13 Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spread And Layout Ideas

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Are you excited to start your new bullet journal project? For some people, starting a new bullet journal notebook can be overwhelming. Well, if you need some help, look no further! I’ve put together 13 simple minimalist bullet journal weekly spread ideas that you will absolutely love. Don’t worry, no creative skills are required! All you need is bullet journaling passion

Make sure to use your minimalist bujo journal weekly spreads regularly. At first, working on it can be stressful, since you’ll be thinking of possible layouts and beautiful artwork to add to it. This is perfectly normal, though keep in mind that a bullet journal notebook is not just a decoration. It is a tool that can improve your productivity–a habit tracker and gratitude log.

Are you in need of more bullet journal supplies? Well, before you start your design sessions, let me share with you my favorite supplies that help enhance my creativity.

If you are looking for new, affordable design tools, you may want to look at these!

This journal stencil planner set that you can use not just for your bullet journal, but also for handmade family holiday cards, greeting cards and letters.

This bullet journal notebook that is 24% heavier compared to other journal brands.

✅  This card ink pen set can help you make beautiful letterings and line widths.

These fine tip pens will change the way you approach drawing in your bullet journal.  I adore them and I can’t live without them.

These ball pens are loved by many bullet journalist friends because of its great for creating flowy strokes. 

This highlighter pen set is a top choice for those who love bullet journaling. 

These washable markers are perfect for writing, coloring and drawing.

These washi tapes have wonderful, unique patterns.

These set of pens are designed for every person who loves calligraphy, drawing, and art therapy. 

This graphite paper will save you tons of time by capturing each detail in your original design smoothly. 

These bullet journal stickers will look beautiful for almost every kind of spread imaginable. 

 These watercolor brush pens offer good colors for blending and shading bigger areas.

✅  These sticky notes offer are incredible reminders to not forget important items.

What are you planning to write about? Whatever those topics are, use your bullet journal pages well. Apart from being home to your amazing drawings and sketches, let it serve its “productive” purpose! Remember, writing to-do lists on a bullet journal is a lot better than using your email, or a digital planner. 


An important tip: Use your minimalist journal, and its minimalist spread daily. You can open it right before bed, or first thing in the morning. 

Let me share with you some brilliant minimalist bullet journal weekly spread ideas from Instagram!


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Do you prefer maximalist or minimalist weekly bullet journal spread layouts?

Many people love minimal bullet journal spreads because they are easy to look at and recreate. Do you consider yourself  a bullet journal minimalist? If yes, you can just keep things functional and simple in your BuJo.

If you are a newbie, this is also one of the easiest kinds of spreads to make, instead of overwhelming yourself with lots of washi tapes and colors. Many people also don’t have time to decorate it. 

The primary benefits of maintaining a minimalist weekly layout spread and journal are that you can focus on your tasks. All you need is a simple bullet journal, ruler and brush pens to put all your bullet journal ideas to life! Minimalist spreads and simple journal set up are perfect for your everyday routine. 

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Do you need more minimalist bullet journal ideas? There are tons of unique ideas on Pinterest and Instagram posts that can help you.

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  • Disha Smith

    I’ve been trying to get into bullet journaling. This is a great guide! I love how minimalistic they are!

  • Casey Bullard

    I love that you give us so many different ideas and resources all in one place. It helps give variety to switch things up or adapt something you haven’t seen to your current journal. Thank you!

  • Cyndi Buchanan

    I love these journals. I am lost without my todo lists. These journals would really come in handy.

  • Alexis

    This is interesting, I love journaling yet have never heard the phrase bullet journaling. If I’m understanding it correctly it’s like creating your own calendar and writing your daily, weekly, monthly task?

  • Kim

    I need to bite the bullet and give this a try. I love the look of all the ideas.

  • Danielle

    Love this. I think bullet journals are cool, but I can’t seem to get myself to start one.

  • angelagiles

    Danielle – minimalist bullet journals are the best because they are super easy to start!

  • angelagiles

    Alexis, absolutely! And the minimalist bullet journal weekly layouts are super easy to do!

  • angelagiles

    Kim – totally try it and let me know how it goes. I highly recommend the minimalist bullet journal weekly spread to start – Angela 😉

  • angelagiles

    Cyndi – they totally do. I love the idea of the minimalist bullet journal weekly spread too because it is so simple and you can then concentrate on your to do lists!

  • angelagiles

    Casey – I am the queen of bullet journal resources xo – and i really love minimalist bullet journal weekly layouts to start – Angela 😉

  • angelagiles

    Disha – exactly minimalist bullet journaling is super easy! And the weekly layouts are great too xo

  • Lynn Armstrong

    Such cool ideas! I honestly just need to write things down somewhere and I’ll remember it. I’m almost to the point of, if I don’t write it down, I won’t get it done. I’m sure a minimalist journal would thoroughly help.

  • Clarice

    I just started bullet journaling and appreciate all these ideas. So far, I am enjoying it because of the flexibility and endless possibilities.

    Though I am really a maximalist, honestly I hardly have the time to fully decorate.

    Thank you for sharing. I love all of these minimalist ideas that you shared.

  • Kimberly Nickson

    How neat! I really like your graphics for the journals!

  • Florid Forest

    Wow, those all look so organized. I’d be lost if I didn’t make lists!

  • Kristal

    I love having bullet journals. They keep me organized and focused. I dont know what I would do with mine!

  • Katie Grazer

    I have never done a bullet journal but it looks so amazing I may have to start 🙂 Love it

  • Joanna

    I could use a simple bullet point journal, so I can write down all the tasks that I need to do in one day. I like the bullet point organisation best.

  • Jaana McEntee

    Bullet journals are awesome! They can help you stay organized 🙂 Great article too 🙂 Thank you

  • Philomath

    Thats really looking good and organized. I would like to use it for my weekly planning.

  • Jenn ~ onehoppymomma

    I really like number 6 because it seems quick and easy to just highlight and then using the dots instead of creating lines

  • Gaica Santiago

    I’ve been using my own version of a bullet journal for a while now and not sure how I managed without it! But I would love to try these ideas.

  • Janay

    I think this is a very good idea! I have to start writing things down!

  • Hackytips

    I loved the bullet points mentioned for each day of the month. Great journal for busy people.

  • Angela Emde

    I combine bullet journaling in my journal, though it is not as neat as the ones you have shared. If find it is great for productivity and habit tracking.

  • Ruth

    I’ve always loved the idea of bullet journaling. I even have some journals but I don’t feel creative enough or talented enough. I’m afraid I will ruin the look of the journal as soon as I start ? But this makes it seem so simple! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Herah

    Love BuJos! I also tried to use a minimalist one cause it’s easier for me to maintain and I prefer a cleaner layout.

  • Kim

    I just love the look and organization of these.

  • Supriya

    I love to have these bullet journals. They are very helpful

  • Aditi Wardhan Singh

    I have always wanted to try bullet journaling. Would be great. I’m just keeping my head out of the water for now with normal planning. It’s a struggle.

  • Brittany

    This looks like a great way to get and stay organized!!!

  • Laura

    I love the idea of bullet journalling. It always looks so amazing. I just can’t make it work for me but I do love browsing ideas.

  • Marysa

    These are all such great ideas! I am not very creative, and it is nice to have some inspiration when it comes to journalling. I would love to do some of these.

  • Lynn Armstrong

    Loving the minimal look of all these from Instagram. I only hope to one day do this for myself, thanks for the motivation!

  • Kat

    This actually makes me want to start a bullet journal! I always used a planner, but I don’t always have space.

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