The Benefits of SDA Housing

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For people with disabilities, finding accessible accommodation that matches their lifestyle and needs can be difficult. Due to their medical condition, age or injury, they may find it hard to find a comfortable, safe, and accessible home that suits their budget. If you’re searching for a property investment option, you may want to look into SDA, NDIS’s new funding stream. 

First, What is NDIS? 

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program supporting people with disabilities. It offers information and services to people with disabilities in Australia, helping them access physicians, support groups, schools, and sporting clubs. Basically, it provides individualized packages to eligible individuals to take advantage of mainstream and community services and become independent over time

What is SDA Housing?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is NDIS’s new funding stream to build affordable purpose-built homes for people with disabilities. It’s not for everyone with disabilities, though, as it is made specifically for those who have complex functional needs and high support requirements. 

It funds on a per-person basis, offering various housing options, from two- to three-bedroom apartments to bigger houses. A shared living accommodation is also an option. SDA providers partner with builders, developers, and investors to develop suitable properties for those with NDIS plans and are eligible to make SDA payments. They’ll work with you about your condition and the most comfortable setup. 

So what happens to your existing accommodation if your circumstances change? When that happens, the program will allow you to make all the necessary changes in your living arrangement. It’s possible to change your accommodation, including the location. 

Benefits of SDA Housing

1. A Stress Free Routine for Your Family

Every SDA living accommodation is tailored according to your condition, needs and preferences. Thus, your family members no longer need to worry about your safety or if you’re getting the proper care and medical attention. The only things you need to do? Focus on self care habits, stay healthy and spend time with loved ones. 

2. A Good Support Network

Going for a shared living accommodation can be beneficial in so many ways. Although living alone has its own set of advantages, living with people with similar disabilities can make a world of difference to your mindset and routine. These individuals experience the same challenges and understand what exactly you’re going through. It offers a chance to connect with people, build a good support network and reduce feelings of isolation. 

3. A Chance to Be Independent

Disabled people who get to live independently and accomplish simple things in the household feel more fulfilled and empowered. With the help of SDA, people with disabilities can gain greater control and independence over their daily life. You can do household chores, engage in simple hobbies at home, and socialize whenever you want to. 

4. You’ll Get Round-the-Clock Care

In addition to providing a safe and comfortable environment, SDA offers round-the-clock access to experienced carers. So whether you want to live solo in a house or with other people with similar conditions, you’re sure to get the medical care you need 24/7. 

5. Access to Additional Support and Assistance

SDA funding will not only help you live in a well-designed, accessible home. It also provides assistance to address day-to-day needs, like running errands and housework. You’ll be matched to the most compatible support worker that can help you move and function around. 

SDA Housing: Ensuring Access for People with Disabilities

Disabled people often face social, physical, and other barriers that prevent them from living healthy, happy lives. They lack access to suitable accommodations and transportation, often resulting in isolation and emotional distress. NDIS and its programs were formed as a response to these struggles. Their providers are here to assist you, whatever your condition, needs, and preferences are. Click here to determine your eligibility.

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