How to Make Money Blogging: 11 Super Easy Ways

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Have you ever thought of making money through blogging? If yes, then you have come to the right place! It’s not a quick money-making option, but with hard work, good strategy and patience, blogging can turn to a profitable business. Here’s an amazing tip. Don’t think about money first. Focus on sharing your knowledge to your target audience. Now, how do you start your blogging journey? Let me help you with that 🙂 

If you have passion in writing and creating compelling content, start a blog. Believe it or not, many bloggers are making a six- to seven-figure income each year from blogging. I myself have successfully monetized my blog after years of hard work. I’m telling you, if you’re committed to blog for the long-term, you can turn it to a full-time venture generating full-time income. 

How to start a blog for beginners?!

Starting a blog is easy. You don’t need to be tech-savvy, or a web developer to come up with one from scratch. But, before thinking of anything technical, I suggest organizing your thoughts first. Big things start from little ideas. 

1. Decide on the niche you want to write about. 

To start and run a successful blog, you need to choose the right niche. It’s really difficult to see improvement in search engine ranking, traffic, product sales and affiliate sales when you have a broad audience. A niche is a specialized section of a specific broad subject. Make sure to pick a niche you’re highly interested in and passionate about. That way, you have bigger chances of earning, and enjoying your blogging journey in every step of the way.

Through market research, you can learn more about the preferences and behavior of your niche audience. Click here to learn how to conduct a thorough market research process. 

2. Choose a catchy, remarkable blog name. 

The name of your blog tells people who you are, and the topics you’re writing about. The right name is a crucial part of every branding strategy. It helps you make yourself more memorable fto readers. Please don’t pick a name that won’t stand the test of time! Choose a name that you can use for many, many years to come. You can use your own name, or a good pun. Take your time in brainstorming, so you can end up with the best blog name related to your niche. 

3. Pick a reputable blogging platform.

You can’t start blogging without a reliable web host. I recommend you use Bluehost! It is a user-friendly and powerful platform that offers various marketing tools, analytics, data backups and security all in one place. 

Do you want to create a WordPress blog?! Bluehost is one of the most recommended WordPress providers out there. You can enjoy a hassle-free WordPress installation on all your accounts. I, myself, is a WordPress user, and I really love the plugins. I can modify my blog in any way I can, even though I’m not an expert in coding. 

Are you ready to become a blogging millionaire?! Click here for the right blogging resources and tools that you can use on your blogging routine. 

4. Start producing amazing content for your blog.

That’s it. You can start with the content creation process. Creating quality blog posts will keep your blog up and running, and help you gain more and more traffic. Be consistent. Think about how you can attract new visitors and maintain readership. While it’s possible to monetize the blog once it gets even just a small amount of traffic, a huge audience is essential to generate good money from it. I suggest you start making content for a blog’s most critical pages — the About Us page, Contact page, Privacy Policy page and Disclosure page.

Need help in writing your blog disclaimer? Click here for some fabulous tips.

The best ways to make money from your blog

1. Sell different products — digital or physical items! 

If your blog’s niche is product oriented, selling physical items is a great idea. Depending on your niche, you can sell clothes, bags, shoes or jewelry. Now, how do you make purchasing more convenient for your audience? Add a reliable ecommerce functionality. No coding required. Just add a shopping cart plugin. This is so easy to do on WordPress! 

I, myself, write blog posts about the printables I’m selling, and then redirect them to my Shopify store. Depending on your expertise, you can sell digital products like online courses and offer coaching services. Just see to it that the physical or digital products you’re planning to sell are valuable to your target audience.

Do you want to be your own boss, and boost your monthly income?! Create online courses as a passive side hustle now, and make a fortune! Let me walk you through exactly how I do that. Click here

2. Explore online ads.

Online ads are one few of the best ways to make money from a blog. While too many ads can distract your readers, exploring this option is still an amazing idea. Online ads are so easy to set up. You just need to add the code to your website to get started. Though, keep in mind that you’ll only generate a good amount of income if your platform gets a lot of traffic each month. 

Thinking of signing up for an advertising network? When you sign up on one, they will display ads on your blog, relevant to its theme. Google AdSense is the most popular online ad program providing CPM and CPC ads. There’s no minimum traffic amount required to apply for an account, and to be accepted. For established bloggers, AdThrive is one of the top networks, requiring 100k page views each month. 

3. Be an affiliate marketer. 

An affiliate marketer refers visitors from his or her blog to another person or company via affiliate links provided. When an individual clicks on that affiliate link to visit the website or buy anything, you earn a commission. This commission can be a fixed amount of each sale. It can also be lead generated, or a specific percentage of each completed transaction. 

