? Imagine the results that you want, and push yourself towards this result. Mindset is everything.

Once you’re there, standing beside that much-needed result, break it into smaller goals. By doing so, you can shape your mindset in accordance to your vision. 

6. Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Bad health is always a major obstacle. Always remember that a healthy body supports a healthy mind and that you must try to live healthier at all times.

Have you ever experienced migraine and chronic fatigue while working? That uncomfortable, painful feeling can last for many days.

Help yourself feel better by consulting a physician and changing your diet. In time, your energy will start to rise again, alongside your productivity level. 

7. Make a checklist of your mental daily wins

You’re almost there! See to it that you are always going in the right direction. Do you know that you can continuously inspire yourself by making a list of your daily wins? This little list doesn’t have to be monumental.

Just make a list of your amazing day-to-day experiences. After all, the point of this exercise is to inspire you and keep you in high spirits.

If you want, you can also contemplate on certain losses, but don’t dwell too much on them. Somehow, it can kill your momentum and motivation. 

8. Protect Your Mindset

Mindset is everything, and changing it is a journey. Once you get there, you must learn how to protect it against those who want to bring you down. Be confident and stay on the right path! 

Once you have achieved the right mindset, you can now start working towards your goals! Start your online course business now! 

1. Select the best online course topic. 

Just like in any other endeavor, you must have a plan. Every online course topic begins in choosing the best topic. You can’t just start with a random generic subject!

That would be a waste of time for you and your potential students. Be specific! The course topic will determine your teaching approach, target audience, and more factors. 

2. Determine your target audience.

Your target audience is not “everyone who’s interested in your topic.” That is too general. It’s crucial to work on specific key demographics like age, gender, level of education, and employment status.

Are you targeting moms who want to have passive side hustles? Do you want to teach health professionals how to create their own online courses? To answer all the important questions, you might want to do market research.

3. Gather and structure your online course content.

Mindset is everything. You’ll realize this even more once you reach this part of online course creation. This doesn’t start and end at organizing your thoughts and knowledge!

You also need to figure out an effective teaching approach. How can all of these make sense to a student? Just dumping information on a slide won’t work for most people.

With proper connection and structure, you can connect with your target audience more effectively. Your students will have an easier time understanding everything. 

4. Select the best online course platform or software. 

Should you sell your online course on your own website, or put it on an existing platform such as Udemy? There is no perfect choice when it comes to this. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on your goals, and what’s convenient for you.

If you’re going to ask me, your website is the best platform to sell or offer your online course. You’ll have total control of your digital assets, from your brand to pricing. As for the most highly recommended software out there, check out Thinkific

5. Create your online course content. See to it that they are engaging!

You’re about to start creating your very first online course! This part covers the most challenging part of course creation. Feel free to be creative in putting everything together. Here’s pro advice, though: In order to come up with the best online learning material, you must use multiple types of course content. Include amazing videos and images!

Putting good visuals is important if you want to engage your students, and become successful in the long run. If, in the middle of the workflow, you feel down and tired, just continue motivating yourself.

Mindset is everything! Push yourself to work harder. 

6. Build an online community. 

Even online learners and introverts need their own social time. That can happen once you get to build an online community. This can be in the form of a simple Facebook group! Being an online course creator is more than just conducting lectures and modules, and selling them.

Building a community for your students is a huge advantage! Why? For example, through that Facebook group, you can gauge how the students are doing.

If there is someone who needs help, you can easily reach out to him or her. On the other hand, if there are complaints about a specific lesson, you can easily reach out to them and ask them the parts that they found difficult, and how you can modify it.

Learning is constant, even for teachers. 

7. Gather all the recommendations and feedback. 

Positive feedback is an important element that can contribute to an online course’s effective design. Listen to all the recommendations and feedback your audience gives to you.

To gauge how good you are doing, you need to have the means to check if they are understanding your courses correctly. Are you worried about criticisms?!

Think of them as points for improvement. Don’t worry about it! Mindset is everything. 

8. Continuously improve and update course materials.

Online course creation requires tons of flexibility. A big investment of effort and time. Alongside that, be ready to adjust your approaches, depending on various factors. It’s so challenging and time-consuming that many aspiring creators give up even before they get halfway through the job!

Again, if you feel like giving up in the middle of the process, go back to the first step–achieving the right mindset. Mindset is everything! Put your mind and soul into your work and everything else will follow! 

Make the most out of the experience! 

No online course will stay engaging and relevant forever. This is because the needs of your target audience constantly change. You need to keep up with it. In addition to that, competition needs to be addressed.

I know that a lot of newbies out there think that they can just create one high-quality course and just leave it alone to sell for the next decade without making any changes. Learn how to improve and update your course materials on a regular basis.

As long as you have total control of your thoughts and goals, you’ll get there. Choosing to give in to negativity and pessimism means losing out on many opportunities. 

Start your own online course now!

Join the thriving community of the Simple Profit Online Creators!   We teach you how to set up a simple online course and then generate $5K per month passively.  And with very little tech – so you can get it up and be profitable SUPER FAST!

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