The 7 Best Heavy Duty Office Reclining Chairs

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People who work at their desks every day have an increased risk for numerous illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle. At the top of the list of these potential health complications from prolonged sitting are postural problems and cardiovascular challenges.

The Duramont office reclining chair is our #1 recommendation for your office reclining chair needs. It looks elegant, and at the same time so comfortable! This is perfect for you if you love taking short naps during work rest breaks.

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of health challenges without compromising comfort is by using reclining chairs while working. However, because there are so many options on the market, making a decision can become tiring quickly.

Your search for ergonomic office reclining chairs for a better work condition probably led you here. And the focus of the article is to make the search more straightforward for you.

Top 7 Office Reclining Chairs This Year (Product Review)

Since you are already sold on the idea of reclining chairs, here is a product review of the top affordable heavy-duty chairs in the market to help you narrow down your search. 

1. Duramont Office Reclining Chair with Lumbar Support

The Duramont office reclining chair is a luxurious executive chair with a steep recline angle from 90 degrees to 120 degrees with a secure locking system. This feature makes work more comfortable and supports short naps periodically. Users with back pain feel better using this chair.


  • A waterfall seat edge that reduces the tension on the back of your thighs
  • A steep recline angle
  • It offers lumbar support that is good enough for most people, especially people with back pains and nerve pains.
  • A neck area that protrudes to cushion your neck
  • It has an armrest with adjustable height.


  • The chair offers up to 330-pounds weight carrying capacity.
  • The breathable mesh provides back support while keeping you cool.
  • It provides assurance for comfort
  • The armrest is height-adjustable 
  • It also has a wide recline range with secure locking.
  • It has a compact design that can fit in different office spaces.


  • Although the backrest reclines, it does not rock.

Why Should You Buy the Product?

For a multipurpose, ergonomic, well-padded, and easy-to-assemble office chair with footrest, the duramont reclining office chair is an excellent option. 

2. Killabee Memory Foam Gaming Chair with 3D Armrest

Gaming and office work are similar, requiring you to have comfort while you are at it. The Killabee chair features a high recline angle that allows you to stretch your back, take naps, relax, read the papers, work from home, play games, and more.


  • The chair is spacious and lets you sit down comfortably at numerous angles.
  •  It has four-inch-thick layered memory foam. 
  • It has two neck and lumbar support pillows attached by straps that you can lower and move up at will.
  • It reclines at angles between 90-155 degrees and locks.


  • They have a superb reclination angle that allows you to take comfy naps in the chair.
  • It has a comfortable memory foam.
  • It has a footrest you can slide out easily.
  • The build and quality are superior compared to other gaming chairs.


  • Smaller people will enjoy the chair a lot better since it can’t carry as much weight optimally as the manufacturers suggest.
  • Although PU leather is easy to clean, it retains heat, which can make it slightly uncomfortable.

Why Should You Buy the Product?

The Killabee gaming chair is one of the best ergonomic reclining chairs for work and games, plus it supports your naps in between work.

3. GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Reclining Study Chair

The GDF Studio reclining study chair is an excellent furniture piece for its aesthetically pleasing appearance that compliments any room you place in and its comfortable sitting. Its reclining mechanism requires you to lean back, and the footrest will pop out to give you maximal comfort.


  • It allows you to recline with ease.
  • Pleasant aesthetics
  • Comfy, cozy cushioned sitting
  • Sturdy wooden legs for support and balance
  • An acclaimed maximum weight allowance of 250-350 lbs


  • It is an adorable chair to look at
  • The chair reclines easily.
  • It is easy to assemble (especially with two people)


  • Many customers enjoyed the chair but following their maximum weight allowance led to the chair falling apart.

Why Should You Buy the Product?

This Elizabeth recliner is a perfect reclining chair for customers looking for beauty and comfort, especially if you are small.

4. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair: The Best Reclining Office Chair With Footrest

The Hbada reclining office desk chair is a mesh reclining office chair that provides a high recline with a footrest. The meshwork at the back of the chair makes it easy to release heat so you can work well, especially during summer.

It is an ergonomic reclining office chair with the most adjustable headrest and back among the luxury reclining office chairs on the list. This feature lets the chair follow your body’s contour when you lay back for a more natural feel.


