TikTok Stories for Business: The Best Content Ideas

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The social media world is rapidly evolving, constantly introducing new features that encourage users to make more content, engage with more people and build new relationships online. One of the latest developments in the digital landscape is TikTok Stories, TikTok’s response to Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to post short videos that disappear in 24 hours. 

What Are TikTok Stories?

TikTok Stories is a TikTok feature introduced only in March 2022, but it’s clearly nothing new. It’s the very same feature we have seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Basically, it allows audiences to view and respond to short videos or photos for 24 hours. Those who have posted TikTok Stories have a blue circle on their profile pictures. All you need to do is tap on their photo to view them.

On Instagram and Facebook, people can only respond or send a comment to the person who posted the story. What sets TikTok Stories apart is that it’s possible to like them and leave comments that are visible to the public. You can see how many viewed your story but cannot check the names of those who viewed it. 

Like regular TikTok videos, these stories show up on TikTok’s For You Page as suggestions to users looking for similar content. 

TikTok for Business: Start Marketing on TikTok Stories

TikTok Stories is a gamechanger for content creators, marketers, and business owners who want to market their offerings in a more engaging, unique manner. Since it only lasts for 24 hours, people who get to view them will somehow feel special since they are given access to something that won’t be available in the next few days. 

As a result, more users are sure to wait for your updates or risk being left behind. Take advantage of this and show potential clients how valuable your products and services are.

TikTok Story Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Here are some TikTok Story ideas to level up your visibility marketing strategy. 

1. Share Motivational Quotes

Depending on the nature of your business, there are countless quotes you can share with your followers and potential clients. Who wouldn’t appreciate inspirational quotes?! If possible, share those that came from notable people from your industry or any person that your audience will relate to.  

Another fantastic idea is to share quotes you, yourself, wrote. When writing quotes, focus on your audience and your key message. The most effective ones are those that help people daily – inspiring tips that encourage them to solve and brave day-to-day problems. 

2. Post a Sneak Peek of a New Product or Service

Sharing promotional content every day is not a good idea. You wouldn’t want your audience to get the idea that you’re just focused on the profit and not on building long-lasting relationships with them. However, a sneak peek of a new offering is a wonderful strategy each time you’re launching a new product or service.  

What makes your new offerings special? If you’re launching a new ebook soon, share the story behind it. What inspired you to write it? Share what the book is about, including some interesting excerpts. Is it worth it? In what way can it help people? In the end, invite them to your virtual ebook launch (possibly on TikTok Live!), where they can get discounts and exclusive offers. 

3. Announce a Special Event

Ready for your next live stream or webinar? Use TikTok Stories to announce them. Make sure that your announcement is entertaining and intriguing enough to boost attendance to your much-awaited event. Simply stand in a well-lit area and talk to your viewers, or craft a more complex short video, complete with eye-catching imagery. 

The goal here is to build suspense and anticipation for your event, may it be a virtual one or a physical local networking gathering. Whatever video flow you choose to follow, it should entice people to share your TikTok Story within their network. The more users you can’t reach, the more people will attend your event. 

4. Introduce us to your Team

Behind every successful business is an amazing team that works hard endlessly. Your followers will definitely love to know them and how they go about their day-to-day routine. In addition, it helps strengthen the trust factor, letting your audiences know that who they’re interacting with is more than just a website and brand logo. 

Through TikTok Stories, you can introduce new team members and showcase inspiring insights from your team. You can do this, too, even as a solopreneur. Share what you do, where you’re from, and other fun facts about you and your business. 

5. Encourage Viewers to Ask Questions

Use TikTok Stories to initiate audience interaction. Encourage your viewers to send in questions that you can answer in an upcoming live stream session or in a series of short Q&A videos that you can post as TikTok Stories. Collect their questions. Then, film yourself answering them. 

This is an effective way to address frequently asked questions and interactively educate your people. Today, several businesses include FAQs on their websites, but nothing beats a visually-stimulating approach with fun elements. 

6. Ask for Suggestions

Apart from encouraging your audience to give inquiries, ask for their suggestions or opinions concerning new products. What kind of content do they want to see in your TikTok account? What about their opinion on upcoming products and events, like new TV show episodes and online courses? 

