19 Killer Ways to Turn You into a Decision Making Ninja!

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Every single thing you do on a daily basis is a choice. Life is a series of decisions, and effective decision making skills are the key to living your best life. Make one mistake, then it will change your life forever. How is your decision-making process? Can you always decide in full confidence, or are you having a hard time assessing difficult situations? How to make good decisions? If you want to improve your decision making skills, read this article. These decision making techniques can save you from life’s inconveniences!



Why do we make the wrong choices?

Have you contemplated on your life choices recently? No matter how big or small those decisions are, they will surely impact your future. If you think that that unhealthy, heavy lunch meal you ate yesterday won’t affect your body in the forthcoming years, then you’re wrong. Of course, it can contribute to unpromising health issues as you grow older.

It’s not just about food choices. Wrong decisions arise here and there, at several points in your life. You might regret them soon after.


What do you think are the reasons behind these wrong choices?  What’s preventing us from making the right decisions?

1. We choose what is easy over what is right.

Sometimes, we fail to evaluate the issue properly, and abandon the right decision making process overall. This is also the reason why your decision making skills suffer over time. If you need to decide on something important, stop what you’re doing and contemplate on the matter. Avoid shortcuts. Never settle for what’s easy. Always settle on what is right.

2. We base our decisions on the wrong information.

It’s always important to check the “facts” on hand. If other people are involved, talk to them first. Oftentimes, good communication is the key to making the right decisions. Great conversations can affect your decision making skills on a positive way.

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3. We think we are always rational.

Well, it’s true, right? We think we are always rational, and capable of interpreting all details in a non-biased manner. But the truth is, our decision making skills are failing us. When we make decisions at the wrong moments, it can increase chances of irrationality.

4. We fail to learn from our previous mistakes.

To improve your decision making skills, you should learn from your own mistakes. You already know the result of committing such errors. You’ve already experienced hefty consequences. Why make the same mistakes all over again? This will definitely prevent you from making good decisions.

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What makes a good decision?

Now that you know the reasons behind wrong life choices, you may want to ask one important question. What makes a good decision? How to be a good decision maker?

Here are 5 characteristics of a good decision.

  • Can be replicated
  • Creates new opportunities
  • Includes the welfare of others
  • Impacts another person’s life in a positive way
  • Involves self-care and self-awareness

Remember that decision making is both a science and an art. To be an excellent decision maker and improve your decision making skills, you should incorporate these 5 attributes into your choice structure.

How to make a decision? Follow these effective decision making techniques!

Improve your decision making skills now! Please regard this list as a guide towards effective decision making.

1. Look at your problems on a different light.

In effective decision making, one should frame his or her problem in a different way. The way you look and solve your struggles play a significant role in your path to success.

Need an example? Picture two surgeons talking to their patients. The first surgeon says, “90% of individuals who undergo this particular medical procedure live.” While the second one tells the patient “10% of patients who undergo this specific medical procedure die.” See? Obviously, they shared the same facts. However, saying “10% of patients can die” to someone who is going through something can perceive a bigger, scarier risk.

Frame your circumstances on a different angle to come up with effective decisions. How you view the problem can make a positive impact on your decision making skills.


2. Sleep on a problem, or engage on other different activities.

When facing tough choices, a person is most likely to overthink the potential rewards and risks. Contemplating on the pros and cons is okay, but thinking excessively will increase your stress levels. Rest for a while. Consider sleeping on a dilemma, or get yourself involved in any other interesting activity that can take your mind off things.

This is a recommended decision making technique by some people. You can let your brain work through the problem in the background. Through that, you can develop clearer answers and overall improve your decision making skills.

3. Reflect on your mistakes.

Reflecting on your mistakes can make a positive impact on your decision making skills. From a simple blunder of leaving home without an umbrella to wrong career choices, contemplating on your life miscalculations can lead to helpful realizations.

A good way to conclude your day? Review the choices you made that day every night, before going to bed. Are there decisions that didn’t turn out well? Ask yourself what went wrong. If you can, list down all of the lessons that you learned from your every mistake. Mistakes can, after all, make you a better person.

4. Address your overconfidence.

Consider your confidence level when it comes to life’s different aspects. Most individuals tend to overestimate how much they can handle and finish in a specific span of time. Do you think you can manage that amount of workload each day?

Always review your estimates. If you weren’t as accurate as you thought, then look at the things that you’ve missed. Good decisions makers acknowledge that overconfidence can be a problem. Your willingness to improve yourself and your decision making skills will what make it easier.


5. Don’t give yourself false hopes.

Always be hopeful, but never carry high expectations. After all, only time will tell if you’ve made the right choice. Thinking too much about the decision you just made can be distressing. Never daydream about the positive outcome. Be realistic—anticipate both bad and good results. False hopes are dangerous. You should avoid them at all costs.

6. Acknowledge all the risks.

Every decision making process carries some risks. Make yourself aware of those dangers, and evaluate which choices are unhealthy and harmful for you. The more you know the risks involved, the more chances of making the right decisions. Why not prepare “risk taking notes”? Trust me, this can enhance your decision making skills!

7. Label your Emotions. 

Plenty of individuals hate talking about their feelings. However, acknowledging one’s emotions can be the key to making effective decisions. Your feelings play a huge role in effective decision making.

Sometimes, excitement can make you overestimate your chances of success. Even if there’s little chance of success, you might be willing to take a big risk.

Always recognize your emotions, and contemplate on your feelings. Did you feel anxious and sad today? If yes, consider  how those feelings may be influencing your decisions.

8. Get rid of unhelpful beliefs by always considering the opposite.

Once you have acknowledged that something is true, you’re most likely to stick to that belief. Professionals recognize that as a psychological principle called belief perseverance.