  • Excellent all-round adjustability (recline angle, lumbar support, and headrest)
  • It reclines at angles between 90-150 degrees.
  • The headrest features a 30 degrees rotation.
  • It has a futuristic design that is good for the aesthetics of your office.


  • It reclines at a wide-angle
  • The headrest is adjustable.


  • A feature some customers may not find too appealing is the armrest since its height is not as adjustable as other parts.

Why Should You Buy the Product?

This reclining desk chair is excellent for buyers looking for a sleek-looking seat with enough room for adjustment, especially one great for cooling.

5. Reficcer Big and Tall Executive Office Reclining Chair: Heavy Duty Reclining Office Chair

Reficcer office reclining chair is perfect for tall or big users that can’t find a chair strong enough to support their weight or let them recline safely. It can handle up to 400 pounds of weight and rock back and forth between 93-120 degrees.


  • It has a smooth double-stitched bonded leather covering for the whole chair, including the armrest.
  • Allowance for up to 400 lbs of weight
  • It has thick padding all around.
  • A waterfall seat edge
  • An overall height of 46.5-48.8 inches with a seat height of 19.3-22 inches and depth of 24 inches 


  • A nice angle for rocking
  • A lumbar pillow with an adjustable depth
  • A super comfy double-stitched PU leather
  • It has thick bonded leather and padding for maximal comfort.


  • It has no footrest or ottoman for better comfort  (a feature many customers many not find super attractive)

Why Should You Buy the Product?

The Reficcer big and tall reclining office chair with a footrest is perfect for users worried about reclining safely because of their weight or height.

6. Flash Furniture Massage Black Leather Reclining Office Chair With Ottoman

The Flash Furniture office recliner chair allows you to get relief from stress and muscle cramps while working with its massage features. This reclining office chair with ottoman has five heat intensity levels and nine massage modes for maximal comfort.


  • It has plush arms and swivel seats with a fire retardant foam.
  • It has heat control and remote controls.
  • It massages your shoulders, lumbar region, deep side pockets, and seat and thighs.
  • A free-gliding reclining system with no lever or locking mechanism


  • The seats are comfortable and feel like car seats (not too soft or too hard)
  • The back support is firm and decent.
  • The vibrating action is excellent, and the motors aren’t lousy.
  • It is perfect for office work, and pairing with the ottoman makes it even better for leisure activities.


  • The reclining produces a slight noise that could disturb someone sleeping next to you, but it is not a nerve-racking noise.

Why Should You Buy the Product?

If you need a massage during work or want to have a dry hot-tub experience, this massage reclining chair by Flash Furniture is one of the best options.

7. Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Reclining Chair with Lumbar Support

The Serta reclining office chair is ergonomic and maximizes comfort and lower back support. Its motion technology strengthens your core and promotes flexibility.


  • An adjustable armrest with a push-button 
  • It has a swivel design
  • It has adjustable height settings
  • A padded headrest
  • Dual-wheel casters
  • Waterfall seat


  • It reduces the effects of prolonged sitting.
  • It offers continuous lumbar support.
  • It has excellent lower back support.
  • It has excellent weight support.


  • The lumbar support system may take some getting used to

Why Should You Buy the Product?

If you are someone that spends hours working, you will enjoy using this desk chair recliner.

Relevant Information: Why Should You Purchase an Office Reclining Chair?

It’s no secret that recliner chairs are more expensive than typical office chairs and take up more space. However, recliner chairs provide numerous health benefits that make the cost almost insignificant.

Office chairs that recline follow your body’s natural curve—a feature that could be good or bad for your posture and health in the long run. If there is a gap between the recliner and your body when you raise your legs, it can cause you to slouch and lead to lower back pain.

However, on the more beneficial side, here are some reasons to have an office chair that reclines:

  1. It reduces the weight on your joints and spine to distribute it evenly on the chair.
  2. It reduces the tension on your leg muscles to push blood up to your heart and improves circulation.
  3. Using a recliner opens your airways to help you relax and prevent you from slouching.
  4. Many office recliners are ergonomic and accommodate more functions for better support.
  5. Reclining chairs, especially an executive adjustable reclining office chair with incremental footrest, supports the lower limbs and makes it easier to take office naps at intervals.

As helpful and healthy as these benefits seem, it’s also best to take standing breaks to avoid the risk of losing your muscle tone.