Some of the best affiliate programs for bloggers?! ShareASale, eBay Partner Network and Shopify Affiliate Program. Once you have signed up for these programs, you can immediately start promoting links via your blog by writing reviews. Moreover, you can use your social media accounts and your email list to promote products. For monetization to be effective, promote affiliate products you already love, and are relevant to your target audience. 

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn at your full potential as a blogger. Click here for popular affiliate programs to get you started.

4. Create sponsored content.

Sponsored content is where a blogger gets paid to create a post about a specific service or product. Once your platform starts receiving traffic, reach out to different brands that target the same audience. However, usually, the brands reach out to bloggers directly with sponsorship deals. Sponsorship deals are golden opportunities! Why?! Well, it’s possible to make thousands of dollars from just one sponsored post. It all depends on how big your reach is, of course. 

You think you need a bit of help? Join an influencer network that can connect you with influencers and brands. Few of the most reputable influencer networks you can check out are IZEA, Soapbox Influence, CLEVER and Weave Made Media.

5. Use your blog to offer your freelance services. 

A blog is an amazing tool you can use to advertise your services. I know there are so many talented bloggers out there who can edit videos, write articles, design websites and more. If you want to get paid for your services, use your blog to showcase your potential. Whether you want to work as a virtual assistant, graphic designer, coach or business consultant, go for it. 

Here’s an idea. Create a “hire me” page to tell the world that you’re open for freelance work! You can also contact other professionals or companies, and offer your freelance services. 

6. Sell ad space directly on your blog.

Another way to make money through blogging is to sell ad space independently. Create many ad space slots on your blog, and then sell them to private advertisers. Again, you can reach out to brands, or brands may directly contact you to purchase ad space. If you want, you can work with a third-party company such as BuySellAds to help you sell ad space. These platforms can connect you to different publishers and advertisers. 

7. Write product reviews.

This is something I really love doing. Writing reviews on certain products will not only give you extra income, it can also help your audience. Just choose your products well. Remember, we are not only making money here. We want to help our readers choose the right products 🙂 Consider yourself as an influencer as early as now. You are influencing your readers’ buying habits and behaviors. 

8. Offer premium content via a membership program.

Creating online courses is one thing, membership programs are another. Another idea is to produce amazing premium content and then offer it via a membership program. Make it accessible on your blog. You’re already creating beneficial content to your blog readers, you can make more in the form of premium content for a monthly fee. 

For instance, you can create a more comprehensive version of your existing blog articles. Make that “comprehensive, premium content” accessible to anyone who pays for it. 

Should you build an online course or a membership site? Click here to learn more. 

9. Create a job board.

This is probably one of the most unique ideas you can do to make money through blogging. Not all bloggers, even the most successful ones, have job boards. You can add one to your blog and charge companies that want to advertise jobs on your platform. As a newbie, charge a small amount. When they get tons of applications from your blog’s job board, those companies will surely come back (yay to repeat customers!). Once your blog gets more popular, you can increase your rate per job post. What’s even more awesome about this money-making option is that some companies are willing to pay more for bloggers to display their banner ads, in order to gain more exposure. Don’t know how to include a job board on your WordPress blog? Thankfully, there’s a plugin for that! 

10. Ask for donations

Readers love bloggers. It’s true that many bloggers ask their fans and followers for a small amount of money as donations. This can be done via donation platforms such as Patreon. Patreon allows your fans to contribute to your blogging income. This may seem like a weird option, but trust me, if they love your work, they wouldn’t think twice of sending a donation. 🙂 In exchange, you can give out a lot of free resources and more valuable content! 

11. Sell your blog (or other blogs). 

Blog flipping is real, and tons of people are doing it. If you have just one blog and decide to sell it (let’s say there’s a sudden shift in priorities), you can do so for a lump sum. However, you can also start other blogs and then sell them once it has gained traffic. Blogs that bring in huge revenue each month, with huge traffic can be expensive (a lucrative option, indeed). For example, if you earn a blogging income of $2,000, and want to sell it for 12 months revenue, you will get $24,000. As for the buyer, you can find one on your own. You can also explore blog and domain flipping platforms like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

The more blog traffic you have, the more money you make!

Don’t worry. By producing informative content on a regular basis, you can attract new visitors and build a loyal following. Even the most successful bloggers earning thousands of dollars each month started from scratch. Depending on your traffic level, you can make $2,000 to $3,000 or more each month in your first year as a blogger. Let’s say  if you already have 100,000 page views each month, you can make between $2,000 to $10,000. Amazing, right? Do you have other blog monetization ideas? Let me know in the comment section!

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