It can take a lot of strong evidence to change a person’s belief. Moving forward, there’s a big chance that you’ll develop more and more beliefs that fail to serve you well.


The next time you’ll make an important decision, also consider the ideas on the other end. Consider the opposite. It can help you get rid of unhelpful views and beliefs, so you can look at every circumstance on a different light. The more you see things on a different angle, the more you can improve your decision making skills.

 9. Verify your choices.

Part of having good decision making skills is developing healthy skepticism. Your every decision is based on the things you see, read and hear every single day, so it’s important to always check your sources. Doing research can help you verify your decisions. Always remember that good decision makers rely on independent, verifiable research to help them make the right choices.

10. Talk to yourself like a trustworthy friend.

Talking to yourself is not a crazy thing to do. In fact, helping and talking to yourself gives you the opportunity to be more objective. This can be the start of your meticulous run towards good decision making!

Think of it as a “mantra.” Instead of telling yourself that you’ll never win, or something would never work, you can whisper to yourself a little encouragement. “You got this. You can do this. Just a little bit more!” It’s a simple line that serves as the root of self-compassion, which, in turn, improves your decision-making skills.

11. Always prepare backup plans. 

Every leader is a good decision maker. In turn, every good decision maker is a leader that leads himself towards the right choices. They need to come up with the ability to prepare other plans of action as quick as possible. If you are currently deciding on a huge matter, remember to prepare a Plan B, or if possible, even a Plan C, in the first stage of your decision making process.

How and when will you be able to use your Plan B? Well, at some point, you will fail. From there, learn from your mistake and make sure to bounce back swift and fast. Rise from the ashes with that well-crafted Plan B! It’s the decision that will take you to places.


12. Do not strive for perfection. 

Though there are things that fit our personalities perfectly, nothing in this world is in itself, perfect. With or without good decision making skills, the decision making process you need to traverse is long and challenging. It may seem like an infinite process—but at the end of the day, there will be no “perfect decision.”

The thing is that, even if the decision is not perfect, you need to make it work and move forward. Deal with your current circumstance with utmost bravery, and never daydream about the perfection you will never have.

13. Take note of the classic rivalry: heart versus mind.

Do you want to be dictated by your heart or your mind? Some people would choose to be driven by their hearts. But, do you know what’s the key towards a strong decision making process and decision making skills? It is learning the balance between the two. Be sensible and rational, and at the same time consider the things that can make you happy.

14. Don’t procrastinate. 

Never put off your choices in life. Whether you’re a business leader or a working professional on the way to the top, you wouldn’t want to delay your important decisions. Allow yourself to contemplate, and digest all the crucial details before finalizing your choices. But, it shouldn’t take too long. Making the right decision is significant, but learning how to make timely choices is another thing.

15. Set deadlines.

We are always asked to meet deadlines, may it be at work or at school. Why not set deadlines for yourself? Weigh in the pros and cons. Make time estimates, and consider various options.

Setting specific times and dates as deadlines can be ruthless. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even know if you can meet the deadlines you have set for yourself. But, it’s important for you to meet them. It’s all part of improving your decision making skills and process.


16. Mind your conscience.

Strive to make every decision for the good of everyone. No choice should ever dampen your good spirits. Don’t just focus on your own good, but also for everyone else’s. Have you ever made a decision that caused pain to others? Learn from that mistake and always keep your conscience clean.

17. Spend time with people of all ages.

 Try hanging out with people of different age groups to improve your decision making skills. By interacting with people young and old, you will be able to weigh in the pros and cons of varied circumstances from a more balanced perspective.

Keep in mind that in this aspect, the positive impact can extend way beyond your decision making process. Who wouldn’t enjoy a youngster’s cute perspectives, and the classic stories and wisdom of our elders?

18.Find out when is the best time to make a decision.

Don’t decide on something important when you’re depressed, hungry or stressed out. Why? Well, you might end up with a choice which is not very well-informed.

The perfect decision making hour is when you’re full of energy and well-rested. Check what specific time works well for your decision making process. If you can analyze complicated details more objectively early in the morning, then use it to your best advantage. All your good choices at this best hour will contribute to your amazing decision making skills and approach.

19. Visualize your future, successful self.

Visualizing your successful, future self is an important step towards good decision making. Close your eyes and maintain a relaxed position for a few minutes. Allow yourself to daydream. If you really want to improve your decision making skills, you need to picture yourself as a successful person. Think about what success means for you.

In the future, you will not only end up gearing towards better decisions, but also better decisions that can contribute to the bigger picture that is success. Acknowledge that a good decision maker is a successful person, and vice versa. Then, strive to be one.

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Improve decision making skills now! The choice is yours!

Different people have different decision making processes. Whatever decision making routine works for you, take full responsibility of all your choices.

Ask yourself questions as you move along. What decision making strategies should you utilize? How can you improve your decision making skills? How can you manage the stress that comes with crucial decision making?

Failures are part of your successes. Just do your best to improve your decision making skills and cherish the valuable experiences that come with it.

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Live your best life by making the right decisions, not by trying to impress other people with your overwhelming perspectives. A fulfilling life depends on the choices that you are bound to make.



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  • John

    Great post – thanks.

    My favorite point was this one: “Impacts another person’s life in a positive way”

    So often people are focused on themselves and nothing else. This even goes with online business and blogging, people focus on the money, the traffic, the stats straight from the off whereas I think VALUE should be the number one priority.

    Excellent blog by the way. First time visitor! I’ll be back.

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    I love this! As Bob Proctor preaches, decision-making is a huge factor in success. I especially like the visualization point!

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