15 Positive Thinking Techniques for a Healthier, Happier You! (plus 3 motivation tips)

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Are you a positive thinker? Are you struggling to overcome negative thinking? Facing unpleasant circumstances and life challenges in an optimistic manner would eventually allow you to be more productive. Why not do some positive thinking exercises? Such positive thinking techniques and approaches will make you happier and healthier! If there are lots of negative things running in your mind right now, the positive thinking techniques in this article might help you out.


View your negative thoughts in a positive light

What is positive thinking? Positive thinking is a mental outlook in which a favorable outcome is expected. We often misinterpret optimistic thinking as “viewing everything in life perfectly.” As much as possible, we avoid all things negative. But the truth is, positive thinking techniques involve seeing the good in bad moments.  So to recap…

What Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is focusing on the good in any situation and maintaining a positive mindset no matter what.  It doesn’t mean that things are perfect, it just means that you are thinking positively about the situation.  

Keep in mind that maintaining a positive outlook and using positive affirmations can impact your mental and physical health is a great way.

There is no doubt that optimistic thinking can improve someone’s way of life. However, people must not see it as the total removal of negative thoughts. Our lives are not perfect, and we come across pessimistic instances from time to time.

It’s impossible to completely get rid of them. Since it is not possible to permanently cut them out of our lives, we just need to learn how to deal with them.


People should look for ways to efficiently deal with struggles. How can you get through this inevitable tragedy? Instead of ignoring the problem, of course, you need to find a way to solve it. Do you need effective positive thinking techniques and exercises? You can start by embracing your negative thoughts, and viewing them in a positive light.

What Are Some Examples Of Positive Thinking?

  1. Finding joy in the journey.

  2. Always being positive by being the calm in the storm

  3. Trust in your own intuition and know that it will turn out.

  4. Maintaining a positive mindset, no matter what.

How Do You Train Your Mind To Think Positive?

  1. Always be aware of your thoughts.

  2. Keep a list of positive thinking techniques close by.

  3. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat well.

  4. Do a good deed to someone else every day

  5. Look inward use positive mindset subconscious training to heal negative thoughts

  6. Birds of a feather flock together, hang out with positive people.

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How Do You Change Your Thinking And Become A Positive Thinker?

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.  Hang out with positive people

  2. Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations

  3. Know your worth

  4. Stay Optimistic even in the face of adversity

  5. Practice positive thinking techniques every day.

The Best Positive Thinking Techniques for Troubled Minds

Don’t blame yourself if things suddenly go wrong. Consequently, if good things happen, don’t forget to give yourself the credit you deserve. There are circumstances in life that we can’t change, but it doesn’t mean that we also can’t change our mental attitude.

Positive thinking has so many benefits! If you want to change your life for the better, read on. These positive thinking techniques will help you overcome negative thinking in no time.


1. Goal Setting

Optimistic thinking is possible if you list down the goals you want to attain. The best way to do this? Write down all of your life objectives, from the most basic things to the most ambitious ones. Goal setting is one of the best positive thinking techniques you can follow.

Do not come up with complicated goals that you might not be able to accomplish because this will just discourage you, and develop more negative thoughts. Make sure that you have enough challenges, in order to summon more motivation, and increase your mental strength.

2. More and More Laughter

If you are always feeling lonely and bored, surround yourself with people who can make you laugh hard. Invite your family members and friends to watch good movies and humorous online videos. Laughing is one of the most important positive thinking techniques you can do to help yourself if you are bombarded with trying matters.

3. Avoid Negative Self-Talk

Certain words and ideas can run in your mind incessantly. Sometimes, they come in an unhealthy manner. Eventually, they can turn into negative views that refuse to leave your head. What is the solution for this issue? Any positive thinking techniques that can fight this? You just need to find the balance.

Don’t let all of them turn into negative interpretations and negative self-talk. Challenge all the irrational aspects and replace them with optimistic, more reasonable ones. This is the part where positive thinking techniques come in. Engage in encouraging positive self-talk for a healthier and more productive routine.

4. Learn How to Manage Your Emotions

It’s true that we can’t control every little thing that life throws at us. However, we can control our reactions and responses to these circumstances. Our beliefs will dictate how we perceive all of these problems and issues. Don’t just dwell in the darkness. Effective positive thinking techniques can fuel the long-term power of optimistic thinking.

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5. Always Be Grateful

Being grateful for the successes that we have achieved is a great way to embrace a more positive attitude. Spend a few minutes of reflection each day. Contemplate on the amazing things that are currently your life. Trust me, it will have a tremendous impact on your way of thinking.