You can also share some of your work problems with them and inquire about possible solutions. For instance, if you’re currently having time management issues, you may want to ask them about possible solutions and tips to properly manage day-to-day work. 

7. Celebrate Big and Small Wins

For entrepreneurs, even the smallest wins matter. It can be as simple as getting more social media followers and gaining more website traffic. When you share your wins on TikTok Stories, you show your target market that you can provide them with real value. 

Make your viewers fall in love with your brand. Create entertaining stories to show off your business’ most significant selling points and how they can take advantage of them. For example, did your client just sell a premium online course and become a best-selling author? These are great wins that must be shared with the world (even for just 24 hours!).

8. Share Client Testimonials

Sharing client testimonials on TikTok Stories is one way of celebrating and promoting our wins. Testimonials are personal anecdotes that account for positive experiences with businesses. Although these details are often displayed on websites, they can also be shared on social media platforms like TikTok. 

When researching various businesses that can address our needs, we usually turn to social media for reviews. So give your potential clients what they want – proof that they can really benefit from your product or service. Just remember to always ask permission before posting your current clients’ testimonials. 

9. Share Client Highlights

The client testimonial idea can be further explored and expanded into so-called client highlights through TikTok Stories. Apart from sharing just short testimonials from social media posts and the websites, do shoutouts. Thank clients and followers who have supported your business. 

Remember that people are most likely to listen to past and current clients than business owners. So let your customers do the talking! If you can encourage them to do short video reviews about your business, do it. 

10. Ask for Recommendations

When sharing TikTok videos, not everything should be about products, services, and profit. Sometimes, you just have to be yourself and start engaging in conversations. In a way, it’s marketing, but it’s fun, exciting, and authentic. So ask them simple, relatable questions. 

This is a good way to humanize your brand and connect with your audience. To increase engagement, you can even ask for productivity tool recommendations and other things to help you with your day-to-day work. Even the most successful business owners out there need some help to make their routine faster and more effective! 

11. Take Viewers’ Behind the Scenes

Are you attending a networking event, visiting a friend who’s also a thought leader in the same industry, or going on a business trip? Share this cool experience with your audiences! You can have a casual mini interview with a colleague or offer behind-the-scenes access to a fun gathering. 

This type of content works for either TikTok Live or TikTok Stories. Either way, it gives a huge boost in visibility and helps you reach new potential clients. Consider this as a short vlog offering a glimpse of your daily life as an entrepreneur. It’s not much but it can build a strong connection with your viewers.

12. Share Content From Other Users

To improve your visibility and bring additional value to viewers, share information people can benefit from, even if those ideas didn’t come originally from you. It’s okay to go beyond your content. This is actually a brilliant idea since it also connects you with other content creators and business owners. 

If one of your friends just launched a new TV show, tell your viewers how amazing that show is and share bite-sized, engaging information about the topic. What do you think about it?! This is like giving a recommendation, but complete with detailed, valuable insights! 

Start Sharing Engaging Stories on TikTok Stories

You’ll never run out of content strategies on social media. In TikTok alone, you can live stream, post on your feed, and share TikTok Stories in various creative ways. What’s important is that you go for ideas and techniques that your target audience responds to. 

Time to revamp that content plan and craft more engaging TikTok Stories! It doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you have the right mindset and have a consistent, organized work process, you’ll definitely achieve your goals and make significant progress in your business. 

Post New TikTok Stories Today for Increased Sales and Visibility

TikTok and social media success are only possible with a good mindset, consistent hard work, and creativity. Thus, maintain a cheerful disposition as you share new TikTok Stories every day and fulfill the rest of your marketing routine. 

I know that it can be challenging, as TikTok Stories only last for 24 hours, and there’s constant pressure to make new ones regularly. Don’t worry. It’s OK to post simple, unedited videos. Show them your true, authentic self and what your business can offer. 

So to be truly successful, commit to the best practices, implement the best ideas and constantly nourish your artistry. These are the keys to stronger visibility in the digital landscape and more sales in the long run.

Need help with TikTok Stories? I have a foolproof content strategy that will increase social media engagement and convert views into clients. Let’s chat!

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