How To Make $20 Fast: (25 Easy Legitimate Ways in 2021)

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Thinking of having a passive side hustle? Like How to Make $20 Fast? In this day and age, it becomes easier and easier to make money without stepping out of the house. You can easily make 20 dollars fast or even more by doing something you enjoy. Sometimes, all you need is a smartphone or a laptop, and a good internet connection. In some instances, however, you just need to pay more attention to your community. Is there anything you can do to make people’s lives better?! At the end of the day, to make more money you need to be patient and resourceful! Let me help you by giving you some tips. 

You need extra income, but don’t know where and how to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. These ideas won’t make you rich instantly but can help you a bit to pay your debt and save for a brighter future. 🙂

How to make 20 dollars fast?! Here are Some of the Best Ideas! 

1. Create an online course.

Some people create online courses and then sell them on platforms like Udemy. With the right marketing strategy, you can sell that online course to several people and earn some dollars. But, here’s some advice. While udemy is an amazing platform that offers promising opportunities, your own website is still the best platform to sell courses. 

Learn more about the best passive side hustle ideas & online course ideas.

2. Become a User tester. Creative Tip To Make a Quick $20.

Some companies pay people who are willing to test the services and products they offer. Usertesting is one of the platforms you should check out if you want to try this money-making technique. Basically, they pay people for testing websites. Individuals and businesses come to this platform if they want theirs to be tested before the launch. 

3. Care for elders or children. Fun Way on How to Make $20 Fast.

Every community will never run out of newborns and elders. Thus, if you want to care for people who belong to these categories, you’ll never run out of opportunities. Eldercare and child care are becoming a usual hustle for those looking to make 20 dollars fast while doing something they are passionate about — caring for other people. is one of the best platforms to enroll for those looking to make money while taking care of others. 

4. Get freelance jobs from Fiverr.

Struggling to make 20 dollars fast or more online? Fiverr is one of the best freelance marketplaces out there. On this platform, you can provide any type of service, and then get paid as much as $5 for each gig.

Whatever your skillset is, I’m sure you can make good use of this website. It has tons of categories, from translation to web design. 

5. Sell on eBay or Amazon.

Because of eBay and Amazon, there’s no need for us to put up a physical store somewhere and pay rent. Thanks to the internet and technology, we can advertise for free!

Just take a photo of that item you want to sell, upload it, connect with potential customers, and make money instantly. Start an online business now by signing up to these platforms! 

Click here for some easy-to-start online business ideas.

6. Become a transcriber or writer.

Why focus on making just 20 dollars when you can make more money?! If you’re a talented transcriber or writer, you can make as high as 100 dollars. Like what I’ve mentioned, technology has made it so easy to connect people in search of similar services. When it comes to writing and transcribing jobs, explore Rev, Scribie or Upwork

7. Take Online Surveys and get paid!

Market researchers love hearing about people’s opinions because these help them improve their campaigns and products. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie offer a wide range of paid surveys you can take. After answering them, you get paid instantly and are allowed to cash out on various ways.

8. Deliver groceries or offer rides to people.

Rideshare companies like Uber make it so convenient to generate extra income on the side by helping people move from one place to another. What’s cool here is that you don’t have to sign up for such apps to get some work.

You can just look for people who don’t have safe, reliable transport and offer to move them around at cheaper costs. Start by targeting a specific set of friends. I suggest focusing on driving seniors around! 

9. Purchase items from second-hand stores and then resell them online.

This is one of my favorite passive side hustles. I know not all of us have old items to sell, so here’s another tip: look for amazing items from second-hand stores and resell them online.

From books to clothes, there are so many underpriced items from second-hand shops. Purchase them, and resell them at a higher yet reasonable price.  

10. Sell Gift cards.

We all love presents, but at times, it’s really impossible to use the gift card you received. What if you don’t eat at that restaurant, or that there’s no nearby branch? The best decision is to sell it. If not, it will just stay inside your drawers or wallet forever. Use Cardpool or Raise to resell your unused gift cards.

11. Sell devices and appliances you don’t need. Easy How to Make $20 Fast.

I’m sure you have unused appliances and electronics around your home. Instead of just letting them sit on a corner for years and years, why not get rid of them by pawning them?!

Visit the nearest pawn shop today to see what you can do! 

12. Use Cashback Apps.

There are some apps that offer cashback when online shopping.  Perfect for those who want to learn how to make $20 fast. The top platform in this game is Rakuten. They partner up with many shops and stores, so people can buy from their favorite brands.

Instead of buying straight from those brands’ websites, you can do it through the cashback app. The money you will get can be transferred to your PayPal account or bank account. 

13. Sell Your Photographs.  Entertaining Way To Make $20 Fast.

Stock photo websites such as Shutterstock are top resources for content creators. The best thing about this is that anyone can sign up for these websites and contribute by adding images. All you need is a bit of artistry and a quality camera.

The better images you make, the more money you’ll generate. Whenever someone uses them, you get paid a royalty. How do you make it work?

Think of what types of stock images would be the most useful for bloggers and web designers. Look at different ads and check how you can come up with something similar.