As you go on with your everyday existence, don’t let the pressure of simple instances consume you. Don’t let negative thoughts jeopardize your shining moments. Some things may be a bit difficult but can still bear positive fruits. Always be grateful. Through positive thinking techniques, you can focus on all the things that you have in life, not on those that are missing.

6. My Favorite Positive Thinking Technique – Engage in a Healthy Fitness Routine

Exercise releases endorphins increases oxygen levels in our bloodstream and improve mental agility. Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise, 3 days a week. Why not take brisk walks and quick runs around your home? Exercise will also help you focus on your breathing. You see, a lot of runners would even say that running is their own personal form of meditation.

Try to practice being mindful and analyze your thoughts while you are working out. Would you believe that a fitness routine is one of the healthiest positive thinking techniques? With the release of feel-good hormones, you will soon notice a more positive spin in your daily idea flow.

7. Contemplate on Your Judgements 

This positive thinking tip proves that immediate judgments are often wrong. From time to time, we resort to quick decisions or judgments without any serious thought. These views are often labeled as “first impressions.” While first impressions can be accurate, they can also be inappropriate and incorrect. It might be better to call them mere “assumptions.”

Assumptions play a vital role in various positive thinking techniques. It’s okay to have initial thoughts about a matter, though remember to ruminate further and develop sensible reasoning behind them. By exploring the power of thinking, those negative assumptions can transform into positive impressions.


8. Don’t Let Your Fears Hold You Back

Try to live a more adventurous life. You may be all comfortable and contented now, but it’s also healthy to explore new practices beyond your comfort zone. Never let your fears stop you from achieving greater acts. Why not start a new business, or ask someone out for a date?

Employ some positive thinking techniques to get you going. Sooner or later, you will be able to establish new routines and reach for greater victories. Grab the rarest chances.

9. Take Criticism in a Positive Way

Several individuals fear criticism. In fact, most of them can’t handle criticisms properly. It can prevent people from doing what they love, and from achieving their dreams. Hurtful criticisms and rejections can really sting a person’s mental and emotional well-being. The only solution? Learn to handle them in a positive manner.

At first, you will have a hard time managing cruel remarks, but soon, you will get the hang of it. You just need to trust all the positive thinking techniques and exercise you know to adjust well. There is always a healthier way of dealing with awful things.

10. Make Little Acts of Kindness

What you give the people around you matters a lot. May it be good or bad—it would definitely create memorable impacts. The way you think about other individuals, and how you treat them, have a massive result on how you perceive yourself.

Need some new positive thinking techniques? Go and spread positivity. Let your friends and family experience the outcome of your optimistic thinking. Lend a helping hand to an elder neighbor who is about to move. Give your best friend a ride. Donate to a charitable institution. If you really want to overcome negative thinking, you need to distribute kindness, in whatever way you want.

11. Make Meditation a Part of Your Everyday Routine

Meditation is the key if you are having a hard time managing your thoughts. This is one of the best positive thinking techniques you can exercise anytime and anywhere you are. It is an amazing approach that can help you give your thoughts some order, an in a positive manner.


If you want to live in the moment and overcome negative thinking, make meditation a part of your daily routine. It will not only allow you to focus on your breathing but also to contemplate further on your life at present, as well as future plans.

12. Exercise Your Creativity 

Every person is creative in his own unique ways. The problem is, they don’t always put it into action. You may not know it yet, but exercising your creative faculties can give you improved satisfaction and psychological exaltation. Learn to accomplish your goals in the most creative ways possible. It will make you feel happier, and more fulfilled.

However, if you don’t want to take on bigger milestones as of the moment, you can put your own creativity to work by making a simple painting, preparing dinner, and re-decorating your apartment. Being creative doesn’t mean being extravagant or high profile. There are artistry and positivity in the simplest, everyday matters.

13. Surround Yourself with the Right people

To effectively overcome negative thinking, you need to surround yourself with the right people, in a pleasant environment. How can you employ the most effective positive thinking techniques if you are surrounded by toxic people in a negative setting?

Don’t let yourself get bombarded by bad conflicts and news. Allow yourself to be surrounded by endless optimism. Check if you can surround yourself with awesome, uplifting books, inspiring movies, and great people. Doing so will change your life, and instantly turn you into a positive thinker.