How to Recline a Chair

The methods of reclining office chairs depend on the type of reclining mechanism. Here are eight common types of recliners and how to recline them.

Wall-Hugger Recliner

It is a type of space-conserving recliner that you can recline by pressing directly against a wall.

Lift Recliner

It has a lift mechanism that pushes the chair from a flat position to a more upright angle. It is perfect for people with lower body (legs, limbs, or hips) trouble.

Swivel Recliner

Swivel recliners have a 360-degrees motion range and recline backward.

Push-Back Recliner

It looks like regular house furniture when it isn’t reclined. This chair does not need special mechanisms to make it recline. All you need to do is lean back and exert pressure.

Glider Recliner

They recline like rocking chairs on an arched path.

Rocker Recliners

They recline on an arched path that leaves room for rocking on its axis.

Power Recliners

Power recliners are very similar to traditional chairs, but they require a power button that reclines the chair electrically.

Traditional Recliners

They only recline in response to pushing a lever or button. They require a lot of room for lounging.

The Best Types of Office Recliners For People with Back Problems

Dealing with back pains and other back issues is quite complicated. There are also various forms of these back problems like: 

  • Sciatica
  • Herniated disc
  • Common back pains
  • Scoliosis, and more 

Each of these problems requires office chair recliners that cater to their specific needs. Most people may want to go for the more expensive brand names, but that’s not all there is to it.

The best recliner work chair for such conditions will need an excellent lumbar support system.

If you have a problem with choosing, you can consult your orthopedic doctor for recommendations and brand prescription.

Buying Guide: Features to Look Out For When Buying An Office Recliner Chair

When looking to buy a reclining desk chair,

  • The Chair’s Size

Recliners are usually large by nature. You will need to consider the space you have and check the dimensions before buying a chair.

  • Massage Abilities

Although it may cost you extra, having office reclining chairs that massage you helps you feel even more relaxed while lounging or working.

  • Upholstery

Office chairs can generally come from leather, mesh, or fabric. It’s up to you to pick which one seems like a better choice.

The leather material smells nice, feels soft to touch, and is durable, but it needs conditioning and can easily crack. Fabric is usually more delicate to touch and offers more variety, but it can stain and wear over time.

On the other hand, a mesh material is breathable, durable, and provides excellent support, but it is firm since it has no underlying cushioning.

  • Adjustment

A proper office reclining chair is adjustable and can move up and down manually or by using pneumatic pumps. It’s better to see if you are comfortable with its adjustment system before buying.

  • Lumbar Support

The main aim of recliners is the lumbar support they offer. Without adjustable lumbar support, the chair doesn’t have much value.

Chairs with lumbar support have depth variations, too, for different back curvatures. The lumbar support of reclining chairs accounts for their ergonomic function.

  • Armrest

Armrests increase or decrease the comfort you get while sitting, and they are not all the same. Some have:

  • Fixed arms that remain still
  • Height-adjustable arms for up and down movements
  • Fully adjustable hands for movement within numerous planes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Reclining Desk Chairs Worth It?

Yes, they are. These chairs offer numerous benefits that improve blood circulation and body posture and help with relaxation due to its massage features.

  • How Do You Adjust A Reclining Office Chair?

Adjusting a reclining office chair is similar to making it recline—the mechanism of adjusting changes depending on the chair in question.

  • What Is An Ergonomic Office Chair?

An ergonomic chair is one that was designed to support the human body effectively. It takes posture, comfort, support, and health into consideration first.

  • Why Do All College Dorms Have The Same Reclining Chairs?

College dorms have similar reclining chairs because of the need to maintain uniformity in such settings. These chairs also get selected because they are:

  • Sturdy
  • Attractive
  • Easy to store
  • Moveable
  • Safe to use
  • Comfy
  • Cheap

How Do I Know If The Steelcase Leap Chair I Just Bought Is Not A Knock Off?

The easiest way to ensure that your product isn’t a knock off is to buy from authorized dealers. You could also use the serial numbers to confirm or check for logo imprints on the product and its package.


Buying office reclining chairs doesn’t require much after you study an excellent guide like this one. If you did not find something you wanted in the product review, I hope the buying guide helps you make an informed choice. Enjoy lounging on your new chair!


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