14. Sell Crafts, Printables, and more! So Fun How to Make a Quick 20 Dollars.

Selling different types of items is always a great idea. Depending on your interests, you can sell printables and crafts. I, myself, create digital products like printables, and then sell them on my Shopify store.

If you’d like, you can sell them on Etsy.

15. Become a personal trainer.

If you understand fitness, you can be a personal trainer. Health is wealth! Today, people pay big amounts of money for proper training by fitness professionals. From exercises, you can also help clients make meal plans.

Now, the first thing you need to do is to study. Get a certification to be a qualified, successful personal trainer. Then, you can use a platform like FitnessTrainer to advertise your services.

16. Design Logos for Local Businesses and Clients.

A lot of small local businesses don’t have logos to identify themselves with. To save money, most of them just turn to free online tools. The result?

Logos that don’t perfectly represent their venture and the markets they tap into. That’s good news for people with amazing graphic design skills, though.

As a graphic designer, you can make as much as $50 on creating product and business logos. Feel free to advertise your services on Facebook, or Fiverr

17. Tutor students.

Parents love to invest in their kids’ future. Are you good in Math, Science, English or any other subject? If yes, you can tutor children in exchange for some cash. Both Indeed and Care provide local tutoring opportunities. 

18. Be an awesome gardener.

I own my own little garden at home and I’m telling you that this is not easy. There is tons of work involved in maintaining a garden. It doesn’t end in pulling weeds and mowing lawns!

Once in a while, I hire someone to help us out. Offering gardening services can make you enough cash quickly enough to satisfy some pressing needs. That is, of course, if you love plants and gardening. 

19. Open a cash-bonus checking account.

Is your local bank giving away cash bonuses for opening up accounts? Banks offer these promotions all the time, so grab this brilliant opportunity if you’re in need.

This can give you an extra $50 to $100 or even more. The catch? You might need to deposit a minimum amount of cash, typically thousands, to qualify for these types of accounts (but not always).

20. Pawn some of your valuables.

This is one of the hardest things to do if you’re struggling financially. But, sometimes, we have no choice!

If you really need money as soon as possible, consider pawning some valuable, pre-loved items. Perhaps some jewelry or gadgets?

If you want to get those items back soon, you need to pay back the loan with interest. If you don’t, you’ll end up losing them.

21. Create eBooks. 

The eBook industry is growing and thriving! Feel free to write your own materials and sell them. Another idea is to look for a book that’s already been published in print, and then publish it online.

Pay its author 8% to 15% in royalties, depending on the net sales. A one-time payment for online publishing rights is also an option. 

22. Become a coach.

Life coaching is a creative, thought-provoking process that helps people focus on their professional and personal goals.

It is the job of a coach to boost their confidence and instill success-oriented habits. If you want to make money as a coach (and of course help other people reach their dreams!), you can find lots of training programs online.

Getting a certification or training can help you become a qualified coach. 

23. Shop online and get cash backs. 

There are some apps that offer cashback in exchange for using their apps when online shopping. The top platforms in this game are SwagBucks and Rakuten.

They partner up with many shops and stores, so people can buy from their favorite brands. Instead of buying straight from those brands’ websites, you can do it through the cashback app. The money you will get can be transferred to your PayPal account or bank account.  Perfect on how to make $20 fast.

24. Reassess or “trim” your budget.

Need more money?! Reassess your budget! Take the time to go through your credit card and bank statements. You can do this conveniently by using an app called Trim. Trim is awesome! It will help you find all the unnecessary recurring things in your bank statements, such as that gym membership you never used. These unnecessary expenses can drain your budget! Purge these bills, and start anew! 

25. Watch TV and get paid! Easy on How to Make $20 Fast.

Marketing research companies don’t just hand out paid surveys. They also pay people to watch TV!

Nielsen is a good example. Just download their app, provide the necessary details and that’s it. You’re done. This app will track what you’re watching, and in exchange, they pay you for providing them access to that information.


How Can I Make Money Right Now?

The easiest way to make money right now is to sell stuff in your house you don’t need, do freelance services, mow lawns, do childcare, take care of the elderly, housesit, pet sit or take online surveys.

How Can I Make $30 Instantly?

  • Babysit for an hour.
  • Sell Old Textbooks
  • Turn in your recycling for money.
  • Receive a $20 Welcome Bonus with Ibotta
  • Get $5 for free when you sign up with Inbox Dollars
  • Earn up to $45 for each Survey with Survey Junkie
  • Clean houses
  • Do gig work.
  • Take a gig on Fiverr

How Can I Make Money From Home With No Money?

  1. Make Money from Home becoming a virtual assistant
  2. Rent out your home on Airbnb
  3. Online tutoring. …
  4. Sell services on Fiverr or UpWork
  5. Do Online Surveys 
  6. Do Programming.


More Ways On How To Make $20 Fast?

Do you know any other ways on how to get $20 fast that isn’t on the list?  Let me know in the comments below.

How To Make  Fast: (25 Easy Legitimate Ways in 2021)
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    We have a free platform in the UK called Gumtree for selling goods locally. She doesn’t even need to leave our home to sell what she flips, since people collect and pay at the door.

    It’s surprising what you can make doing this and well worth trying out.

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