14. Learn How to Manage Your Expectations

Positive thinking, in one way or another, may equate to positive expectations, but you shouldn’t confuse that with “high expectations.” Be realistic and check what you can achieve at a certain time frame. Manage your expectations well. That way, you can better assess your objectives, and improve, if you have to. The more realistic your expectations are, the more you can achieve your dreams in the most positive manner way possible.

15. Stay Busy 

Staying busy and preoccupied with the entire day can help you get away from negative energy. Pessimism can consume your confidence and positive mentality. Make sure to find the absolute balance by engaging in various activities such as new hobbies. What’s important is to keep your mind working, and at the same time resting at the right moments.

The more fulfilled and happier you are, the more your inner self speaks. The positive energy that rows from productivity nourishes an unbreakable spirit that fuels a positive attitude. Make sure to include this in the list of positive thinking techniques you want to follow.

How Do You Stay Positive Every day?

  1.  Train your mind to stay calm by focusing on the good things.

  2.  Find 3 things to be grateful for every day.

  3. Hang out with positive people

  4. Use humor to maintain a positive mindset

  5. Practice doing positive thinking exercises 

  6. Replace negative self talk with positive affirmations

Motivate yourself! There are so many reasons to stay happy and positive!

Do you want to reduce your stress level, and eventually lengthen your life span? Positive thinking is a science in itself—it will make you physically, mentally, and psychologically healthy. Who wouldn’t want a well-rounded, and much-improved well-being? Explore the power of thinking. These amazing positive thinking techniques and tips are the keys to a better you!

Waking up happy and contented will definitely impact your life in a good way.

Following positive thinking techniques and tips will help you…

  • Live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life
  • Improve your resilience to life’s hardships
  • Strengthen your immune system’s defense to various diseases
  • Build and strengthen your relationships
  • Improve your psychological well-being
  • Influence the other people around you in a positive light
  • Develop a healthy self-esteem

Need more motivation to live a happier, more positive lifestyle?

1. Living a more positive routine is a new habit that usually takes time to develop. Positive thinking techniques to the rescue.

Life can be really stressful, and plenty of individuals, rich or poor, can be plagued by negative thoughts. What’s important is the hope that there is for a brighter tomorrow. You may be very depressed now but remember—there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Someday, you will achieve your goals and at the same time, sustain the endless flow of positive thoughts.

The road to optimistic thinking is long and challenging. Trust me, no matter how many positive thinking techniques you try, a positive mindset wouldn’t happen overnight. It takes time, practice, and support from a pleasant environment. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and make sure to take it one step at a time.

You can track your mental health thoughts in a bullet journal.

Positive thinking will help you control your life properly. Through positive thinking techniques, you can say goodbye to a dull, unproductive routine.

2. Optimistic thinking can improve a person’s overall health. Consequently, it can open doors to various opportunities and possibilities in life. 

Being positive is not just about maintaining a happy disposition. It will help you improve your overall health, most especially your physical state. When a person is able to sustain optimistic thinking on an everyday basis, that means he or she is able to take care of themselves properly. Positive thinking plays a crucial role in self-care and in improving someone’s health.

When you are healthy, determined, and motivated, you can explore more and more opportunities and possibilities today and, in the years, to come. A positive thinker is adventurous and hungry for success. Let these positive thinking techniques guide you towards a better future.

3. Being a positive thinker can impact other people’s lives on a deeper level.

Positive thinking, just like happiness, is a choice. When someone is struggling with endless problems, overcoming negativity may seem impossible. However, by focusing on the positive aspect of life, you can take yourself away from the chaos you are currently in. Contemplate on the positive thinking techniques that can guide you.

Once you experience success, you should influence, and motivate people to do the same. Let them learn from you. You can change the world on a positive note, one person at a time. Do you have a friend who is going through something difficult? Be a good listener to him or her. Share your favorite positive thinking techniques. A simple conversation can move mountains—all towards long-term positive life changes.

Optimistic thinking is the key to making the right decisions. Do you want to be an efficient decision making ninja? Click here for some reliable tips!

Focus on effective positive thinking techniques for a better life!

Are you done setting your goals? You may not achieve every goal straight away, but don’t let your negative thoughts consume your motivation. By focusing on positive thinking techniques, you can have better control of your thoughts and make a positive difference in your lives.

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From time to time, you will hear a little voice in your head speaking ill impressions. Don’t get overwhelmed by these thoughts. Just be calm, and organize the ultimate positivity game plan! Acknowledge all your negative viewpoints. Evaluate them, and convert them into productive and positive perceptions. In every negative viewpoint is a shining positive impression. You just need to learn how to uncover it by practicing positive thinking techniques.

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